3 Shot, 1 Killed around 7pm Sat. Night on 3000 Block of Sherman Ave, NW

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“Dear PoP,

This happened last night less than one block from my house. My friend was knocking on my door when we heard three gunshots. Cops responded quickly (about 10-15 units in 2-5 minutes). A short while later we left my home, and saw the crime scene. There was one body on the ground near the intersection of Sherman and Columbia, and two large groups of bystanders.

Terrible scene. My heart goes out to the family of the young woman who was killed.”

Council Member Jim Graham writes:

MPD tells me that about 7 PM someone walked up to a house on the 3000 block of Sherman and shot three people, two adult males and a juvenile female. MPD states that the juvenile died from the shooting. The two males—conscious and breathing–are in the hospital, wounded.

Gang/crew connections under investigation.

Our thoughts and prayers go to all those who are impacted by this tragedy.

Hopefully the two adult males will come clean on what they know about the shooter. Hopefully.

From MPD:

On Saturday, February 19, 2011, at approximately 7 p.m., units from the Third District were dispatched to Sherman Avenue and Columbia Road NW, to investigate the sounds of gunshots. Upon their arrival, three gunshot victims were located. A female victim was located in front of a residence in the 3000 block of Sherman Avenue, NW. Two adult male victims were located in the 700 block of Harvard Street, NW. Personnel from the DC Fire and Emergency Medical Services transported all three victims to local hospitals.

The female victim succumbed to her injuries and was later pronounced dead. Her remains have been transported to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner pending an autopsy. The decedent has been identified as 18-year-old Lucki Nancy Pannell of the 3000 block of Sherman Avenue, NW.

Preliminary investigation has revealed that all three victims were shot in the 3000 block of Sherman Avenue, NW. The two male surviving victims ran from the scene to the 700 block of Harvard Street, NW.

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  • pennyworth

    no surprise here. i walked past a crime scene w/ cops trying to ID a dead body on benning road yesterday afternoon.

  • I drove by about an hour after the killing, all the roads were blocked off with an impressive amount of cops all down Sherman Ave. RIP Lucki Nancy Pannell, makes me wonder when that part of Columbia Heights will ever quiet down.

  • The victim is Lucki Pannell, a senior at Cardozo High. More here: http://homicidewatch.org/category/victims/lucki-pannell/

    • Is there any way that before I get shot by a DC thug I can have some sort of restraining order against PoP and homicide watch preventing them from disclosing the details of my death on their websites, I really don’t want to have anything about me or my murder posted on the internet on these sites for all to remember for eternity.

  • I’ve given up on CH. Time to move!

  • welcome to the beautiful life

  • too close. my thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families.

  • You get used to such sites living in much of DC. What you don’t get used to is the willful Pollyanna ignorance of the politicians hoping things like the surviving guys coming clean.

  • I feel for the family, but honestly I’m surprised that this hasn’t already happened. This house has been a blight on Sherman Ave for years. It is a well-known thug hangout with people fighting, yelling and spilling into the street at all hours of the day. I don’t know who the adult of the house is but they definitely let things get out of control. It’s sad that someone had to die over stupid shit, but it’s even sadder when it could have been easily avoided.

  • RIP Lucki and condolences to her survivors.

    Until stakeholders in DC get VERY SERIOUS about reducing chronic poverty, a shamefully awful public education system, and lack of job opportunities at the skill level that shamefully awfully educated citizens can obtain and earn a living wage in this city, all of us will continue to suffer from events like this. By stakeholders, I mean the congressional committee that oversees affairs and budget in DC, legislative and executive branches of DC government, and ordinary citizens like you and me, who have (or should have) the collective power to shape the kind of society we want to live in, and hold accountable the people we elect to ensure its delivery.

    • More like – until they get serious about prosecuting child gunslingers as adults —- in about a month at least a new law will take effect that maybe will somewhat change the veil of secrecy they currently abuse beyond belief. Glad to see Eleanor decided to try to solve the crazy situation that we can’t even have our own prosecuter. That combined with the DYRS fiasco, oh, never mind…..

      Child serial killings continue unabated in DC.

    • I think you forgot to mention the biggest stakeholders of them all. The children and their parents.

      This stuff starts at home. If you have NO HOME TRAINING, then all the programs in the world will not prevent this.

