Columbia Heights Scores New Venture from the folks behind Tryst/Diner/Open City!

We learned a bit about this building located at 11th and Monroe St, NW back in May ’10. (I’ve since been told that the condo portion is slated to be completed in July/ August.) Since then there had been some rumors but nothing concrete about who would fill the retail space. I’m happy to report that a combination Coffee house, diner and bar will be filling the space. Oh yeah, it’s from Constantine Stavropoulos the guy behind Tryst and Diner in Adams Morgan and Open City in Woodley Park. This is a huge score for the neighborhood.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Constantine for two hours at Tryst on Thursday afternoon. Long story short – Constantine and a group had plans to to open a new space at 14 and T St, NW but that fell through and has since become home to Room & Board. Since that time Constantine had been looking for a new space that could be a true neighborhood gathering place. Enter 11th and Monroe St, NW. In his own words:

“We are going to open a true combination of Tryst and The Diner – a Coffeehouse*Diner*Bar. Open City is that (serving Tryst coffee from Tryst trained Baristas) but except for the community table in our side enclosed sunroom, it does not have that “coffeehouse” feel. This place would have it all – Diner counter with fixed stools, a Bar, a community table, a private community/event room, a coffeehouse/lounge area and a ton of window-side seating.”

The space would consist of the entire first floor totaling 7,000 square feet. There will be three distinct feels, as mentioned above, a coffee house, diner and bar. Each section would interconnect and the entrance will be on the 11th St, NW side. The space has room for 199 people but that is not likely to be met except for Sat. and Sun. brunch. The menu will consist of comfort food, small plates like you can now get at Tryst as well as fare you can get from the diner. Eggs all day!

The bar component will have about 30 seats and after talking to Constantine sorta reminds me of the feel of the Passenger in Mt. Vernon Square. The bar will also feature specialty cocktails though Constantine was quick to add that you’ll still be able to get a miller light.

Another huge aspect of the yet to be named space is that it plans on being open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Constantine understands that this could cause some concern but after listening to his vision actually makes a lot of sense and could actually provide an added benefit the community. Many of us are aware of the difficulties that have arisen with the park across the street and it is hoped that increased foot traffic will also increase the safety of the area. Of course the usual rules still apply and the bar component will not be open all night.

Constantine has a strong vision for this future neighborhood gathering spot. He was offered spaces in Virginia and downtown DC but declined due to the lack of neighborhood feel. He sees this as a space that will serve the entire community. When we were sitting in Tryst Thurs. afternoon there was a couch that had three women sitting together, one was a teen, one was late 20s/early 30s and one was in her 50s or 60s. He sees this new venture equally catering that diversity.

What is really cool is that Constantine is eager to explain his vision to the community. Over the next three to four weeks he will be meeting with anyone from Columbia Heights and particularly close neighbors who are interested in learning more or who may have some concerns. If you would like to set up a meeting send an email to [email protected]

If all goes according to plan there will be a soft opening at the end of August and a grand opening in September.

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  • I can vouch for Constantine being very open to working with the neighbors- he met with me and many of my neighbors in the 14th and T Street neighborhood when he was trying to develop the building that’s now home to Room & Board. He seemed like a really decent, straight-up guy and I was bummed when the plans fell through (although ultimately I think Room & Board is a better use of the huge amount of space in that building). This sounds like a great thing for Columbia Heights.

  • I think I’ve died and gone to heaven!

  • As someone who is practically keeping Open City in business with how often I go there I can definitely get behind another place like it. This will be awesome.

  • Truly great news for CH!

    Question for the commentariat:
    Is this the death knell for CH coffee? Or do they retain a niche in the “just passin thru” coffee market?

    • I got really excited, and then I thought the same thing. Is this going to kill CoHeights coffee?

    • I don’t think so, again for people passing through and for the countless construction crews and more homey feel, i think columbia heights coffee will still do just fine. It might be a small dent in their clientel but at least I know that as far as I am concerned they will still have my business for a quick morning cup o’ coffee before work.

      • Agreed. I think there’s room for both. I don’t know if y’all have tried to act cool and work on your laptop at a neighborhood coffeeshop lately, but I can never find an open table/seat anywhere. There’s a demand. Plus, there are at least 2-3 condo buildings getting ready to deliver a stones throw from that stretch on 11th adding to the propective clientel.

      • I wouldn’t say “quick” cup o coffee can be had at CH Coffee, but I will continue to get coffee from CH Coffee over the new deal when all I’m getting is coffee.

