BETA Martial Arts Academy Hopes to Rent Huge Retail Space in View 14 at 14th and Florida Ave, NW

Thanks to a reader for sending the word. Back in Sept. ’09 we discussed some rumors that a more traditional gym was thinking about going into the View 14 retail space. However, even at that time the rumor was that the deal had fallen through. Now it looks like the BETA Academy is hoping to move into the space. The owner just released the following you tube video and hopes to raise the remaining funds necessary to make the move happen. BETA currently resides in the basement level of the Calvary Methodist Church at 14th and Columbia Rd, NW. You can see the excitement they feel about this potential move:

While the video is a bit long, there is also mention of a “high-end restaurant” that was going to go into part of the non-housing space. I’ll def. be keeping my eyes on progress on both fronts here. Stay tuned!

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  • 11th and FL? I think your headline is wrong, PoP.

  • The last thing we need at this corner is another karate studio.

  • Great instructor, great school. Exciting development.

    • Is this an all-ages type of place?

      • Yes, I’ve been in classes with men and women in their 40s, though the bulk of students are in their late 20s and early 30s.

      • The classes tend to skew towards late-20’s/early-mid 30’s and the demographic is extremely diverse. Lawyers, police officers, students, restaurant workers, and government employees abound. There are a few people >40, mostly in Thai Boxing and the F.I.T. (strength and conditioning) programs, as well as a few teenagers in the adult classes. Full disclosure, I teach MT and BJJ at the school as well as the introductory MMA program. We’re extremely excited about the new space. It will be double our current size, and our space in the basement of the church is already considered quite large by MT and BJJ academy standards (back at my old place in New Mexico, we had a 1500 sq ft facility we made due with).

  • Can’t wait for BETA to open up. This is just what the community needs! Also, its not a “Karate Studio”. Great instructors and great people!

  • Looks like a great organization – but this place has to be really expensive for them. Price per square foot under a church vs PPS on a major commercial corridor has to be very different. Martial Arts Academy is great, but a Martial Arts Academy with a $1,000 a month membership fee (just to cover their rent) is not so great. I wish them the best of luck and I hope I can afford to join!

    • p.s. added bonus if the teachers and students can funnel through the neighborhood a couple times a week to karate chop the thugs and a$$holes that bashed my car window in this weekend!

      • Yea your gonna like it. They got more than just Karate classes. Its a full mind body spirit workout. Especially your spirit gets a workout.

  • top notch organization and already a part of the neighborhood. prior locations have been in columbia heights.

  • As a parent, I would love it they would offer an all-day (9-5:30) summer school in weekly sessions, for ages 4+. Teach ’em respect and discipline, conflict resolution, self-esteem, coordination, with lots of jumping, balance and kicking, with snack, lunch and nap time. That would be really useful!

  • The owners are two of the nicest people you will ever meet. It would be great for the neighborhood and great for the city.

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