Appreciating Columbia Heights Dunkin Donuts

I’ve long gone on record that I’m a Dunkin Donuts fanatic. I know there is better coffee elsewhere but I’m addicted to theirs. Sometimes I just have to give props when props are do. In addition to the coffee which admittedly you can get anywhere – this Donkin Donuts located at 2750 14th St NW (by Girard St) have the nicest people in the world working for them. Seriously, every single person I have encountered there have been beyond nice. So I just wanted to publicly thank them. It’s not a glamorous job and I’m sure the pay is not super high – so again, thank you.

And on a side note: when I go it is normally always crowded – I think some more retail on that section of 14th St, NW would do very well…

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  • There is no better coffee. That is where you are wrong.

  • Great coffee and nice people

  • My family and I make a quick stop almost every Friday morning for an end of week treat. Yeah Friday Donuts! And yeah Dunkin donuts on 14th street.

  • Best coffee.
    Sad location.

  • Apparently also a mainstay for the area cops. I always see at least three cars out front. Even more fun when the special response bus is there too.

  • I want one on U Street. How come there are 2 Starbucks within 2 blocks from me but no DD. And the only DD I used to go to on 17th, closed.

    • I would love a DD on U St. If DC were anything like Rhode Island, the proximity of the 14th St one wouldn’t be a barrier to making it happen.

  • Agreed PoP, always crowded but the people are still really nice. They deserve to be recognized.

  • I agree that more retail is needed in that area! There is space for rent across the street on both sides of Amsterdam Cleaners (which also has super-nice staff). I would love a hardware store, a used book store, another restaurant, an independent cafe… (sigh)

  • agghh! Pop you’re killin’ me. Its “props are due”, not “props are do”!

    Right on about DD though – I swear they add crack or something.

  • Going to disagree with the “nice” comment. Have had several less than positive experiences there, including a lost order and several experiences with rude employees. I agree that the coffee is pretty good, but I’d rather just brew my own than walk the block and a half to the DD.

    • For what they are being paid, they’ve managed to keep a pretty decent staff.

      I imagine that you are one of those tards that comes in and asks for 15 different substitutions on a standard breakfast sandwich. I hope they do more than lose your order next time.

  • I actually live in the building above the DD, and, while I normally make my own breakfast, it’s nice to be able to hope down for some coffee and a donut or bagel (or both!) when the mood strikes me. I’ve always had positive experiences there and am glad to have something so close to my apartment.

    And I agree, there is a ton of open space both in this building and in the one across the street. Here’s hoping someone will build a restaurant or other service there, but I’ll have moved out by then.

  • Krispy Kreme FTW!

  • Wow. I must be frequenting on their off days. I have had nothing but apathetic service there every time I go. In fact, even though I love their goods, I’ve stopped going to avoid the frustration and loss of time.

    • me

      I’ve only gone once, so I’m hardly the expert, but the observation of apathy made above is exactly what I’ve seen there. Took f-o-r-e-v-e-r, and there was only one other person in front of me. Seemed like the woman behind the counter just didn’t give an f. She wasn’t mean or rude, just slow and didn’t care, kinda throwing my order on the counter (once she finally got around to getting it).

  • used to go there on cold saturday mornings… great place

  • I’ve tried ordering ice cream cakes there for 2 birthday parties and both times the person who took my order never actually placed the order so I show up to get the cake and there is none. They tell me they cannot replace it with anything close to what I requested and what they can give me, I was upset they did’t offer me a discount on.

  • Very nice folks working there.

    Last time I went the girl was a little slow with with what I wanted (language barrier), but the guy was so nice and quickly got everything. Wish it was a couple of blocks north though.

  • I love DD to death as I grew up with it, but I have mixed feelings about this place… I go and love it. But when I do go, most of the time the service is sub-par, and the people behind the counter are slow and unattentive.

    They don’t even know what “light and sweet” means, so I’ve given up on even asking for that. “Cream and Sugar”? Please stop asking me that. Is there a difference between Cream AND Milk??

    I would rather buy the coffee and brew it at my house, or wait to get it somewhere North of here.

    The donuts are another story — I will buy them from this location, b/c nothing beats a DD donut.

    (That reminds me, I also have a huge gripe with the lack of delis here, and the complete lack of consideration for what “sliced thin” means.)

    Yay donuts.

  • the employees at the DD attached the the gas station at Rhode Island & New Jersey ave. could not be worse… maybe i should trying Columbia Heights!

  • Went once, tried to order a hand-packed pint, they looked at me like I had 3 heads and tried to sell me a large smoothie cup of ice cream. So not worth it to walk past 2 housing projects for that.

  • Agreed, POP. Nice folks at this place and they deserve recognition.

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