  • This is HUGE news — super exciting

  • This building looks so horrible. It seems to signal the very north end of the civilized city. Wonderful renovation project. This will really brighten up the east side of CoHei.

    • oh, for fucks-sake! will all of you stop with the annoying, stupid little made up mash-up abbreviations for Columbia Heights already! It doesn’t make you trendy. It just makes you look foolish.

      This ain’t Manhattan, you ding dongs!

      • yes, i hear that. just call it columbia heights. that’s what people call it. i think the “north end of the civilized city” line is pretty goddamn stupid, too.

        • indeed. considering I live much further north, than I must be just clinging to the edges of my very humanity. we eat our young and leave our wounded for the wolves who scavenge the outer reaches.

          • I think (I hope) that they were referring to the fact that there’s not much except houses after that. Certainly not Mad Max or anything above Monroe St.

          • Reminds me of Tracy Jordan’s childhood memories from 30 Rock.

            “I once bit into a burrito and there was a child’s shoe in it.”

            “I’ve seen a hooker eat a tire.”

            “A pack of wild dogs took over and successfully ran a Wendy’s.”

            “The projects I lived in were named after Zachary Taylor, generally considered to be one of the worst presidents of all time.”

            “I once saw a baby give another baby a tattoo! They were very drunk!”

      • Ah dang. I was going to propose the new place’s name be CoHiNoE (Columbia Heights Northeast). No good?

      • I never, EVER speak anything other than “Columbia Heights”…but I will humbly confess – in email or txt form, I sometimes use CoHi or ColHghts for ppl I’m not positive will understand the simple CH.

        There I feel better now. 😉

      • But we can still call it “Cool Heights” right?

      • I was wondering when somebody would jump into the thread with some completely unrelated dumbassery. jeesh is the big winner!

      • Congrats, you’re the 1st A-hole to start hating on this thread. It’s easier to type, get over it. CH, CH, CH, CH, CH, CH!

      • abbreviations are a universal thing, not just manhattan you ding dong.

  • For once PoP didn’t use the word “sweet” in his description of some still-on-the-drawing-board-but-in-his-opinion-great-for-the-community restaurant/coffee shop/diner/commuity gathering spot. Cuz the owner has vision and it will serve Miller fucking light and eggs all day.

    Huge score, dude.

    I’ll give it a year before it folds.

  • I can’t wait for September already!!!

  • hot damn

  • Unbelievable! I have been waiting for him to open something else for years now. He has proven and awesome concepts that could be easily duplicated elsewhere in the city and be one of a kind in their ‘hoods.

    I think this concept is awesome… let’s mobilize behind it.

    Incidentally, I’ve been hoping he’d open something similar in my neighborhood, on 14th between U and Logan. It would be prime territory for that kind of thing. I remember it almost happened in the space where Room & Board is, but unfortunately financing fell through.

  • if name is a true combination of tryst plus diner plus open city, should the name be “dissed city?”

  • OUCH! It stings. I wish they would come to my area, despite solicitations. Good for them though.

  • Let’s hope the ‘gas station principle’ works here and both coffee shops see ample business.

  • I would like to personally welcome my old Adams Morgan friend, Constantine, to the neighborhood. It is an amazing community that will truly make you feel welcome. I look forward to a warm Croque Monsieur and tea ealry morning…..not to mention a Chai Shake on a hot summer day. You’ll be a great addition to 11th Street.



  • This is good news, but that means they must have abandon their plans to open in the Park Place building at the Petworth metro

    • Did they have plans for the Petworth Building? What on earth is going on with that place anyhow? Much development but no restaurants or retail….for too long, now.

      • Yes, they were supposed to go in the corner space near Quincey. I even got an update from Chris Donnetelli about 6 months ago and he said they were going to start the build out any day now…then 6 months later we get this news so Iguess its off.

  • very good news, live half a block away, was walking by this building last night and was wondering what could fill all that space on the first floor. i didn’t imagine it could be all one entity. this is much better than an empty store front. i’ll be interested to see what the neighborhood reactions are to the place being open 24/7. i think this would be the death of CH coffee.

  • Yay! Please consider one morning a week with entertainment for toddlers – the mamas of CH/PV/PW will come flocking and we tip very well!

    • yes, and you also take up every nook and cranny with your obnoxious double-wide (and sometimes triple-wide!) strollers. You “mammas” are *exactly* the reason why I never, ever go to Tryst on a weekend.

