Appreciating Buildings – Penn Quarter

I will never get tired of admiring and posting these two from Penn Quarter. I feel very lucky that they weren’t torn down when the new construction went up. Simply awesome:

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  • agreed. i love these little anomalies.

  • Is that the Clara Barton building? I looked at a condo up there years ago.

  • @Anon 5:46 – This is not the Clara Barton. These facades are definitely near 11th & F Streets NW. Whereas the Clara Barton is on E Street between 6th & 7th.

    I think this building is called Lincoln Square or something like that…

  • I did research on this block several years ago when I used to work in historic preservation and one of the facades had been stored in a warehouse by PADC and was reconstructed on the site.

  • You should duck inside 1155 F Street sometime and take a look at the atrium of the building. One wall is actually the brick wall of the original building in this picture. It is really cool!

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