Dear PoP – “Bet someone didn’t get lucky last night…”

“Dear PoP,

Don’t know much about my neighbors but I’m betting someone didn’t get lucky last night. I wish I knew the story behind this and during the ice storm too 🙂 From Columbia Heights.”


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  • Maybe its the K Street Banker Gang marking their territory?

  • Unless there’s something I’m missing: I’m not sure what we can assume from this. It’s 6 pieces of clothing on hangers out front. Not exactly the ‘I came home and the b**** had all my stuff dumped out on the curb’ scenario….

    • I think it looks more like someone was bringing in their dry cleaning and set it down for a minute, then got distracted somehow and forgot it was there.

  • or maybe someone DID get lucky if you know what i’m saying

  • Could be like the nice person down in Dupont just putting out free clothing?! Last year I got an awesome couple of sweaters and a nice sport coat off his fence.

  • Probably free clothing, dude. Help yourself.

  • that looks like a Jcrew button down on the second hanger…suddenly im interested in a trip to columbia heights

  • It could also be that this is like some kinda cool, urban version of The Giving Tree where the tree just makes a bunch of clothes at night and then whoever wants them can have them.

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