Good Deal or Not? “every bell n whistle you want” edition

This condo is located at 1209 O St, NW:

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The flier says:

“Marvelous living space and marvelous locaton! This unit has every bell n whistle you want incl. secured off-st parking. Just around the corner from Logan Circle; close to 14th St fun/shops/Whole Foods; 5 blks to Metro. Contemporary, sun-filled, flr-ceiling windows.”

You can find more info here and a virtual tour here.

Def. a bit of a more modern look today. Do you like the layout? This 2 bed/2 bath is going for $867,500 ($334.75 condo fee). Sound realistic?

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  • Ha! Almost 900K to live in a basement? These people are crazy.

    • Is it the basement? Couldn’t tell, but it seemed suspect since the windows were all conveniently shaded.

      Where’s the 2nd bedroom?

      Looks like a decent apt., but not for $900K. I’d consider it for 600-700.

      • I think the second bedroom is behind that door with the little book case in front of it. Wierd.

        • I don’t think so. Both bedrooms I think are on the “lower level” i.e. 3 or 4 or 5 steps down just after you pass the kitchen on your way to the back of the building. Judging from the exterior alley side my guess is that the small window that appears to be lower belongs to what must be a tiny room, i.e. the second bedroom. Behind that door with the bookcase in front there is a space that cannot be deeper than the width of the stairs that go to the upper unit(s)
          My guess is that is a closet or furnace room.

    • SusanRH

      Think the price is far to high, but I don’t thin it is the basement. Looks like it is probably the first floor apt.

      • Yeah, it’s definitely not the basement. You can see that pretty clearly in the pictures of the “library.”

        Regardless, I agree, it’s priced too high.

        • Right. This is a single level condo (according to listing info), and therefore cannot be the lower level. This is the main floor. All you have to do is look at the curvy bay windows from the interior to see it’s not the lower level.

  • You are north of $4K/month of interest and principal with 10% down and 4.75% 30yr Fixed. Assuming you can get that.

    BAD deal, overpriced by $150K.

  • From the outside it looks like the interior would be quite unique. Not so much.

  • 713 a foot seems high, especially if it’s below grade, as it appears to be. for 900k you can do far better, even in the same neighborhood. doesn’t seem to be a very good deal, i’m afraid. not insane, just not a good deal.

  • I would be shocked if they got anything close to that figure. But then again I’ve been shocked before. My guess is that it’s at least, at the very least $100k too high, could even be nearer $200k too high. However, the market always has the last word.

  • It would be a cold day in hell before I pay almost a million to live in a basement.

    At least (for once), the condo fee seems remotely reasonable.

  • and yet it will be sold within days

  • I think you get the main and the basement. That’s closer, but it’s still really expensive.

    I suspect anyone that could afford this would have a family, dual incomes and childern…that means you are probably not going to do it.

    Course, if you are single and wealthy, you probably want one of the condos nearer to downtown.


  • Damn. Last fall I looked at a 2-bedroom rowhouse a couple blocks from here that was listed at $679k. No parking and the second bedroom was small, but the place couldn’t have been in better condition. This is a horrible deal in comparison.

    • Er, apparently my memory sucks because I checked and realized I was off by $100k– it sold for $760k. Still a much better deal.

  • Also, I think it’s interesting that it’s priced over $300k higher than its tax assessed value.

  • What a joke. The seller paid 635k in May 2003, and it’s not worth a lot more than that today. No condo near Logan goes for 700+ dollars a square foot.

  • me

    I live down the street in a similar townhouse, with garage parking, same sqft, same 2br/2ba, and it’s newer than this place. And it’s on the market for $599k. This price is ridiculous.

  • Not showing well with that furnishing.
    That aside, doesn’t seem to be worth the price.
    Basically rather uninteresting.
    Exterior suggests break from convention, interior very dull indeed.


  • Only a fool would pay that much for a basement unit. And architecturally, that facade already looks dated.

    • I disagree – I like the facade (and the unit). Just not sure about the price. However, based on my experience with PoP posters on GDoN, I am guessing that while it is slightly overpriced, it’s probably not as egregious as everyone seems to think.

    • +1, the 90’s called, they want their facade back.

