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  • saf

    Nah, the party animal project was in 2002. I believe that the oldest call boxes are in Woodley Park and were done in 2001?

  • Love the fire boxes. Ditto the sculptures in MtP.

  • I actually created this initiative when I served as a consultant to Cultural Tourism in the late 90’s. Several neighborhoods started their unique boxes at the same time, and some took longer than others to accomplish their tasks. The Mount Pleasant boxes were the first official ones completed with sculptures by Michael Ross.

  • Paul
    Sorry to reveal that you never gave us credit for the call box project which was originated on Capitol Hill in the late 90’s..Nancy Metzger and I started the call box project here and the idea was stolen from us and due credit was never given to us by Cultural Tourism . We had organized a Capitol Hill project way before that big Washington Post article that came out in response to the call to take out the existing call boxes..
    I am a 10th generation Native Washingtonian and I resent people that try to take advantage of us here- and take credit for our ideas.
    My Father ,
    Bill Fleishell,
    was BORN on the next block north of this call box, on first street s.e., in 1921. He was a professional Artist his entire life, and he passed away last year at 88 years of age. I have not seen any kind of acknowledgement of his contribution from any of Cultural Tourism people who are , sadly, seldom people who are from this city.

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