Good Deal or Not? “large MBR w/ double spa, sep shwr” edition (reader request)

This home is located at 1219 I St, NE:

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The flier says:

“Fully reno, meticulously maintained 2bdr, 2.5ba. Open floor; tons of lvr/drm space. Hrdwds throughout, exposed brick, huge kit w/ SS & granite, fireplace, patio, large MBR w/ double spa, sep shwr, 12ft ceiling. 2nd bdr easily fits queen bed set. Heart of Atlas District & H St trolley, very close to best Cap Hill parks, easy downtown access.”

You can find more info here and photos here.

It was originally on the market for $480,000 but is now going for $458,000. What do you think of the reno? What do you think this 2 bed/2.5 bath will go for?

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  • Off topic: An ex-roommate of mine lived across the street from this house and her landlord/housemate forced her to eat all her meals outside.

    • You don’t actually mean outside as in outdoors.
      You meant “out”, didn’t you, as in she did not have kitchen privileges. Talk about off topic! I mean this post–as in my response.

    • I want to hear more about this!!!

      • Well, I don’t know the whole story. My friend was a young, very naive girl from Alabama, and this was her first time living out of her home and first time in DC. I only mention this because by the time I knew her, she would not have put up with that eating outside shit.

        The owner of the house was an elderly black man who was apparently very nice otherwise. He told her she could make her food in the kitchen, but she had to go outside to eat it. Meanwhile he would make his food and eat it inside. I don’t know if it was a cleanliness thing, a being a nutjob thing, or a hating whitey thing, but that’s the story.

        • Sounds like some 40 acres and a mule ish.

          Landlord: Remember that time in Alabama in 1948 when I had to eat out back!?
          Renter: No. I’m 19.
          Landlord: Take it our back whitey! Karma’s a b@*%h!

        • Wow. H Street several years ago was definitely not the place for a naive white country girl. I guess if this was the worst that happened to her she made out ok.

          • Haha, yeah that was the worst. Although while she was living with me in Edgewood/Brentwood she got robbed at the Pizza Mart and in her own words:

            “I thought he was playing a funny game when he took my money, so I reached in his pocket to get it back, then he pulled out a gun and I put my hands over my belly and waited to die.”

            These stories make it sound like she’s stupid, but she isn’t at all. Just naive and really fun to hang out with.

          • Nah, she sounds sweet, and I give her credit for not fleeing in fear to the suburbs.

          • That’s why I love DC. Get tough or GTFO.

  • My block. Great block. I hope my neighbors get what they’re asking. A smaller house three doors down went for 503K a couple months ago, so it should. Dunno why it’s languishing.

  • It seems like a pretty good price to me… the area is improving so the value should increase over time. If it had one more bedroom or a basement it would go for over 5 easily. I love it personally but I’m not on the market!

  • There’s no basement at all? I’d have to become much more organized to live in a house without a basement. It also looks like there isn’t any parking so that might be another reason it hasn’t sold yet. Otherwise, I like it, and the price doesn’t strike me as wildly unrealistic.

  • Borderline ghetto neighborhood without parking or a basement along with crappy photos on the MLS. It’s too close to the H street strip to not have a parking spot. It is also too expensive for a flipper to come and fix its home depot, generic interior.

    I predict it’ll sell for around $425K.

  • I agree that it seems about the same price. I looked at a couple of places over on Wylie back in 2009 when the market was cheaper. Those house were smaller and in worse shape and still sold around $350K and up.

  • It’s a cute house, but it’s really small. You can get almost twice as much house for about the same price in most parts of Petworth. I’m surprised property is so expensive in that area…

    • yes. and i am in no way hating, but when i was looking at the h street area it really seemed like prices were outpacing reality. got twice as much for my money in eastern columbia heights. i fully believe in that area, but the prices seemed pie in the sky to me. i guess it’s a sure thing at this point…

  • Pretty sure that this is the formerly burned out shell that I put a contract on back in the 2000/01-era. It was a great bargain – and still a reach for me at the time – at a whopping $80K. The owner let me twist in the wind while I lined up contractors then decided to take it off the market. Devastating. Anyway, I still like that block though, as I was walking along H ST NE past 12th ST last night, I remarked to my friends about how the summer months can be rough as the aroma of Horace and Dickies blankets the area. Mmmmmm…H&Ds….who knew that smelling like fried fish could be so good….(took everything in my power not to go in there last night…).

  • Hard to know how big it is, but that seems like a good price for the location and condition based off the listing. Have friends on that block who are generally pretty happy with it and it is certain to keep improving as H Street takes off.

  • Compare the house down the street that went for 503K (pics):

  • The house down the street that went for 503K looks better and has parking.

    That said, I do like this house and think it’s super cute (although maybe not a lot of natural light???).

    I think it’s priced right.

  • This is a bargain! What a cute house and the area is amazing. We go out to H Street all the time and never have trouble with parking.

    Per the other comments on size, if this house had a third bedroom and a basement it would go for close to $100K more. Get real people.

  • I rent in area and have been looking at buying. This is in line with nearby comps, but I think prices are reflecting what is yet to come more than the current reality. I like the area, but H St. has gotten so hyped that it’s just too expensive for what it is right now.

  • Way overpriced. H ST is still waaaaaay to transitional to command this price for this house

    • H Street is an amazing area. We rent right down the street and have experienced much less crime here than in nicer parts of Capitol Hill. And this house more than jives with the comps in the area. We’ve been looking to buy in the neighborhood for a while, so I speak from experience. In fact, we loved this place but decided it’s simply too small for our growing family with baby number 2 on the way. If this is overpriced, how do you explain the place a couple doors down, same size but brand new going for over $500K? Clearly this one is well within that range. It may not be brand new but it’s really nice on the inside. Turn key, so they say.

      • I think it overpriced because you could find the same thing for the same price south of H Street or west of 8th– away from the Sketchy Triangle.

      • To each his own. I can’t believe that people pay the prices they pay to live around H St. IMO, it has too little going for it at the moment for me to want to live there. Now, if I were in a position where I wanted to just park my money somewhere so that when the area improves in 7 years or so, this might be a possible contender, but I’m not so sure even then.

  • RE: the parking.

    It’s troublesome on Friday and Saturday nights–but they are switching the signs to “Zone 6 Residents Only” as more and more people complain.

    Our alley is too narrow for off street unless you have a compact car (seriously) it’s not really an option. And also you’d have no backyard (and who wants that???). There are people who have converted their backyards, (including the one that just sold for 503K) but I’d rather have the yard and have to circle every once in a while than have a parking pad, and have to buy a different car.

    • Exactly re parking/backyard. Couldn’t agree more.

    • What? you mean the 2 hour restriction with Zone 6 excepted, right? No way that they are getting these around H St if neighborhoods like Adams Morgan and U Street don’t have them. That would be total total bs.

  • TRINIDAD. Um, no.

  • Cute house. I kinda feel like it’s saying “Ewww the formstone is touching meeee.”

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