Good Deal or Not? “Already set up as dental office” Edition (reader request)

This home is located at 5014 Arkansas Ave NW:

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The flier says:

“Already set up as dental office-3 dental chairs/rooms, waiting rm w/ FP. Call for details. 2nd Level with residence for dentist. 2-3 BRs up w/ BA Kit, W/ D area. Move-In Clean condition. Fixed Stairs from hall to attic. 2 Zone Central Air. Garage/Off St parking and MORE!”

You can find more info here and photos here.

Wild. Does anybody go to a dentist who’s office is still in his/her home? Think this will go for $625,000?

And on a side note, oddly, we’ve had an extensive discussion on dentists in the past – you can find reader recommendations here.

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  • Dr. Lynn Locklear ( is a dentist that works out of a house like this in Takoma, DC. (Although, her’s is much more updated!) It’s pretty conveient to be able to just walk over to your neighbor’s for a check up.

  • I was the one who saw this on Redfin. Could you imagine anyone besides a dentist buying this house? What would you do with the space set up for the dentists’ office?

    • i have a friend who once bought a dentists house in ledroit park. it came with all the equipment and even an x ray machine.

  • Does the dental equipment come with the house? If not, I think you could use the space as some sort of other office. If it does, you could probably get a lot of money reselling it. That stuff isn’t cheap!

  • Obviously, a buyer would need to renovate the place. Dentist office gets demoed and either you try to sell the gear or use it to set up a funky bar/torture chamber in the basement…

  • DIY Marathon Man remake.

  • Really weird choices on the pics. I looked at this house in 2007 when I bought my house on Gallatin. It has been on and off the market ever since and is a mess inside. It is really facing Georgia Avenue at the corner of Arkansas, Georgia and Gallatin with a lovely view of the Lowest Price Gas Station and the firehouse with an empty lot that used to be a car dealership that was shut down for illegal activity across Gallatin. You do not want to live here!

    $625K is outrageous for this location. You can get a much nicer redone house further into the neighborhood for that price.

    • I hope you mean, you might not want to live in this house, not live here as in around this area. I live on Hamilton, (Hi neighbor!), and I generally happy with this area. Sure, it’s not perfect, for many of the reasons you cited. Yes, I’m grateful that Metropolitan Imports is closed, though now that space is a blight. But we are close to Fusion and Moroni Brothers. An easy drive into Silver Spring, a quick cab ride to just about anywhere in the city.

      And yes, I’m not happy about that afterhours club, Trinidad and Tobago club on Georgia Ave, and the patrons are pretty rude when they park their cars on the residential streets and are very disruptive when they enter the club (at 2:00 AM) and usually worse when they leave (at 4:30 AM).

      And let’s not forget Popeye’s chicken… *wink*.

  • I’m lovin’ the 70s decor! Check out that carpet and the avocado-and-paneling bathroom! Reminds me of my doctor’s office when I was a kid!

  • That intersection is a mess day and night.

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