Fri. Afternoon Rental Option – Foggy Bottom

This rental is located at 2517 K St NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“The Shoremeade studios are the perfect fit for you, approx 390 sq ft, hardwood floors, full size kitchen, with walk in closets!

The amenities include, on site laundry facilities, 24hr emergency maintenance, and controlled access entry.
Walk to markets, shops, eateries, banks, metro, and much more!”

$1275 sound reasonable for a studio here?

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  • 390 sq ft seems insanely small for that price. but otherwise that would be a reasonable price for a decent studio in that area. some business person should probably rent it out for late nights in the city when they can’t get back to their mcmansion in the exurbs. cheaper than a few nights in a hotel…

  • Perfect for that cheating heart that can’t get back to McLean.

  • I think it’s a very good deal. You’re obviously sacrificing space for location, but it’s unusal to find a studio in Foggy Bottom for such a low price.

    Hell, I know people who pay that much to live across the river because they can’t afford the Foggy Bottom/G’town area.

  • Actually you can find a larger studio in Foggy Bottom for about $400 less. They are a bit hard to find since people tend to not move too much, but they do exist. I know because I live in one. I think they are asking way too much for such a small studio and any person who takes it is getting ripped off. You can find a studio in this town for much cheaper and still in a good neighborhood, you just need to look around.

  • i lived in a foggy bottom studio from June 2008 until March 1 2010 and was paying 1090 for a bigger studio on 20th and F.

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