      The saddest part for me is that it appears the young one was an innocent bystander.

      Shame shame shame…

    • HOW CAN YOU BLAME THE SYSTEM?!?!?!? How about you blame the idiots who deserve it. Blame the parents…and blame the kids themselves, blame all of the stupid turds who keep voting for Barry…Those people who perpetuate our bloated, enabling government…
      Your bright solution is to just find a bunch of jobs for poor uneducated people? Are you serious? How will this plan be financed? Jobs don’t just magically happen and people aren’t magically entitled to one. MOREOVER, because of this cultural belief that they he is an entitled individual, little Jadonte Jenkins won’t work at a McDonalds anyways (He’s gonna be a rap star folks…)
      DC has blown through billions trying to creatively employ a bunch of underachievers (from the top to the bottom). We have already paid for it in literal and figurative ways…
      My point is this…DC needs new stakeholders, people who understand that only honest work and effort deserve to be rewarded…people who understand that personal freedom does not give you the liberty to go through life rattling cages, drinking in public, and assaulting people with your pants half down. To say the problems in this city start at a governmental level is tragic. Do some soul searching, there is an element in this community that has its priorities all messed up. Nothing will change until they do…until WE make them.

  • Too bad the young lady had to die for the crew gangbagers that live there. The guys that got shot are just as guilty as the shooter. Hopefully they go straight from hospital to jail as accomplices. Wonder if the police seached the house to find the arsenal of guns that will probably be used in the retaliation. Can’t wait until they all die out from attrition.

    • die out? will never happen? forced to move out, maybe. too bad we can’t stop paying taxes until DC gets a grip on this ongoing mess.

    • Well Said! One day they are victims and everyone feels sorry for them getting wounded, and then the next day they do a shooting and everyone wants their hide.

      Of course there are societal reasons for people hating the world and being violent, but shit… if you have no respect for life, you have no sympathy from me – regardless your excuse!

      If you’re in the “Thug Life” you have no right to live among good people!

  • P.s. The thugs that got shot fled the scene to leave the poor girl dead in the street. Cowards.

  • I really hope MPD can get those gunshot victims to fess up to what was happening. Perhaps if they had run-ins with the law in the past they can be kept under surveillance? It’s frightening to think of the retributive violence that can happen after things like this.

  • Kids with guns and pervasive violence are only a symptom of much larger systemic issues. There are not enough police, jails, prosecutors or judges to continue dealing with these issues the way we have been dealing with them and expecting anything to significantly change. It is akin to merely bandaging a gaping wound that requires major surgery. A medical professional who does that would get sued for malpractice and patients would be outraged, as they should. Likewise, citizens of DC should be outraged at the political, economic and social malpractice that produces and perpetuates the conditions that lead to this kind of violence.

  • Guess this ends the debate on whether that block is sketchy or not.

  • Minor correction: There were four shots, not three.

  • Its getting to the point where I dont want to walk with my son to Red Rocks for fear of being caught in a cross-fire. Its just amazing how many shooting murders are happening around here.
    Hell, I lived in downtown Longbeach before moving here and we never had any murders.

  • This is why I’m happy I didn’t move to columbia heights. I thought long and hard about the decision, but after driving by the neighborhood on a warm summer night and seeing the thugs hanging out on the street, I realized it was not a safe place for my family. The thought of my children waling past those people on their way to school terrified me. I went to college to get away from the thugs in the hood, not move back into it. I’m african american and just as strong a proponent of gentrification as anyone out there. Those people are parasites that destroy everything the come in contact with. Maybe I’ll consider the neighborhood in 15 years or so – after the thugs have finished killing each other or are all locked up. Sure, it will be more expensive by then, but well worth the money.

    • i agree, i don’t think i would pioneer with children in tow.

      • Hmmm… can anyone remember the last white and/or middle-class child hurt by gunfire in DC? I’ve been here for 15 years and I can’t think of one case. I understand the parental angst, but the odds of your child being “caught in the crossfire” are so small as to be non-existent.

        • i agree, i think it’s the whole “i would never forgive myself thing”

        • There’s not a lot of ‘random’ violence on DC’s streets. There’s some, but not the majority of it.

