Dear PoP – Anyone Know of a good Dog Groomer?

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“Dear PoP,

Wondering if you can ask the PoP community whether anyone has found a reasonable place for dog grooming (haircuts, cut nails, clean ears, etc).

I’ve gone to a few places and avg is $70 or so (for a full treatment). Plus tip. This easily adds up to about $1000/ year!”

I’m just curious – How much do these things normally cost?

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  • I bet the owner of pink dogs in the previous post can guide you in the right direction. HA!

  • houseintherear

    There’s a great guy at 11th and Rhode Island, Ayran (pronounced Aaron). He has a little place in the basement of a row house there right near the dog park, and he’s really wonderful. Good prices, sweet with the dogs. I went to him often until I started cutting my dog’s hair myself to save money (I don’t recomment that, by the way).

    Here’s his website:

    • We use him for our dog, too. The price is great. I would definitely recommend.

      And to those below who recommend not trimming dogs fur, some breeds really do need it. You can try on your own, but it isn’t as easy as it looks. I work super long hours and would prefer to pay someone to do it correctly and spend my free time doing something more fun. It’s my money and my choice.

    • Can’t agree more. Ayran’s great with our wire-haired terrier mix, and he’s super friendly.

    • Question – for these smaller “one man shows” do you still tip? I think yes, but just askin’

  • same question but willing to pay $90. where is a good groomer?

  • Most groomers will charge based on breed, hair length, and size. I pay $50 at Wagtime on 9th for a wash/nail trim/ear cleanse/anal expression, but I have a 20-lb Beagle mix. Check out my blog for more DC dog resources:

  • the stuff people spend their money on.

    • you mean their pets, which people view as members of their family whose hair gets so heavy and long that during the summer heat and humidity he vomits every time he comes in from a walk. yep, waste of money.

  • I can’t speak more highly of Cassandra, owner of Paws of Enchantment in Mt. Rainier, MD, just over the DC line. She used to operate out of the Big Bad Woof and before that Dupont Vet Clinic. She has her own facility now and works very well with all dog breeds. The dogs always look fantastic after a visit and she offers many different services. Here’s a link to her website:

    Oh, and to the original poster; it all depends on the size and coat of the individual dog, but $70 is entirely within reason for a cut and wash at any groomer.

  • I just looked this up on yelp when we got our dog. Diva Dogs got great reviews and it is a van that comes to your house. They did a great job on our dog. And we didn’t even have to leave the house other than to take the dog to the van parked outside.

  • What kind of dog do you have that it needs to be groomed every month? I get mine done only 3 or 4 times a year– sure, they’re a little shaggy at times but it’s not to the extent that the fur is getting matted/tangled or covering their eyes. Of course I give them baths at home in between groomings.

  • Hi – OP here. Mine is a 3 year old Maltese that I usually get groomed every 6 weeks ot so. He’s 11 lbs.

  • I have used Doggie Style on 18th St, NW at Swann St, NW. I have two dogs that shed, so just wash, ears, nails. They have been great and both dogs seemed happy with the experience.

  • Some dogs have to be groomed. My long-hair Dachshund (and many other breeds) has hair between her toes that grows quite fast. After a while it gets so long she’s stepping on it and it is painful (imagine if every time you took a step that it pulled your hair).

    Doggie Style on 18th has an excellent groomer on staff. He did a nice job on my Dachshund.

  • The Dog Shop in Georgetown is wonderful with dogs, but possibly kind of far from Petworth. Prices range based on breed, but average about 55. Unfortunately, that is about what it ranges.

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