7-11 Coming to Adams Morgan on Columbia Road NW (next to CVS)

“Dear PoP,

I’m not sure if this is good news, but it is still news. The space next to the new CVS on Columbia Rd is being renovated to become a 7-11. Attached are a close up of the permit, where you can see the details, and some pictures of the building. I think this is still fairly new, I walk past this space every day – yesterday I noticed construction and permits. Today I stopped to investigate. I’m not sure how much we need a 7-11 there, when there is a CVS and Safeway right next door…. but soon I’ll be able to pick up a Slurpee on my way to work.”

7-11 is on a roll, last Friday we spoke about a new location that opened up in Van Ness.

But for this one – do you think it is redundant since there is a CVS nearby?

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  • Aye dios mio. Boooooo….besides the fact that we don’t need a 7-11 on this portion of Columbia Road, I’m wondering how this is going to affect already crappy Col. Rd. traffic because the 7-11 at Wyoming is alway busy with cabbies.

  • 7-Eleven = lots of chicken wing bones and garbage on the street. It is an easy store to franchise/open and will probably turn a profit, but generally they don’t care about the neighborhood.

    • A prime example of this is the 7-Eleven in Mt. Pleasant. They’ve allowed the area around their building to become an open-air toilet for the usual Mt.P St. drunks, and no amount of complaining to the owners or the corporate offices seems to make any difference.

  • That whole section of Columbia is becoming suburban strip mall America. sad.

    • What, because it has a grocery store and a CVS (neither of which have parking lots) and might get a 24 hour convenience store? What businesses are you worried might get forced out, the check cashing places? The world’s worst bike shop? Move to Bloomingdale if you don’t like living near retail.

    • you do realize that the safeway and cvs have been on that strip (albeit in different or non-renovated locations) for a while now?

    • I’m bummed. Not unhappy that a 7-11 will be there (though agree that it doesn’t make much sense). Rather, disappointed that something else isn’t going in. Feel like a hardware store should’ve stepped up to the plate here.

  • Grossss. No thank you.

    Agree with Ace in DC, there’s more than enough garbage on this section of Columbia–we don’t need more.

  • Thank God. I hate it when I have to walk 2 whole blocks to the next 7-11. They should put one on every block of Columbia between 14th and Connecticut.

    • Where is there a 7-11 2 blocks from here? The one on 14th is over half a mile away, the Mt. P one is just as far, and the one down at Wyoming is half a mile, down a hill, and a shithole because it’s also a front for gray market activity (not drugs though).

      • “down a hill”… you’re thinking of the one on 17th, not wyoming. HTFH.

      • What sort of gray market activity?

      • 0.4 miles according to almighty Google. And if you consider that down a hill, you must be from Chicago or New Orleans (I kid). Although I guess the original poster should have said “I hate it when I have to walk a half mile to the next 7-11”. Maybe 7-11 is using that McDonald’s strategy of having a storefront 5 minutes from everyone’s front door. By foot…..

  • I don’t see how it’s bad news. When I lived in Columbia Heights I used the 7-11 on 14th on occasion as an alternative to the terrible CVS at 14th and Irving. It’ll be an added convenience for some and just a non-empty storefront to walk by for others. That side of Columbia has had a number of national chain stores for some years now.

  • Better than empty storefronts. Now if only something could be done about that old theater on 17th and Columbia.

  • I’m curious– what do people buy at 7-11? The only time I ever go is to accompany a smoker friend who’s buying cigarettes. It looks like it’s all junky impulse items, which might sell once the person’s in the store but I can’t see anyone deliberately going there for those things.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    And they have pretty good half smokes. Actually having a CVS and 7-11 will increase foot traffic and make the neighborhood safer. This will help property values. See Jane Jacobs work on urban planning.

  • Eh…couldn’t care less. I’ll still keep shopping at Casa Lebrato for basic convenience items when I just need something small or don’t want to deal with the lines at Safeway.

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