          Most middle class parents find something for their kids to do other than ‘hanging’ out where trouble is likely to occur. It’s a shame that poorer parents either haven’t figured that out yet, or don’t have the mental/emotional tools to accomplish the task.

          • You don’t have to be out in the street to be caught “in the crossfire” – think of Chelsea Cromartie, 8, who died in NE after being shot through the walls of a house. OK, fine, so that’s in Deanwood, but it happened in Columbia Heights in ’09 – when someone shot through the door of someone’s apartment while trying to rob them, and a 9 year old kid was killed inside his apartment. These weren’t kids that were out on the street causing trouble.

            We shouldn’t be worried about whether or not the kid is white or the family has money. If you live in this area, these things have become a fact of life, if you live in certain neighborhoods, they are more prone.

            Or if you just want to go ahead and blame “poorer parents,” go for it.

        • Donte Manning. The kid shot through the peephole in Columbia Heights Village last year. Deborah Brown shot in front of the Dunkin Donuts a couple years ago.

          Maybe those aren’t “white middle class kids” but they are still innocent victims caught in crossfire. All recent, all in Columbia Heights.

        • neil godleski.

    • This is so true.

      I’m trying to figure out where to buy a home right now and instances like these make me want to avoid CH. There will be children in tow soon and I think it’s better to find an established neighborhood.

      Alas, that means smaller, more expensive home.

      • The north side of Capitol Hill south of or a block north of H is where you want to be. Prices are comparable to or lower than CH. Easy access to 395, 295, 50. Walk to Union Station. Depending on where you are, Eastern Market is walkable on a nice day. Tons of police crawling around because of the various govt offices. In-fill Development now happening north towards NYAve Station. Several large developments already approved and just waiting for the economy to turn in the 200 & 300 blocks of H.

  • We live three blocks away and in the past several months there’s been this, the drive by on 13th and the poor girl in the trash can just around the corner. While I agree that these incidents are disconcerting they are ALL examples of gang and thug related violence. Yes, there are break ins (car and home) but in terms of “real” violence I’ve never felt unsafe walking around this neighborhood and even the thugs are cordial if they aren’t involved with arguing with themselves. All said…something certainly needs to be done about the underlying factors, but it’s not enough to drive me out of this neighborhood.

    Also…see the times piece from today: http://www.nytimes.com/slideshow/2011/02/20/travel/20110220-SURFACING-5.html . Living in an “edgy” area makes it possible for nice, local spots (also see Friday piece re: mr. city paper’s CH smackdown) that we can afford to visit.

  • I would add one more thing to this discussion.

    We say it mostly drug related…but I’m not so sure. The guy riding his bike on Sherman Circle was robbery. The North face Jacket on Kansas and Emerson was robbery. One kid was retaliation for Sherman Circle because thugs thought he told.

    I would be interested in hearing what other murders were robbery based (killing witnesses) vs. drug related.

    I suspect the number would be frightening.

    • I’m sorry, but can you clarify where your information is from, especially regarding the retaliation? What occurred at Kansas and Emerson?

      • I’m not positive, but I think he means the shooting of Bryant Morillo on New Hampshire Ave. That was allegedly a robbery over a bag of clothing: http://www.nbcwashington.com/news/local-beat/Police-Probe-DCs-First-Murder-of-2011-112795589.html

        • Thanks, sorry I got the street wrong. I live in Petworth. There have been so many murders in this hood.

          What really makes me sad is that young black men think the system is stacked against them (Latino too). And it is, when you take the wrong path. The cops, lawyers, judges and prisons are just waiting for them. The only thing that can and will save them are their parents.

          The system has nothing for these kids but “hard dick and bubble gum”, and we are fresh out of bubble gum.

        • Thanks, sorry I got the street wrong.

          I live in Petworth. There have been so many murders in this hood.

          What really makes me sad is that young black men think the system is stacked against them (Latino too). And it is, when you take the wrong path. The cops, lawyers, judges and prisons are just waiting for them. The only thing that can and will save them are their parents.

          The system has nothing for these kids but “hard dick and bubble gum”, and we are fresh out of bubble gum.

    • Cliff makes a very important point – it’s the increase in robbery turned murder that I’ve really noticed just from reading MPD reports and posts to forums like this.

