Dear PoP – “A walkabout adventure photo story”

“Dear PoP,

Yesterday – sunny & warm I wanted to photograph this house for you.

Also stopped for this garden

Warning after the jump are disturbing pictures of a hawk’s prey, do NOT click if blood/gore upsets you.

Heard a “whomp” and this fell from the sky 5 feet away!

Hawk lost his lunch!

Why your dog needs to be on a leash”

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  • pablo .raw

    I saw a similar thing today in NE; i was showing something to my co-worker and he said it’s a hawk! by the time I had my telephoto lens on the camera the hawk was gone, leaving behind a headless pigeon….

  • This hawk seems to favor the cemetery on New Hampshire…I fear he will carry me off someday while I’m jogging.

  • Is it me or is that just some of the ugliest brick work ever?

    • bfinpetworth

      That is actually painted brick. Every time I walk by that house (just off 14th St in Columbia Heights) I marvel at the effort it took for someone to paint the individual bricks those “interesting” colors. I’ve grown fond of it over the years….

  • god i love astroturf. thats a dying design choice.

  • All of a sudden I find myself in favor of painting brick. I can’t explain why. Funny how things are like that sometimes.

  • That’s not brick (that you see, at least). They painted that house. Ugliest paint job in the city.

  • it’s on newton street between holmead and 14th and i cringe every time i walk by it. plus, the residents are too lazy to shovel the sidewalk in front of their house.

  • I used to live across from this house, I hated the paint job, but after my visiting sister named it Spanish Harlem (youtube: spanish harlem, ben e king) I got used to it. She called it Spanish Harlem, because the residents are of South American origin and they used to have one planter in otherwise concret yard, and that planter once had a rose bush and at that time it had a single red rose on it.

  • there was definitely a black woman sitting on the porch talking on the phone thursday morning so i’m guessing the south american residents have moved and new people have taken over.

  • There are lots of black south americans.

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