Yup, It Snowed – DC Gov’t and Schools Closed, Feds Open 2 Hrs Late but for the lucky ones Meridian Pint Open and Breakfast All Day at Kramerbooks

Photo by PoPville flickr user Columbia Heights Climber

So what’s the verdict?  Have you guys experienced many trees down, wires down, power outages etc?

For those that have to work – how was your commute?

For those that don’t – how are you gonna take advantage of your snow day?

Following are a few emails from DC Gov’t and agencies.

From MPD:

In addition to, at least, $375 in fines for being towed from Snow Emergency Routes, Channel 4 is also reporting $100 fines for cars parked in Rush Hour Routes between the hours of 7am and 930am today and the evening Rush Hour of 4pm and 630pm.

Again: Avoid Snow Emergency Routes & Rush Hour Parking!

If your car is towed, call: 202-541-6083

Locate Towed Vehicle: here.

Snow Emergency Towing Policy:

WMATA writes:

“Metrorail service will open at its usual time and Metrobuses will begin the day on snow emergency routes, with plans to return to as many neighborhood streets as possible as those roads are plowed and conditions improve to the point that it is safe to travel.”

From Meridian Pint (11th and Park Rd, NW):

“In celebration of this wonderful snow day, Meridian Pint will open at 10am with an amazing surprise line up of beers that include 15 beers over 10% and 4 beers over 9%. I know it’s irresponsible of us but c’mon, it’s a snow day in DC. We had originally been planning our opening around the Federal Governments opening/closing but when they let us down by opening 2 hours late, we decided to cut them out of the deal. Beer Director Sam has been in since 7am prepping the beer lines. WE OPEN TODAY, THURSDAY, JANUARY 27 AT 10am!”

From Kramerbooks (1517 Conn. Avenue, NW):

“Thurs., Jan. 27, we will be serving these Snow Day Breakfast Specials all day:

Banana French Toast
Pan-fried Italian bread soaked in egg batter
stuffed w/sliced banana
w/scrambled eggs & hickory bacon
warmed walnut syrup; fruit compote

Café Corned Beef Hash & Eggs
Café corned beef hash crusted under the broiler
(corned beef, onions, potatoes)
topped w/2 eggs – almost any style
finished w/hollandaise; Café potatoes & fresh fruit

Café Croque Madame – A Variation
(May add jumbo lump crab meat, or add lobster meat)
shaved ham, gruyere cheese, hollandaise
on grilled Café bread; fired under the broiler
w/two eggs — almost any style
Café potatoes, fresh fruit”

Photo by PoPville flickr user ianseanlivingston

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  • 79 express bus up GA Ave to Silver Spring empty and quick this a.m. However, last night coming home..saw an accordian bus jack-knifed across GA Ave! It got ugly quick out there.

  • No problems at all for me. I worked late last night and came in early this morning. Metro was nearly empty and the trains were not delayed at all.

    The hardest part for me was walking through the slush to Union Station.

  • A tree in our yard fell last night, and it’s blocking the sidewalk. We’re currently waiting for the DC Urban Forestry Administration to send someone out to remove it.

  • happy hour 4-close at public bar!

  • I still have to work, but luckily I can do it from home.

    In even better news…
    Today I was supposed to report for jury duty and DC Superior Court is closed.
    Does that mean I’m supposed to reschedule?
    Finding this information has been rather difficult, not surprisingly.

    • Me too!! We would have been in the same pool. I’m not going to re-schedule. They can come find me. And they will, I’m sure.

  • And comcast is out in many parts of the city….

  • The drive out to Falls Church was littered with abandoned BMWs and 2 door sports cars. Wasn’t a bad drive though! Lots of trees down along the way.

  • Colleauges living in great falls were stuck on gw parkway for 5 hours last night due to downed trees and abandoned cars! And they were “unable” to come back in this morning 😉

  • So has Kramer Books’ food improved enough so that I don’t need to use the handicapped rails in the bathroom for fear of launching into orbit?

  • anyone know how the streets in mount pleasant are?

  • My commute was a bit more tiring but not horrible – of course I walk 11 blocks to work. I did get out and shovel so I felt OK to mutter/complain the whole way because of those who didn’t.

