Fri. Afternoon Rental Option – Columbia Heights

This rental is located at 3567 10th St NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Renovated One Bedroom English Basement Apartment three blocks from Georgia Ave./Petworth Metro.

CVS, Safeway, Yes! Organic Market within blocks and a ten minute walk to Columbia Heights Metro, Target, Best Buy, and more!

Basement apartment is a spacious unit with a large living room, bedroom, kitchen, washer and dryer, and a new bathroom with full bath/shower. Front and back entrances, with lots of light! Just repainted and new wall-to-wall carpeting. This unit can be rented for a couple.

Front patio and large back yard shared with upstairs tenants (three young professionals in their mid-twenties). Parking space available in back and street parking is plentiful.

No smoking; pets negotiable.”

Does “1200/month plus 1 mo. deposit. Utilities not included and will total 1/4 of total household utilities.” sound reasonable?

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  • Woah. If i were on the market, I would probably bring them a cashier’s check immediately.

  • I don’t care if this is technically Columbia Heights or if the listing should say Petworth, but listing the walking time to the CH metro and not mentioning that it’s 2 blocks from the Petrworth Metro is just silly.

    Price is good as long as the new carpet isn’t a result of flooding.

  • sounds pretty good and reasonably priced!

  • Lots of light? Does it come with prozac?

    English basements are soooo depressing! But enjoy being in Petworth by a metro. Sounds like a nice size. If it floods all the carpet will have to be torn up.

  • I think 1200 is a bit high for a basement like this. I’d say $900 is a better fit.

  • I don’t see any windows other than the one in the bathroom…I think $1000 would be better

  • pennyworth

    Pfft! i’d pay 1,000 w/ utilities. btw no smoking? gtfoh!

  • 2 blocks to 11th st party zone.

  • I live one block up on Varnum and I know for a fact that a lot of these comments are not true of this immediate vicinity. Maybe Petworth in general is still sort of rough, but our neighborhood is a quiet, tranquil pocket surrounded by the Old Soldier’s Home and St. Paul’s Cemetery. Sure, Petworth has crime – this is DC. But I have been impressed with the regular police patrols in the neighborhood and it keeps the hoodlums within reason. I moved here from Baltimore, and trust me, I KNOW about rats and trash. I have lived here for over a year and never seen one rat scurrying or trash strewn about.

  • oops…commented on the wrong post…please disregard…

  • Why would anyone expect people to pay more than $1000 to live in a basement. And this doesn’t even include utilities. So for over $1000, you get to live in a basement, have people walking over your head, and pay some undetermined amount for utilities. Not a good deal at all unless it were a couple sharing it.

    • With all due respect, Roman – You clearly have no idea about the rental market in this city right now….

      Sure this basement is one of the darker/more boring ones I’ve seen (and it’s a shame because enlargening a window opening is NOT that expensive in the end). But it is in the right price range for today’s rental market given it’s prox to metro and everything else being built around it!

  • There is a difference between an English basement and just a basement. This is the latter.

    I wouldn’t call this a good deal. Not a terrible deal, either. Just average.

    • Right. An English basement is usually partially above ground, completely separate from the rest of the house. You have a separate entrance, separate utilities, separate mailboxes, etc. I lived in one for several years in Dupont Circle. This posting, however, looks like a plain basement, totally underground, with the entrance being a set of stairs leading down from the main part of the house. And the shared utilities means that it’s not a separate dwelling. So the marketing of this as an English basement seems to be misleading.

    • Interesting. So then this should probably be posted as a house-share?

  • This is a happening neighborhood with lots of 20-somethings who ride their bikes rather than rely on public transportation. Turns out this rental unit even has a locked storage space for bikes!

  • I’d say this is appropriately priced, but, as usual– live in a basement apt if you dare.

  • Paying 1/4 of the utilities tells me the unit isn’t legal or separately metered. Your utility costs will be at the mercy of how much the other tenants want air and heat, run the appliances, etc. Maybe that’s a good deal, but maybe not. I would get the average utility cost before signing up.

    • Yeah – that’s a BIG red flag for me. You’re unlikely to have control over heat/ac in that situation, too. If the utilities were included, I’d say its a fair deal for anyone who can deal without windows.

  • The Craigslist poster lives about a block away from my place. We have a young couple living in the basement, which is studio-style but may be a bit bigger than this. Pros: It’s got a bit more light, there’s a full W/D instead of a stackable unit, and I think our space may be a bit larger. Cons: Since it’s a studio (albeit a big one), there’s no separate bedroom unit, and the bathroom probably hasn’t been redone as recently as this one. Other than that, this seems like a pretty similar basement to ours.

    The basement folks here are paying $1300 a month with utilities (electric, water, gas, cable and internet) included.

    The basement flooded once, in July, when we had crazy heavy rain, but the flooding was relatively minor – still, something worth noting. Property managers were prompt about dealing with the problem.

    Anyway, you sure as heck can’t get a living space with decent square footage and all these amenities within easy walking distance of a Metro for south of this Craigslister’s asking price. In this market, I think $1200 is really a sweet spot, price-wise. I’d even suggest they bump the rent up to $1300 but throw utilities into the package.

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