  • Further observation.
    It seems this is the main level unit, a lower unit but not the lowest unit.
    It is basically a tunnel from front to back with several steps down from one level to the next, twice.
    That second bedroom seems tiny. The square footage must be made up from that rather nice area in the front of the flat, the area with the big windows. This, in my opinion, is the ONLY nice thing about this flat.
    The living room actually has NO window of its own.
    Why is there a low bookcase blocking a door on the wall just before the kitchen? I presume it’s a closet. Maybe it’s the hot water/furnace room.
    I simply don’t like the place.
    Normally I like white walls but they are not doing this space any favors.
    It doesn’t “speak” to me in any way except for the location.
    I’d say it’s worth 650K-700K but truly, I wouldn’t be interested in it at any price.

  • I can’t seem to stop commenting.
    I perceive now that the pictures were not all taken at the same time and that the black bookcase that is blocking a door is actually in front of the fireplace in another picture. Someone considered it not a good idea to take a picture of a fireplace that is blocked with a piece of furniture so they removed it and took a picture of a closet door blocked by a piece of furniture. That is what I call genius.
    Also, showing a bicycle in the main living space, or anywhere for that matter in a non storage area of the flat is another stroke of genius.
    You get all of this for 900K and the realtor still wants a commission.
    This is my laugh for the day.

  • HAHAHAHA! This is sooo absurd. I would NEVER pay that much for a ground floor apartment with the 2nd bedroom thats the size of a den. Plus the outside just does not look cool at all.
    Now normally I take a realistic view of high real estate prices in DC. Its a desirable city and property is very expensive here. This however, is an insult.

  • agreed. ridiculous price. I wouldn’t go higher than $650. looks like the owner forgot that the housing bubble popped.

  • who is the realtor? the lolcats?

  • So. Many. Chairs.

  • I hope someone with enough money to afford this place would have enough taste not to chose it. But then, that’s expecting too much from humanity. You buy it if you’re a single lawyer in DC for a short amount of time and you really don’t have time to decorate. It’s clean, everything is new and it has dedicated parking.

    As a long term investment, I think it’s a poor choice given the bathroom remodeling and the open floor plan layout.

    • “As a long term investment, I think it’s a poor choice given the bathroom remodeling and the open floor plan layout.”

      Do you mean that open floor plan is bad, and especially bad for investment? I don’t quite understand this statement.
      AND you also think the bathrooms need to be remodeled and state this as obvious, again why?

      You should know that I do not like open floor plans and do not especially care for the bathrooms but I know that
      this is a personal preference and that the bathrooms seem to be in good knick.

      • I’ve found that open floor plans are a little harder to sell, but I agree that the comment is confusing.

        • That’s interesting, about open floor plans.
          As I said I am not a fan, but it seems to me that nearly everyone seems to think that this is a necessary feature in domestic design.

          It is my hope that some day sanity will return to house floor plans.
          What I mean by sanity is discrete areas that have logical and graceful flow, one from another, one to another.
          The idea of rooms comes to mind.
          Even doors, if that’s not too radical.

          I do however like lofts, true lofts, but that’s another subject.

    • Most single lawyers do not make that much money– if they’re fresh out of law school they’re lucky if they even have a job. And they usually have a lot of student loans to pay off. I make more with a BS in engineering than most of the JDs I know who have the same number of years of experience.

      That’s not to say there aren’t exceptions, of course, but it irritates me when people generalize lawyers as being filthy rich. That’s simply not true anymore.

  • almost bought a row house on 13th right off the cirle last yr. It was going for $515 and had 2br, 1 ba.

  • Ooh, fakeout! I thought that price was for the whole house. Could’ve been house porn worthy if it was 🙁

  • Here’s the unit above that sold 2 weeks ago for $830k. Looks like comparable square footage, but way, way sexier. Roof deck, balcony…

    • Also 2.5 baths as opposed to 2.
      Much better in every way possible.
      As I said before, these sellers are not serious.

  • Way overpriced, but they are also going to lose about $100k of the actual value by the terrible photos. It seems like they almost anti-staged. Why do they want us to know so badly that there isn’t any storage?

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