Dear PoP – La Casa Shelter Demolition Pics

“Dear PoP,

Thought you would appreciate a couple over head shots of the La Casa Shelter (on Irving between 14th and 16th St, NW) demolition that started this week.

As I’m pretty sure you are aware, the plan is for the next phase of the Highland Park building to go on this site. There is also supposed to be a new SRO facility for the homeless.

Residents of Highland Park were told that demolition was expected to take 3 weeks; I assume construction / development may start not too long after demo is completed.”

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  • Itll be interesting to watch how they connect this new wing to the older building. Are the residents of Highland Park getting any kind of rebate for having to put up with that construction? I would be mighty PO’d if I had signed a lease with them for a 2000 dollar 1 bedroom only to find out that they knew full well I was going to be living next to and IN a contruction zone for the next 2 years.

    • So far — no rent concessions have been offered. We renewed on November 1, 2010 knowing full well that demo was slated to start soon… and that they would be doing construction this year. When asked whether they would offer a concession – we were told that there were not plans at that time- but that the management team would be willing to work with us to relocate us to another property managed by Bozzutto (the property manager) if construction became unbearable. I’m hoping things aren’t too bad — I’ve been told -but haven’t confirmed for myself — that construction can only occur from 7 am – 2 pm Mon – Friday… I’m hopeful that this is the case and that it doesn’t interfere too much with time after work or weekends…

      • great vantage point, OP – thanks for sharing these!

      • So I just researched the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs website and found out I was misinformed… Normal Construction Hours (not requiring a special permit) are 7 am – 7 pm Monday – Saturday… This could certainly become a nuissance. Still trying to keep hopes up…

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