  • Prince Okorie was shot and killed because they thought he snitched on the kids who killed Neil Godleski.

    • Let’s not forget that Prince was also facing an attempt murder charge with the trial scheduled to start just days after his death.

  • The rumor on the street is that the intended target and one of the people wounded was a teenager who has been causing problems in this area for years. He lives right around the corner with his foster family.

    • Rumor also has it that the wounded teen is responsible for a bunch of break-ins. One day he’s a victim, and then next a wanted criminal.

  • she was sitting on her porch at “HOME” minding her own business. Not her fault who she knows or where she lives some people just don’t know what to say this is somebody’s loved one and I don’t think you would have so many smart remarks to say about someone being “KILLED” if it were your loved one it wasn’t intended for her it was intended for the two brothers that were sitting on her porch with her who I am pretty sure know who they were beefing wit and who shot them and killed Lucki I know everybody in that house a hangout spot it may be but where isn’t a hangout spot on a nice day in the “CITY” no thugs involved just family and guns…no need to get into allat you can bet your bottom dollar this shit won’t stop

    • you pretty sure who they were beefing wit? If you care about Lucki I hope you are snitching and snitching fast.

  • meaning talking about guns there’s no need for allat

  • What language is “allat”?

  • Hood slang for “ALL THAT”

  • Once again, the discssion of gang bangers and “all that” give me comfort in the decision NOT to move to Columbia Heights. Once my kids get older, they definitly could get tempted by the parasites on the street. Bloomingdale’s comments about a white or middle class kid getting hit by gunfire unfortunately is a bit naieve. Kids live in a different world, and kids with black or brown faces are especially vulnerable to the thugs.

    • Good choice, the kids in this neighborhood are armed to the hilt and somehow actually seem to love playing this “let’s see who can live past 20” game. Wish they’d spend more time spray painting and less time loading their firearms. What a travesty!

  • you don’t have to be shot to suffer the effects of violence, it takes a toll on everyone, especially children too young to understand the mechanics of who-kills-whom. i’m grateful that i can afford to raise my children in a neighborhood where they won’t learn the sound of gunfire, walk around a murder scene on their block or in their on yard, or otherwise witness violence quite so early in life and live in the same state of fear as the kids in ch.

  • While this is a very sad event, we gotta remember that over 70,000 people live in Ward 1 and about 20,000 people live in Columbia Heights. I moved in to the area about 7 years ago when it was really hot. Things have gotten a lot better where I live 3 blocks from here.

    The chances of you being a victim of crime is relaly low, and even half that if you are sensible. We have a 3 year old child and have a lot of more realistic concerns to worry about than crime.

    Maybe a lot of people are going to say we’re irresponsible to think this way, but honestly, I think everyone else just get’s wrapped up into this American Fear machine that’s always running on high!

    • +1. As the great migration to PG continues, crime slows as new people move in.
      And with fewer thugs, the police have a better grip on who’s doing what. Now if DYRS stopped protecting these juveniles, I think crime would drop a lot faster. . .
      I feel plenty safe in my neighborhood. My kids play in the park, run back and fourth to friends houses and do kid stuff. They know to stay away from older kids they don’t know. I don’t let them leave the porch much after dark, that’s when the idiots come out to play.

    • Agree that perspective is important. But while we’re talking about perspective, let’s talk about why DC continues, in spite of the progress that has been made, to have one of the nation’s highest murder rates. Yes, we all know that it’s nowhere near what it was 15 or 20 years ago–and that’s undoubtedly a good thing. But let’s be clear: 140 murders is still a tremendously high amount for a city of 600k people. And that doesn’t begin to cover all of the shootings, stabbings and other assaults that *could* have been murders if the EMS response time hadn’t been as quick, or the shooter had slightly better aim.

      What bothers me is the perception among some that this type of thing is simply normal, or to be expected. “Oh, it’s Columbia Heights…it’s transitioning, so you should expect some of this stuff.” No, you shouldn’t. And no, this isn’t “normal”. There are tons of neighborhoods within and around DC that don’t see anything near this level of violence–and I’m not just talking about neighborhoods in upper NW. Reminding us that our chances of being a victim of crime are low is of scant comfort when gang-related shootings are taking place every couple of weeks.