    • the first rule if tipping well, is to not say you are going to tip well.

    • and please I beg you please keep your kids in your area, don’t let them wander around into other diner’s areas…okay?!

    • Wow, so much anger. Not all parents are inconsiderate jerks. Families are a good thing for a transitioning neighborhood and contribute far less righteous whining to the mix. Learn to love your neighbors hipsters. Someday you might find yourself in a similar demographic.

      • Agreed. I dont even like children, or even like being near them, but I cant take the anti-parent/anti-children hate. I keep my preference to myself and i respect the rights of parents and children to be in the same space as me.

        And Anonymous is correct, I’d much rather have a block full of families with young children than gangsters, hipsters, hippies, or vacant buildings…

        • Thanks for saying this. A lot of us parents really do try our best to keep our kid(s) under control and not bothering others. At the same time, they’re people, too, and they’re never going to learn how to behave in a restaurant or in public if they don’t get to go out from time to time. We don’t take our kid to fancy places, and only to go nicer places very early in the evening to try to catch both good behavior and fewer people who might be bothered when the good behavior fails. But someplace like Tryst or the Diner or this new place are fair game at any time of day as far as I’m concerned.

          And I’m really excited about the new place. Having it within walking distance of us (even for my toddler) means that I might get more weekend mornings to sleep in while he and my husband go out for pancakes and bacon!

          • I think you’re way too cautious. Unless your kids are prone to unstoppable outbursts – I say you take them anywhere you want any time you want.

            As much as they annoy me, everyone was a kid once – and I’m sure had the same challenges growing up as your children have.

          • yes, a lot of parents do try to be considerate. And I do understand that you can predict or truly control the actions of a 2 year old, but some parents don’t even TRY. They’re too busy lunching with their Mommy Group that they don’t notice little Johnny slamming his Tonka truck repeatedly into someone’s foot.

            Now, maybe that’s not you or anybody you know, but it happens. A lot.

            And please don’t put words in my mouth. I never said you had to forever stay home. And I’m not anti-kids or anti-families. Just be considerate. And if your kid starts raising a ruckus and disturbing people who are just trying to enjoy some time with a book, then please DO something about it!

          • *cannot* predict or truly control…



  • Definitely a huge score to see something like this come to our neighborhood. I’m kind of surprised (happily) at this choice though. His other establishments are definitely not in transitional neighborhoods, and even though 11th St is awesome and has a great vibe and huge potential, it is definitely still transitional. I applaude him for choosing that location and adding to the amenities of a constantly improving area of town.

    • I would quibble with calling a neighborhood where rowhouse condos regularly sell in the neighborhood of half a million dollars “transitional.”

      • “transitional” = “sketchy”

      • I’m not sure you understand what transitional means.

        If the houses are cheap and the neighborhood is sketchy, its “the hood”. If the houses are expensive and the neighborhood is nice, it’s “suburbia.” If the houses are expensive and the neighborhood is sketchy, it’s “transitional.”

        If the houses are cheap and the neighborhood is nice, it’s called “the midwest.”

        • Apparently we have different definitions of both “sketchy” and “transitional.” I’ll leave it at that. Also, your dig on midwest is uncalled for.

          • Ha, no I don’t actually think Columbia Heights is sketchy in its own right. Sure, compared to Bethesda, but it’s not a warzone or anything. (Although it does have the burned out cars)

            And I said the houses are cheap and the neighborhoods are nice. How is that a dig on the midwest?

          • Really, you dont think Columbia Heights is sketchy? Wow. Talk about denial.

          • I don’t really have any stake in denying if the neighborhood is sketchy or not, I moved out months ago. Sure there are things going on there that don’t happen in Georgetown, but you can get mugged in Adams Morgan too, and I doubt many people would call that sketchy.

            And yeah, people get shot or stabbed sometimes, but it’s not like there are just roving gangs going out to kill the first person they see. If someone shoots you in Columbia Heights, it’s probably not going to be a surprise as to why.

            OK, now that I have read what I just wrote, I see your point.

          • Actually, I’d call anywhere that there are several muggings a month pretty sketchy.

            Why dont you?

          • I guess my bar is set higher. I see several muggings a month as “living in the city” as opposed to “sketchy.”

            For a neighborhood to be sketchy to me, I have to feel uncomfortable walking around, and that’s not how I felt in Columbia Heights. I know that is completely subjective though. The reason I left is because my girlfriend didn’t feel the same way, so clearly there is plenty of room for a difference of opinion.

