Door of the Day

This cool door is from Blagden Alley in Shaw. Very cool. However, what I saw behind that door will haunt me for a long time. Really big fans of Christmas best ignore the rest of this post.

It’s a Christmas tree massacre after the jump.

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  • actually, i think xmas fans would love this. those trees are serving some use not just adding more to a landfill.

  • I agree, looks like SOMEONE in the city actually recycles!!!

  • Interesting. Anyone know what they plan to do with the trees? I’m guessing they use the branches for mulch. How about the trunks?

  • I live in that apartment building in the back of the second photo, on the right. Sorry to burst your bubble, but whoever was doing this gave up and bailed long ago. The city is not sure what to do about it.

    Also, when it does clear, that spot is a secret parking lot with no rules. Out of state drivers, rejoice!

  • I was walking back there doing my photo shoots and I saw a tall european man, he was the artist at the gallery on the side alley, and a helper cutting the trees, they were making fences and doors out of cut up branches! looked really cool, but I guess from the last post, he had left. Check out the tile gallery next to it, the guy makes awesome looking stuff.

  • I’d love to get my hands on some of those brush and sticks for an outdoor project… what would I have to do?

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