    Between the shoveling and the walking I do need a bit of a nap now.

  • Posted at 12:08 AM ET, 01/27/2011
    Person dies in storm-related incident
    By Clarence Williams

    One person died after a tree fell on a truck in Northwest Washington during Wednesday’s snowstorm, authorities said.

    The person was found unconscious on Military Road, near Oregon Avenue, about 7:30 p.m. The victim was taken to a hospital with CPR in progress, along with four others, with less serious conditions.

    I saw the aftermath of this accident last night…terrible

    • OMG, it must have been right after I passed through there. I chose to take Connecticut and then Military, thinking drivers would be a little more careful than they are on Georgia Avenue. There really wasn’t any route that was safe last night. I think getting home unscathed was just a matter of luck.

  • New York and Chicago are laughing at us………

  • saf

    Took me 2 hours from Metro Center to Petworth last night. 64 took an hour to go from 11th and H to 11th and Mass. Then traffic cleared up, and I thought we were good.


    Got stuck on the 11th St hill. I walked from Florida Ave to Irving, got an H8 to Ga and NH. That took a while.

  • Interesting that the Feds are open but DC government is not. Is this the kinder, gentler Gray administration?

  • DDOT said there’s no snow emergency (http://twitter.com/#!/DDOTDC/status/30456378195709953), yet MPD sent out a wanring that cars on snow emergency routes would be ticketed and towed. Which is it?

  • Worked from home yesterday, and had a lovely ride in this morning on the red line at 8:30. It’s nice when 75% of your fellow commuters aren’t there!

  • Phone lines going to the unoccuped house next to ours drooped almost to the ground in our yard. While it was good they weren’t live electrical wires it was a real pain to call Verizon about unused fallen phone lnes going to an unoccupied house when we don’t have Verizon at our house either. Eventually I got a call through and the call staff were pretty conscientiously helpful. The lines should be taken care of today. My wife summoned the guts to push the lowest-hanging part over into the neighbor’s yard with a broom. Growing up on a farm with electric fencing made me super leery of touching anything that might even remotely be a live wire. But now that it’s moved our tenant can get out the back gate.

  • >>15 beers over 10% and 4 beers over 9%

    What means this?

  • Still feeling grumpy after 7:03 a.m. being jolted awake by guy with a shovel ringing my doorbell – three times – despite not a single light on in the house. He then swore at me when I sent him away. (OK yes, that sending did involved me muttering “what the f** are you thinking?”) Really – I’m all for initiative, but what the f**!

  • Fearing coming home to my house on R.I. Ave would leave me without parking in a snow emergency, I decided to crash at a friend’s place in the suburbs. I sat on the offramp onto the Little River Turnpike with my vehicle in park for 4 solid hours.

    However! My (very, very good) friend (who I know owe big time) decided rather than sit in a dark, empty house, to stuff a 6 pack in his backpack and walk the 3 miles from his house to the offramp where I was parked. We proceeded to listen to the Caps game and sip on refreshments until we were able to move.

    When life gives you lemons…

  • No issues getting home through sleet yesterday on bike with studded tires.

    Getting in not bad on main roads,garage ramp and alley were a mess. Saw several cars abandoned on Mass and Nebraska,one on Mass was smushed and had chainsawed tree parts next to it. The stump was on the other side,amazed that it didn’t take out any wires(unless they got fixed over the course of the night,it is a snow emergency route).

    And a big hearty FU to the three d-bags who insisted on passing me within a couple inches because they couldn’t wait 15sec for a break in oncomming traffic(and in one case there was no oncomming traffic) to give me a safe passing distance. Sorry I wasn’t sloshing through the gutter that was packed with slush and ice chunks. Hope you all go into a ditch,abondon your cars,and then get eaten by wolves.

  • Years ago I had a really delicious breakfast at Kramerbooks, but I also remember it being crazy expensive. Haven’t been back since.

  • As a Fed who was supposed to have been cut out of the deal but wasn’t because my work day ends at 2:30, I would like to express my profound gratitude to the folks at Meridian Pint for having exactly the cheer-me-up I needed after shoveling out and making the trek to work when I really wished I wouldn’t have to. Sometimes, a really strong beer can make all the difference in a person’s life.

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