      As a resident of the city, I’m willing to tolerate some of the bothersome and nuisance crime–car break-ins, vandalism, etc.–in order to benefit from the conveniences of city living. But gang/crew shootings and murders? I will never accept those. That’s not the American Fear Machine talking, that’s the voice of someone for whom “things have gotten better over the last 7 years” isn’t good enough.

  • These crimes are terrible for a slew of reasons, but there’s a lot of intentional conflation that goes on in these comments. Random violent crime in Ward 1 is extremely rare, and the actual odds that you or your children will be killed by gunfire in Columbia Heights are exceedingly tiny. Driving in every day from Arlington is far more dangerous than living on Sherman Avenue.

    Fear inflation is a real phenomenon. People aren’t afraid of driving but they’re terrified of walking on Sherman Avenue. The same sorts of people who are afraid of flying might be the ones who comment “Boy, I’m glad I didn’t move to CH!” when they read about typical inner-city crimes such as this one. Get over it. The neighborhood is safe for people who aren’t involved in drugs or tote around guns.

    • ” The same sorts of people who are afraid of flying might be the ones who comment “Boy, I’m glad I didn’t move to CH!” when they read about typical inner-city crimes such as this one. Get over it.”

      What an ignorant, patently absurd statement. A triple shooting is hardly a “typical” inner-city crime. If it was, hardly any of us would be living in the city. Secondly, it’s both rational and reasonable to express relief at not having purchased an expensive parcel of real estate in a neighborhood where gang and crew shootings continue to be a problem. Why on earth would someone expressing that opinion be ridiculed and told to “get over it”? Even if so-called “random street violence” is rare, who intentionally seeks out neighborhoods that are in close proximity to recurrent drug dealing, shootings and murders, particularly when numerous other options are available?

      As someone whose family members have been both mugged and carjacked in DC, I find this type of mindset infuriating, because it presumes that we should simply shrug our shoulders and dismiss shootings and murders and other violent crime as simply the trappings of daily urban life. Guess what? Driving on a freeway is more dangerous than living in McLean, too. It doesn’t mean there aren’t differences in the relative safety of neighborhoods.

      Get over it, indeed.

      • My statement was neither ignorant nor patently absurd. In your strange utopia (of McLean, maybe) there are no drugs, no guns, and no drug-related crime. In the Washington, DC I live in, though, there are indeed. These sorts of things happen several times/year. I work to stop them like you have no idea, Anonymous. I’m certainly not OK with these things happening in my neighborhood.

        Carjackings and muggings of your family? Are you serious? You think as a property owner in Columbia Heights, where I did decide to buy an expensive parcel of real estate, I’m OK with car-jackings and muggings? I feel for your family, really, and your — err their — experience sounds super-genuine. But what does it have to do with the fear inflation I wrote about? I’m not trying to sell you land, Anonymous. I’m telling you that you’re not at any real risk in my neighborhood of being shot.

        You completely miss my point, and intentionally so; ironically proving the point. I was addressing the commenters above who express fear walking to Red Rocks, and not making light of your family’s muggings. Your manufactured indignation is precisely what I was writing about.

  • I think it’s ridiculous how white people talk about being afraid of thugs but there yet they are taking over our neighborhoods. You would see white people walking around all the time….so if you are so afraid…why don’t you stay your ASS in Georgetown or in the Chevy chase area ??? I’m so sad that this girl died. She was a sweetheart, a young lady getting ready to graduate and achieve her dreams. Now she can’t do that. She was my daughters classmate and has hit the kids at Cardozo very deep to have lost someone like Lucki. Y need to stop talking nonsense and pray that all these murders and killings stop. R.I.P. Lucki Nancy Pannell )-;

    • Black people should be more afraid of thugs. After all, the thugs mostly kill black people.
      Don’t be such a hater. My ass is here because this is where it lives. Just like yours. . . .

  • “why don’t you stay your ASS in Georgetown or in the Chevy chase area ???”

    We moved because it wasn’t as expensive and we couldn’t afford a place in a safer neighborhood. So guess what…now that I am here, I am expecting the members of my community to behave like human beings. To contribute positively to the community or at the very least not to detract. This expectation that white people have is not unreasonable…So why would you talk down to us like it is? I suspect you aren’t profiting from all the crime…so why are you acting comfortable with the blight in our community?

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