          • I had a long response written but it basically says what Bob below/above is saying – things are different!

            With regards to the dig comment, coming from one of the not-so-nice parts (cheap and ‘sketchy’) of the midwest, I try to get people to acknowledge that the region is quite varied and different, just like the coasts. I don’t just like it when people try to lump my state together with other parts of the region that aren’t similar at all. I would wager that most people feel that way about where they live. Years of hearing ‘flyover country’ referred to derisively have made me sensitive about that sort of thing.

          • Oh, I’m not saying everything in the midwest is the same. But I am saying there are very few places on the coasts where houses are both cheap and in a nice neighborhood.

      • Just two days ago someone commented that the area around the eastern exit of the U St Metro stop was “transitional” – probably two weeks before you had someone disputing that title being thrust upon Bloomingdale. Personally, I think most areas east of 15th and North of Mass are “transitional” in that they are definitely transitioning from one thing to another. Some are definitely more on their way than others, but the fact that everyone is super excited about what this means for the neighborhood kind of proves in and of itself that it is transitional. When new of Mellow Mushroom coming to AM was announced, nobody was excited because it would improve the neighborhood (at least not in the same sense that people are excited here) – instead they were excited to have this awesome pizza place. The more one business can have a huge impact on property values immediately surrounding it, the more it is, in my opinion, transitional. Mellow Mushroom will probably not cause condos/rowhomes in adams morgan to be more expensive. This place, in contrast, will probably drive up prices near 11th St.

        All that said, I definitely live in a transitional neighborhood and I love it. I think sometimes people get protective of their own turf and get mad when someone else calls it as it is, but not mind throwing that label somewhere else.

  • This is amazing news. my son loves tryst, but we never make the trek to 18th street. I am beyond excited. Chaipaccino here I come!

  • I hate to be a downer (I love the idea and will be there supporting it all the time!), but I’m wondering about parking. I know, I know: driving is evil; I should take the bus or ride my bike or levitate on over there, but sometimes those just aren’t options.

    At any rate with a seating capacity that huge, where are all those people gonna park? Add it to the parking req’d for the condos above it, Meridian Pint, Red Rocks, Room 11, and anything else that pops up in that developing neighborhood and you got yourself a good ol’ fashioned clusterf-ck!

    Just asking the question.

    • yeah, the sunday brunch crowd will have a tough time i they’re driving. i don’t think they get up as early as the church crowd who come in and do it up on sundays. folks should be pointed to the tivoli/giant parking. or DCUSA.

    • There are tons of parking lots in the suburbs. Go check those out.

      • how original. But you forgot to phrase it in the form of a douchey question: “Why don’t you just move to the suburbs if you don’t like it in the city? Nanny, nanny boo-boo!”

        I was just asking a legitimate question. One which, by the way, I’m sure the developers have to answer for the city planners. Grow up.

        • i would also mainly drive to this area, so i’m interested too. and no, not interested in the suburbs at all. people seem to think there is only one way to live in this town. the small mindedness is bizarre. not all of us grew up in car centric areas that we must rebel against.

          • Don’t blame people for not liking huge parking lots and preferring green-friendly transit. It’s not like this place doesn’t have bus routes nearby, and it is being billed as a ‘neighborhood gathering spot.’ Granted, skh, your comment was kind of snide.

          • @DCster: I agree with you, and am totally on board (pun intended) with earth-friendly transportation. I’ll most likely be on my bike.

            My only point is that this is sometimes not an option (granny or 4 kids in tow), and what do people do at those times? Just thinking out loud.

            As an example: you’re on your way back from some place out in Virginny (a must-drive location) and you think, “Hey! I’ll drop in to Yet-to-be-named for a nice latte!” I suppose you could go home first, then wait for the bus and all that, but most people will just want to drive there and park.

          • Isn’t the parking situation near 11th/Monroe comparable to what Open City has to offer? Doesn’t seem to be a deterrent there. Yes, a much more established neighborhood with lots of foot traffic, but 11th is heading in that direction (granted, would never achieve the scale of Connecticut/Calvert area). There may be more available parking spots near Open City, but I’d say it’s proportional to the larger number of retail operations in that vicinity.

            This new diner will be a tremendous help. A restaurant with the reputation and cachet of Tryst/Diner/Open City will act as an anchor of sorts, attracting other businesses and many customers.

