A Final Message from the Owners of Adams Mill Bar & Grill?

I thought this was a pretty humorous last message (I assume) left by the owners of Adams Mill Bar & Grill which closed last week at 1813 Adams Mill Rd NW, to (I assume) the owner of the building. In the picture above you can see small red sign on the last window on the right hand side.  Here’s a close up:

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  • Let’s hope the cops move their hang out up north!

  • Weren’t the past owners ex-MPD? They may have had this sitting around and just posted it as a joke.

  • The implication is that up until this point…

  • What, you didn’t know about the “rub shop” upstairs?

  • It used to be a meeting place for johns and the Asian hookers who lived on Ontario road. One of the hookers I knew hanged herself this past Christmas!

  • Wasn’t there a gambling-related shooting in the upstairs of that place (or the next door place) a few years ago also?

  • The upstairs area was a long-time after hours club. The manager of Rumba Cafe was beaten into a coma after leaving there once and there was indeed a stabbing that occurred that resulted in the death of one of the patrons of the after hours club. The after hours club was finally shut down after the murder and years of neighborhood complaints. Although the Adams Mill folks held the lease to the location where the after hours club was taking place they always maintained that they had no idea what was going on there.

    Adams Mill was in fact owned by a former MPD officer from 4D who was dismissed after he was accused of stealing items from a storage facility out in Virginia. Many MPD officers hung out in the establishment.

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