Good Deal or Not? “1924-vintage log cabin” edition (Reader Request)

This home is located at 4814 Cumberland Ave Chevy Chase, MD:

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The flier says:

“NEW PRICE! MOTIVATED SELLER! This beautiful 1924-vintage log cabin is ideally located near the Metro in Somerset, Chevy Chase, MD. It has been lovingly restored to 21st century standards. Unique construction features include vaulted ceilings, log-lined walls, a magnificent stone fireplace and more.”

You can find more info here and a virtual tour here.

I normally don’t pick homes outside of DC proper but after looking at the virtual tour I have to say it is one of the more unusual I’ve ever seen. I thought you guys would like it too. Thanks to a reader for sending.

So do you think $895,000 sounds reasonable for this 2 bed/2 bath cabin in Chevy Chase, MD?

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  • Thats a cool, unique structure right there. I love the materials!

  • I can already hear the approaching whining and bitching that this is located in the suburbs.

  • Wow, that is really cool. I could see this being a great home for a retired couple.

    The only thing I don’t like is the kitchen. It looks like it came from 2002 and looks really out-of-place.

  • Great location, good price for Chevy Chase… but its a bit small and if you’re going to have that look, its kind of silly to have next door neighbors, a small lot, and a metro within walking distance… I dont think the village government would approve of fur trapping in the woods back there…

  • Did hobbits live here?

  • Does the taxidermy convey with the house?

  • Is the MB in the basement? Low bridge down there if you’re over 6 foot…

  • Looking at those photos has given me psychosomatic hives (remembered mosquito bites) and heartburn (being trapped in a rented cabin in the mountains for a week with family). *shudder*

  • It guess it is a neat cabin, but very out of place. I would never pay 900 grand for a tiny 2 bed/2 bath that has barely any yard and is spitting distance from neighbors. Plus the master bedroom isnt closed off, the stairs just go right down to the bed, and ceilings are low.

  • Love the house, but it’s out of place. It needs to be sitting on at least 3 acres of land, with the nearest neighbor not for at least 100 yards down the road. If you’re paying nearly a million bucks to live in Chevy Chase, you’re better served with something less quirky, more likely to recoup the investment down the road. And I’ll probably get corrected on this, but I’m pretty sure your options for renovating that puppy are limited by the log-based construction.

  • Just not that fond of the log cabin look. It’s fine for a few weeks out of the year in the middle of the woods, but not for living in the ‘burbs or a city. It’s certainly unique, but I’d rather spend the money on an upscale condo with two bedrooms of a decent size.

    On another note, this is how real estate photos should look on a virtual tour! Clear, focused, framed well, and bright! I sound like a broken record, but I can’t believe how many listings have such crappy photos!

  • This is probably the one exception to the rule that you shouldn’t sell in the winter. That cozy interior would be appealing to NO ONE once the humid 90-degree days come along.

  • Once I have finished my yodeling classes, I’ll be sure to check if this is still available.

  • uhh WTF is right.

  • I don’t wanna trash the original owners because they obviously built it with the intent to create something they loved and that’s really cool, but, umm…., I don’t know….

    I feel like it’s not really my style, and I also feel like you could get a cabin like that in Colorado right near a real live mountain for about half the price. So, that’s what I think about that.

  • The family of Daniel Boone is cursing that he didn’t hold on to the family home until tiny log cabins sold for $900k.

  • It’s so fun! Suited for someone who doesn’t like the same old, same old, and who appreciates having friends over who’s mouths drop open. Two-bedroom condos all look alike, this is cool, and different for the city. It’s art. (except for the kitchen)

    However, the price is steep for a two-bedroom, though I don’t know prices for Chevy Chase.

    And fantatsic pictures.

  • I love this place– I thought “urban cabin” was just a saying.

    It would be super cool to come home to this place after working all day in a soulless, sealed concrete and glass office downtown. That said, $900K for a frigging CABIN?! And who would you find to perform the maintenance?

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