Dear PoP – Pasha Bistro to Close, Becoming PIZZA No.17 next month

“Dear PoP,

Pasha Bistro [1523 17th Street, NW] is closing.

They’re closing effective tomorrow [Tues.] and re-opening (presume same owners) in a month as “PIZZA No.17″ (b/c it’s on 17th street, get it?). Bummed, always a solid cheap meal in a pinch, right across the street, though a good pizza spot will do a killing in the area. One nice touch is that they’re offering $15 gift certificates to the new restaurant to loyal customers.”

You guys think a good pizza spot will do well here?

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  • I had a really gross “vegetarian” gyro here. lettuce and onion and a mealy tomato. bread was ok. bring on the pizza

  • two turkish restaurants door-to-door (pasha’s next to agora) seemed like it couldn’t hold. i’m glad it’s the same folks, though, they’ve always been friendly!

  • We need more (good) pizza joints in DC, so I am hoping they meet the bill. There has not been a pizza joint in the area since the (vile) Trio’s Pizza that was where Hank’s is now.

  • They have good pizza at Luna Cafe.

  • I always thought Pasha was great for a good, affordable meal. Their falafel is decent (though admittedly not as good as Amsterdam, but that’s not a 2 minute walk from my house), their fries are good, and the people are great. Somehow I just never really felt like eating there. I think it was the atmosphere… too cold or crooked or something.

  • The Turkish pizza is so much better in NYC

  • I loved Pasha. Too bad- good and affordable food.

  • they had the BEST hummus! I am sad… I just might pour a little olive oil on the street in respect.

  • I miss Mr. Ps.

  • Pasha was not good and generally not worth the (already dirt cheap) prices.

    Not sure if pizza is the answer, though. 17th street is already filled with complete mediocrity when it comes to food. and while people enjoy a quick grab meal, pizza ain’t always their first choice. In addition, both Steam Cafe and 7-11 now offer slices (Steam has apparently rebranded itself as a pizza restaurant… wish they would just sell and get it over with). Before you judge, 7-11 pizza isn’t as bad as you might think and it’s like $1/slice. Wong Tong Seal of Approval!

  • What that strip needs is for Hank’s to find a bigger space, and open earlier in the afternoon, since it’s the the best food on/near 17th Street (excepting the sushi place and Komi obviously.)
    And another reminder, Java House roasts their own beans and has the best coffee in the city, and sells beer too. I have been asking the owner to open more outlets for years. Every time I was tempted to eat on that strip in the early evening I would end up there, Pasha’s sort of put me off for some reason, and the Thai place is terrible.

  • eek! i still have a groupon for pasha bistro! does anyone know if the new place will honor the groupon?

  • I live across the street and the owner has been saying for awhile he wanted to create food for less work. I also have the groupon and haven’t used it yet.

  • Aww Mnn! that was my fave place. Pizza will FLOP big time, do you know how many other pizza places are in walking distance? Trio, Dupont Italian Kitchen, Cafe Luna, etc etc etc etc etc. It was crap luck that another Turkish / Greek place opened up next door, they were the only one on the block before that.

  • If they just turn this place into a cheap (and good) by-the-slice place with takeout and delivery, it’ll do well. I live a block and a half away and I don’t want to have to sit down at a damn table to grab a slice of pizza. I want to go in after work, grab greasy goodness, go home and consume in front of my TV. Late night would be a plus.

  • Damn. I loved to order Pasha take out. Very good grilled veggies.

  • I pickup food from here literally once a week – it is on my walk home. Good gyro platter – and they delivered. Oh well.

  • I’m sad to see Pasha Bistro go because the food really was decent and extremely affordable. They’d even deliver to me right across the street :-). I’m glad the people are sticking around, but unless they’re doing specialty pizzas (which I hardly ever think are worth the price really), this will just be one more spot I’ll have to pass over. Agora is far too expensive to replace them as my go-to semi-healthy fast food spot and there’s only so much pizza I can stand.

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