          • I drive an SUV and I drive everywhere. I want my parking and I dont care if you dont like it. Look, I dont mind having bike lanes, zip cars, metro, and buses that dont know how to pull over to the curb. So since I dont care to judge your choice of transportation, I’d appreciate you be understanding that I choose to drive a large car and I’d like a place to be able to park it so I can enjoy the same places you do.

            Ok, so dont be a jerk. Thanks.

    • where is all the parking in adams morgan?

    • I wondered the same thing prior to the opening of Red Rocks, then before the opening of Meridian Pint, but my parking worries were ultimately unfounded – I live within a block and have noticed absolutely no change. With a space so much bigger, we might be in a totally different ballpark, but I’ll continue to hope that all those extra cars are absorbed somewhere!

    • Where do people park at Open City, Tryst, and other brunch places? There isn’t much parking in Woodley or Adams Morgan, and those places are still packed.

  • This is great news for the neighborhood. I imagine the opening will solidify/transform 11th street into a place walk for food/drink from places as far as Petworth and Mt Pleasant. My family walks to Adams Morgan at least 2x monthly to Adams Morgan for a meal at Tryst/Diner and imagine lots of others do also -esp for brunch. Will likely help the condos above them sell faster.

    And 24/7 is a benefit to the community and I hope we all get behind this potential opening. More people on our streets for food/internet/coffee at all hours of the day and night makes things safer for everyone.

  • This is wonderful news for the neighborhood. Open City is pretty much the only “neighborhood” place in Woodley Park, and I don’t know what we’d do without it.

  • How large is Tryst and/or the Diner in Adams Morgan? Wondering how the proposed 7,000 sqft space will be bigger/smaller.

  • I’m thinking this place will be larger than the Diner, but just guessing. Columbia Heights totally scored on getting this business – I wish they could’ve come to Mt. Pleasant, but we’re getting our new breakfast place too, so I’ll try not to be too envious…

  • I will camp out there on weekdays working for sure. And its large enough that no one should mind.

    Mommies and daddies, don’t worry about me. Your kids won’t bother me while I’m working there even if they do wander my way. Place sound like it will be big enough to redirect them in another direction.

    This is great news!

  • PoP,

    What does this mean for Park Place Cafe in Petworth? Any updates on any of those spaces?

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Park Place Cafe is dead and has been for a while. They still hope to get a coffee shop. They are still searching. The two projects are completely unrelated. Park Place Cafe was never affiliated with the folks from Tryst.

  • Amazing news. Live a block and a half a way and this will solidify the transformation of the neighborhood. Just what we needed!

  • This is fantastic! I always find it frustrating when you leave a way too long happy hour at 10 and can’t figure out where to eat because everythings closed. I am a bit worried about Columbia Heights Coffee however. I love that place. Hopefully the neighborhood can/will support both businesses.

  • One word = AWESOME. I tried going to Tryst last weekend to study, but was unable to find anywhere to plop down and do my work. This location will be a great addition to this neighborhood and will probably help the congestion seen at Tryst and the Diner.

  • I was just thinking the other day that now that I live in Petworth, I never make it to Tryst. And I really like Tryst. So this is fantastic!!! I just hope it doesn’t mess with Qualia’s business.

  • Quincy St Neighbor

    HOLY COW! This is the BEST NEWS I’ve heard all week! Cannot wait to walk/peddle over and enjoy this new community gathering space. I’m so glad someone is making use of this commercial space. It’ll be a wonderful addition to the neighborhood and a great spot to cap the top of the blooming 11th Street strip!

  • I actually think CoHi would be a good name for this place, from Koohi, the Japanese word for coffee.

  • Did Constantine say anything about supporting the local music scene with acoustic performances? We need more venues in this city!

    • No, please. Live music is an iron-clad guarantee that I will never set foot in an establishment. I don’t care to have my dining/drinking/social experience drowned out by the masturbatory musical stylings of some guy in a midlife crisis.

    • I second this question. It’s the first thing I thought of. A great casual acoustic music venue is desperately needed in DC (i.e., more listening room than concert hall). I hope they consider it!

  • So you can buy a condo in that building and live between that and the restaurant/ coffee house! You would never need to leave….EVER!!! I love it!!!

  • I live in a rowhouse with seven other people less than a friggin’ block away, and I’m lucky I didn’t just wet my pants when I read this. Yeah – I’m that stoked (and maybe incontinent?)

