Dear PoP – Healthy Bites just opened at 5329 Georgia Avenue NW

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“Dear PoP,

Happy to tell you that an organic-food cafe, Healthy Bites Food has just opened between Ingraham and Jefferson St NW on Georgia Ave. Their primary business is to deliver prepared healthy meals–either vegetarian or with meat–to the homes of their customers. If you go to their website you’ll notice that they offer a wide range of plans. They also have a catering business.

For us in the neighborhood, though, they have a large menu of takeout meals at reasonable prices. They offer breakfast all day. And–decent coffee! Not available anywhere else for blocks and blocks. Had my first delicious meal from them this week, I plan to take all my friends there. No styrofoam.

I asked Bonnie (proprietor) what had brought her to the neighborhood and she said the site had the combination of characteristics they needed. They have a nice loading deck out back, generous preparation space, a basement and a storefront.

Their grand opening is tomorrow, 9-6. They are also involved in a lot of community food programs.”

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  • Looks fantastic and just what I’ve been looking for.

    Unfortunately, it would triple our monthly food budget. I hope they stay in business long enough to consider pricing for families some day.

  • looks great to me! I’m glad to see you don’t have to sign up for a plan – it’s also takeout.

    I don’t expect a place like this to be priced as if it’s fast food…or for it to be as cheap as buying my own groceries. I looked at the menu and there’s no cheap filler carbs – it looks like all protein, veggies and fruits.

  • So I know I’m late to the party, but to clarify, the prices listed on the website are for the meal delivery service. The prices at the store are much more reasonable- around $10 for a sandwich and salad-type meal. We’ve been a couple of times and like the food (plus it’s right around the corner and not Popeye’s!) and the owners are really nice people- good addition to the neighborhood!

  • My wife and I live around the corner. Just went there for the first time to pick up dinner and were not disappointed. Very healthful yet tasty food. We’re really excited to support such a positive and energetic local business.

  • Sounds like a great addition. What is Healthy Bites next to? I haven’t been able to find it yet.

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