Dear PoP – jewelry repair shops in DC?

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“Dear PoP,

Have you ever heard of any good jewelers or jewelry repair shops in DC? I assumed there would be one in every neighborhood but I’m actually not finding many results on yelp or google. There are a fair number of vendors, but fewer traditional jewelers who would take random repair jobs, too. I’ve been to one slightly sketchy shop near the White House, but they couldn’t take a watch link out without making me a little suspicious.

If you or your readers have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them.”

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  • There’s a tiny watch/jewelry place in Courthouse Plaza in Arlington (yes, you have to go over the river). I’ve been there only to get new watchbands or batteries for my watches, but he seems to be a trustworthy guy and there are always other customers in there when I’m there.

  • Benson’s Jewlers at 1331 F Street is real good. Its in Downtown DC. They have ben around since the 1930’s.

    • jburka

      I’ve used Benson’s for years and trust them. They’ve done appraisals and work on watches and other jewelery for me, and my husband and I bought our wedding rings there (partially because we had no interest in giving that tax revenue to any shop in Virginia).

  • I have a men’s watch with links that is about 12 years old. I had a problem with the clasp – it wasn’t closing properly, so it was loose and would stay open. I took it to Gold-N-Time on Connecticut (corner of S and Florida). I handed it to the guy at the counter and within about 60 seconds, he had completely fixed it and charged me nothing. Great deal and it’s been working great ever since. I highly recommend this place.

  • Any mall should have a dozen of them.

  • I use the Shah family at Shah and Shah. They have been around for generations. You have to call for an appointment. Very old school business model but total quality. 202-223-6001

  • I second Gold-n-Time. I had a antique pearl necklace chain shortened there. Very nice personnel, timely repair, affordable.

  • Hopefully the OP is not referring to Compton Jewelers on G street between 17th and 18th. They’ve done a great job for jewelry purchases and repairs for me.

    • Compton’s is excellent. They are probably referring to Metro Jewelers on 17th. Stay away, very far away!

  • There’s one at 18th and Swann, next to the drycleaner.

  • There’s a watch shop next to Bistro du Coin on Connecticut but I can’t remember the name of it. It’s probably Gold-N-Time as recommended above. I’ve been taking watches there for years.

    Beware the heavy cigarette smell, though

  • They have cheesy commercials, but Dominion Jewelers is amazing.

    They’re not in the city though.

  • Boone & Sons at Connecticut and L does a great job. They restrung a pearl bracelet for me and it is beautiful. They will give you an upfront price.

  • The gentleman at Rodman’s on Wisconsin Ave. is great. His jewelery counter is in the basement.

  • The jeweler at 18th and Swann does fine work, but he tends to lose things. The Yelp reviews warned me and I didn’t heed them, until he came thisclose to losing a diamond necklace of mine (it wasn’t in the envelope with my invoice, he just happened to find it in a random unlabled baggie…).

  • Was the sketchy-seeming shop Beharry Jewelers? My partner and I got wedding rings from them and they couldn’t have been more helpful or friendly! Odd presentation, to be sure, but a good group of folks.

  • Boone & Sons was good for watch repair. A little more expensive than others, but less sketchy.

    Afram Jewelers near the White House had a good watchband selection and took links out of it on the spot. I am not at all a jewelry expert and I don’t wear a lot but they had some really nice things.

  • For serious jewelry repair – anything valuable I swear by Tiny Jewel Box on Connecticut Ave. They fixed a heirloom pendant that no other jeweler would ever even touch. (It was fragile and a difficult repair.)

  • Gold-N-Time on the north side of Dupont Circle, right next to Bistro du Coin is excellent. I’ve had several watches serviced there. They rebuilt the clasp on a 30 yr old gold Omega for me and it came back to me better than new. They do great work.

  • Try Han Engraving on 14th between K and L. I use them for watch stuff and I assume they do jewelry. I guess maybe you should ask first…

  • Town Jewelers in Cleveland Park is good.

  • Try Rodmans in the basement. They have never done me wrong.

  • I’m a native Washingtonian, and I’ve always taken my jewelry to Friendship Jewelers – 3410 Idaho Avenue, (202) 362-7414

  • Do not use Uptown jewelers in Cleveland park. They were going to enlarge my husband’s recently deceased father’s wedding band so that we could use it in our ceremony, but they didn’t tell us they were going to send it to California. Somewhere along the way it got lost. Plus, based on his behavior when it came time to discuss compensation, I believe the owner is a misogynist.

  • Abu Master Goldsmith (if he’s still open) on 9th Street in some of the commercial space at the Convention Center is awesome. Back in the day he used to be on 18th St. in Adams Morgan, but now he’s down there. He can fix anything and he’s got some fascinating life stories to tell if you’ve got the time.

  • My supervisor used Bensons to get her engagement ring resized… thumbs down. They convinced her that she needed a bigger size than she actually did and she ended up having to take it to a second place.

    I got a silver chain and a ring repaired at International Jewelers (1776 g street) and they were great — didn’t charge me much and very friendly. One thing that annoyed me – I asked for an estimate on the ring first because it was major work, and they went ahead and fixed it without giving me the estimate. I wasn’t upset because it ended up being inexpensive, but it could have been more than I was able to pay.

  • I’m the “OP” – THANKS for all these fabulous suggestions!! If you all feel really strongly about these great-sounding jewelers out there, maybe we should band together and start Yelping them for future helpless schmucks like myself.

    The sketchy jeweler near the White House was Metro Jewelers on 17th. And I have seen many places at malls, but one repair stand quoted me $200+ for what should be a $50 job, and the retail stores seem much more retail-oriented than a traditional jeweler.

    THANKS again! This is great. So many great options!! Knew I could count on PoPville!

  • I highly recommend I-Gorman Jewlers. I had extensive damage to my engagement ring a well back and they did a great job of repairing it for me. I-Gorman is a family owned company and have been in business in DC for the past 30 years.
    1133 20th Street NW

  • Hmmm, now I’m searching for them by name and some of them are on Yelp. Not sure why they won’t come up when I’m searching ‘jewelry repair’ or ‘jeweler’….

  • There is also Brookland Watch and Jewelry Clinic. Owned by the same guy for over 40 years. Hours are only Thursday to Saturday. (202) 526-4289. The address is 3924 12th Street NE.

  • Not sure if it’s too late, but I definitely recommend Shah and Shah (CT Ave and L?). It’s true, it’s a bit difficult to schedule around their hours, but they do amazing work and are very fair. My husband and I got our wedding rings there and they re-set my grandmother’s stones in a new ring for me. Really great people.

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