    Just when I was thinking I might ditch the dorm-like scene and move to a one-bedroom when I get a raise in August, THIS HAPPENS. I’m staying put! There’s no way this place will fold. I bet my house will collectively drop several thousand a month at this place. We drink alcohol! We drink coffee! We love eggs!

    The idea of being about to get hammered and walk home in 30 seconds is amazing. The idea of doing that, then waking up the next morning and shambling half a block for a plate full of delicious breakfast food and a bloody mary transcends amazing. I need someone to pinch me.

  • Can’t wait!

  • I wonder if patrons will gobble up all of the residential parking on 10th Street. This is a great addition to the neighborhood and I look forward to it.

  • CO-HI 4 LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • So the predictions of 11th Street turning into Adams Morgan have come true. 24 hours, 7 days a week is a horrible idea for a residential neighborhood. Yet another bar on 11th Street is a horrible idea for a residential neighborhood. The ship has sailed though. Crossing my fingers (with much doubt) that this place will do as much as possible to be a good neighbor, and hoping even more (with even more doubt) that the customers to this place will respect the neighborhood.

    • This is not just a bar, but a neighborhood hang out with something for everyone. As a longtime neighbor, I couldn’t be more pleased.

      • +1

        Although Open City, Tryst and the Diner all have liquor licenses, I would hardly describe any of them as a bar scene.

        Even the late-night crowd at the Diner in the middle of the Saturday night tsunami in Ad-Mo isn’t that bad…

    • anon @12:00PM. “So the predictions of 11th Street turning into Adams Morgan have come true”

      who ever said anything like this? Where do you people come from? So out of touch it’s just bizarre.

      Besides I’ll take Adams Morgan over Park Morton any day of the week.

  • First, this is wonderful news, and I am really excited. I am slightly concerned about the 24 hour aspect, and want to hear more. So long as the alcohol service ends early enough that we aren’t talking about tons of drunk people running around at 4 a.m., I am cool with it. But yeah, this sounds amazing, 11th Street just gets better and better. I’ve lived on 11th street for five plus years and it is simply incredible where things were five years ago vs. where they are today.

    And no, 11th Street is not Adams Morgan. It is still a much smaller space and will never have the kind of mobs as A-M — there is hardly any commercial space unaccounted for, and I still don’t get any sense of crowds remotely on the scale of Adams Morgan, and one or two new places isn’t going to change that dynamic dramatically. Plus, there is no Room 11 equivalent, no Bloom Bars, no Columbia Heights Green or pseudo-dog-park in A-M, this is not just a 20 something bar and jumbo slice district, but has a more diverse, chill feel.

    But in all events, I am really excited for this place and now will almost never have to leave my block. Yahoo!!

  • I’m selfishly excited for this in the hopes that it means I can actually get a seat at Diner or Tryst instead of waiting in line forever (they’re much closer to me than the new place).

    • These places are like a mile away from each other, I’m not sure why people are assuming they’ll draw from the same market. I could see customers going here instead of Meridian Pint or the Heights, but not somewhere in AdMo.

  • My son and I try to catch a breakfast at the Diner together on Sunday mornings. I can see us moving our weekly meal to this place.

  • Im all for the diner aspect of it, but have you guys seen the late crowd at the diner in Adams Morgam? Open 24 hours a day will not bode well for a neighborhood feel. It will mean police presence, but not in a good way. bad, bad, bad news. Do yourself a favor and check out the diner at 2am – 4am on friday and saturday night. It will change your mind!

  • GREAT! Another overpriced, tacky, yuppie restaurant and coffeeshop with the same ‘ol bland and/or “trying to hard” food. JUST great.

  • Hurray! This is great!!!

  • My house is two bloxks away west so for me it is a great news. I will be far enought for any drama associated with some customers, but close enought to quickly get to these great assortment of business. Love it.

  • as a Tivoli North resident, i’m ecstatic!

  • I didn’t know until reading this thread that Mellow Mushroom is coming to Adams Morgan. Any idea as to when/where it’s supposed to open?

  • Are they working on the condos yet?

  • Your worried about a restaurant/bar being open 24 hours? That is the least of our problems in Columbia Heights. Maybe the increased traffic will decrease all of the criminal activety. Don’t even get me started about the trash everywhere!! Get real!!

  • This will nicely cap off the 11th Street commercial strip – adding to an already delightful mix of restaurants and other businesses. I imagine with the additional condos – 28 in this building and 8 to 10 more in the property across the street from Red Rocks Pizza, we will begin to see some of the under-utilized commercial space come to their highest and best use.

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