Dear PoP – More Good News for 11th St, NW in Columbia Heights

“Dear PoP,

“A few days ago, I noticed that Meridian Pint (11th and Park Rd, NW) had an application posted on their window for outdoor seating. I really hope it passes.”

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  • I am thrilled beyond words about developments on this block. Wow.

  • I wonder if the owners of Meridian Pint would be interested in concealing the horribly ugly meter pipes installed on the 11th street side of the building. Now, that indeed would be progress. Those pipes are a hindrance to a nice viewshed of the property. It would also bolster the attractiveness of a sidewalk cafe.

    Is this doable or not?

    • It’s very likely that they’re prohibited by code from concealing any part of the outside gas meter & pipes. If anything blame the architects for not considering this when they built the structure.

      • It’s a shame if that’s the case. And can anything be done about Red Rocks’ freezer? Even the weak-ass trellis that had always been there has now been reduced to tatters. Surely they can do something to make it look sharper.

  • finally can drink a beer with my dog.

    cue the dog haters and stroller lovers.

  • Yeah, now when I walk down 11th Street NW, I’ll be tripping over leashes and baby strollers.

    Totally Kidding! This is awesome news! 11th Street, NW is one of my fav. streets in the city, and it keeps on getting better.

  • Please don’t bring your panting smelly mutt to the Pint. I don’t care for your howling infant either.

  • I’m a huge fan of the 11th street establishments but just want to give a shout out to the folks around those corners that have owned property in the area for many years. A coworker lives just east of 11th on Park and says the noise many nights pours out of MP. It’s a worthy sacrifice for the neighborhood, though, I think. Certainly, should the noise for some of these folks go beyond livable, homes should have increased in value, due to these businesses. Still…

  • I noticed (I think) the for rent sign down on the above property, and I saw what looked like some ladders or something in the stairwell up there … perhaps that has finally been rented??? Anyone have news?

  • That may have been confusing — I meant the space above Meridian Pint …

  • But this is wonderful news!

  • Meridian Pint is already ridiculously loud and very disrespectful of people on the block who have expressed concern about the noise levels late at night. This just shows further disrespect to the people living in the area. This place is in a very residential area and not at all considerate of the people around them.

    • To quote the daily show episode about Castro SF being too gay “That’s like moving next to an airport and complaining about the noise from planes.”

      No, 11th street is and alwasy has been a commercial strip running through a residential neighborhood. Just because you moved in before the place bounced back from vacant storefronts doesn’t mean you get to suddenly wish you were on a side street.

    • There’s a nice, quiet block somewhere in Reston. They’re all waiting for you.

    • I’m sorry to hear this. I’ve always been considerate of any neighborly concern to the best of my ability. You can reach me by simply calling the bar 202.588.1075 or go to our website and email me directly. I have always responded to any concerns immediately. I have and will to work with any community concerns as well as efforts to further improve 11th Street.

      John Andrade

  • Excellent news! Me & my dog, and my friends & their baby will meet our friends locking up their fixies for a pint and good food. Love me some wonderland, but as many outside options as can be had are grand.

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