Building at 11th and Park Rd, NW Finally Sold!

“Dear PoP,

I noticed that this large multi-unit building at the corner of 11th and Park (across from Meridian Pint and Red Rocks) recently sold. It’s been on the market forever and I know you’ve done several postings on it before, so I thought you might be interested in the update. Hopefully it will be inhabited soon.”

Awesome news! The building sold for $1,000,000 on Jan. 14, 2011. (Think $1 million was a good deal?) This is a phenomenal location so I’ll def. update when renovations are completed and units go on the market. Thanks again to the reader for spotting the sale.

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  • Yahoo! Finally. From what I understand, a lot of the renovation work on the interior will have to be redone, hence the discounted price, but even still, $1,000,000 seems like a steal for a building that from the looks of it could accomodate either four huge / very expensive units or eight smaller units. I REALLY hope that building (and of course the bigger building on the same block, as well, where planned construction appears to be delayed) are inhabited fairly soon, it will really (along with the soon-to-be-renovated Monroe Street Park) complete the 11th Street corridor. I am also curious for updates on the two forthcoming restaurants on 11th — seems like little-to-no movement / news on either of late … especially eager for the place next to Arthur’s to get going!

  • Another big deal sale in the neighborhood: 3601 13th St. I cannot wait to not have to look at its boarded-up, tagged-up, ugliness every day.

  • People will pay plenty to live within walking distance of the Metro, steps from the Giant and stumbling distance from Meridian Pint and Red Rocks. Lots of money can be made off of condos there. Lots.

  • yay on this getting sold. 11th st really is a great place to live.

    the big building a block north keeps getting signs on it, but not a whole lot of work. one night last week all the lights were on in every apartment–first time i’d ever seen that. hopefully it starts picking up.

    • +1

      I live a block off 11th St NW in Columbia Heights. And it is quickly becoming my favorite street in the District. It’s exciting to see the continued investment.

  • This is awesome!
    As for the building on the corner, last week (week before maybe?) permits went up in the windows and more to-do is being noticed (we live around the corner, so observation is pretty current and easy). Seems as though a work trailer will be put at the north end of 11th right in front of the building…

    My only concern with these two buildings is parking, it is already bad enough, adding 35 units isnt going to make anything any better. I’d love to think that fewer people need or own a car that are moving to the neighborhood…but alas I do not believe that is that case. (Speaking of which, what happened to the moritorium on dividing up rowhouses into condos? did that sunset?)

    • i saw that as well. a couple spaces on the east side of 11th south of monroe will be taken up with dumpsters at some point. i’m not a car owner, but have noticed the increase demand for parking on 10th, otis, and 11th. just a thought–could the tivoli giant parking be opened up for residents for a fee?

    • Completely agree on the parking issue. I’m already concerned.

  • I live right around the corner and have been amazed at some of the recent progress on 11th street. I was wondering about the two restaurants as well.

  • Parking in Columbia Heights SHOULD be less of an issue than virtually anywhere in the city.

    We have tons of public transit, a huge councentration of bus routes, metro, bike share, and Zipcars. Most of the big new condo / apartment buildings have, of course, underground parking. We have a very large Giant lot and a gargantuan Target lot right in the middle of the neighborhood. Compare that to U Street, or Logan, or Georgetown, or other mixed commercial / residential areas, and CH is in great shape in terms of parking infrastructure. The problem is, we don’t really utilize that infrastructure because the Giant and, in particular the Target lot are so underused. I am not sure the answer, but it really seems silly to have so much extra parking around when street parking is going to be growing scarcer and scarcer … just with Target lot could be used by area residents in a cost-effective, useable (aka 24 hour ingress and egree for monthly parkers) manner. Not sure why that is so hard …

  • 11th Street is becoming such a great area, lots of mellow, well run neighborhood spots to go out to. Also nice for Petworthians since the 64 bus zips right through here on the way up/down the hill, and you’ve got the bike lane. Hopefully more of the good vibrations will spill over onto 9th & into the convenient but yet-to-fully blossom Convention Center area.

  • I showed several clients this building last year, and indeed all the existing work will have to be pulled out due to water and mold damage. Permitted for six units, so I don’t think it will impact parking too much. And I am very excited to have more condos here in Columbia Heights!

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