H St, NE Scuttlebutt: Khan’s Bar and Grill Opening Mid March!

I’m told that Khan’s Bar and Grill, a Mongolian BBQ concept, will be opening in mid March at the corner of 12th and H St, NE. Awesome. And the new sign is looking phenomenal!

So what exactly is Mongolian BBQ?

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  • Khhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!

  • Mongolian BBQ is a style where you choose uncooked meet(beef,chicken, pork, seafood, etc) , vegetables, and sauces and they cook it on a large flat top grill in front of you. Kind of like a stir-fry style of cooking, but with showmanship like those Japanese restaurants that cook in front of you. I hope this place does well. I believe the closest actual real Mongolian BBQ restaurant is in Bethesda.

    • saf

      No, there’s Tony Cheng’s, on H Street NW.

    • There used to be one in College Park. I ate there quite a bit when I was a student.

    • Let’s just state for the record that BD’s is not really a “real” mongolian food restaurant. That said, the authentic ones are pretty awesome and I don’t know of any around here.

      • For the record there is no such thing as a “real” mongolian food restaurant beyond the country’s borders. Mongolian food consists of meat dumplings containing mutton and fat in equal measure with a little onion mixed in and about five other equally unappealing meals. Mongolian BBQ is a concept that has nothing to do with Mongolia.

  • H ST is becoming a restaurant theme park…

  • mongolian bbq is that thing where you find a mongolian guy and strap him to a chair and pull out the electrical cord from the lamp while it’s still plugged in and poke the leads into the guy’s chest while you repeatedly slap him and ask him where the [insert weapon of mass destruction or component of weapon of mass destruction] is while he cries and insists he doesn’t know and then you bbq him with electricity.


  • this is wonderful. I used to live about 5 minutes from one of these down in Raleigh. it’s usually an all you can eat style thing where they have a salad bar style presentation of uncooked meats and veggies and associated things along with a selection of oils and powders which you pile up into a bowl and present to the chef who cooks it up for you like a stirfry at a japanese steakhouse.

    and now I’ll live 2 blocks from one. beautiful day!

  • Is Khan Bd’s hipsterish cousin?

  • Assuming Gray doesn’t find another way to kill the street cars….GGW today.

  • Glad I’m the first former Mongolian Peace Corps volunteer to comment and say that Mongolian BBQ is nothing like actual Mongolian food. Yes, yes and Outback and Olive Garden aren’t authentic either, but real Mongolian food is some of the worst anywhere. Bring on the good meat, sauce, spice, and vegetables!

  • The pace of new openings on H is truly astounding. I can’t wait to try out this place.

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