Win 2 Free Tickets to the 9:30 Club Sun 1/30 for the Lissie Show

Congrats again to subpolka who won tickets to the Dr. Dog show.

I’m happy to say that I have 2 more tickets courtesy of the 9:30 club for the Lissie show this Sunday.

Su 1/30
w/ Dylan LeBlanc
8:00 PM Doors

If you don’t win you can purchase tickets here.

Simply let me know why you’d like to go in the comments and I’ll pick a winner on Friday.

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  • My wife and I have not had a night out together since our twins were born last year. In a perfect coincidence, the grandparents will be in town that night and would like nothing better than to babysit. This is as close to begging as I can get

    If it sweetens the pot any, we are both Lissie fans.

  • Lissie’s cancelled on me… twice. I had tickets to see her and the Low Anthem at 9:30 Club in March of last year, and she was dropped from the bill a few days prior to the show to fulfill obligations in the UK. Fast forward to late last year when she was supposed to headline a show at 9:30, but had to cancel when her voice gave out.

    I’m hoping that the third time’s a charm on this one… free tickets would definitely make up for the prior two disappointments. I’ve heard great things about her live show and would love to finally see it firsthand.

  • I’ve never seen Lissie live and have been dying to go! I recently found some good covers she’s done that were posted on youtube. I would love to hear one of these covers live in addition to her great hits!

    For what it’s worth, whenever the Dupont escalator is broken (frequently), all I need is a little “Loosen the Knot” to get me up the steep climb!

  • I made a new years resolution to see at least one live show a month. Money’s been tight, so I haven’t seen any yet. Lissie was on my wishlist of shows to see!

  • i’m an unemployed law school graduate and music lover. i can’t justify buying tickets to a show nowadays, but would love to go!

  • i want to go because i watched the videos on her website and couldn’t tell if lissie was one or two people! and i feel like finding out the answer in person would be wayyy more fun than reading the “about” section of the site! and also, a new artist that kind of sounds like sia?! how great is that?

  • Because her cover of “Pursuit of Happiness” is fan-freaking-tastic.

  • I was one of those people who purchased tickets to see La Roux only to wait 10 months after the original show date because of TWO cancelled shows. Then I wanted to see Lissie, and guess what? Cancelled! I’m cursed and I’m scared that if I purchase, she will cancel… haha, I wanna see her, I love her live music!

  • My wife has had to work weekends all through January, on top of her weekday hours – all involving watching musical performances for children (she works at Wolf Trap). This Sunday is the last morning she will have to do that, so this should would be a great way to reintroduce her to more mature music. Plus, she’s a huge fan.

  • Such an incredibly sexy, folky voice all at once. Please please!

  • dat lady need a comb or sumthin.

  • I love dylan leblanc…brother of matt.

  • Because the last time I was at the 9:30 club, it was with my little under-21-year-old sister, and we weren’t allowed in the “cool” room. However, I made great friends with one of the bartenders, who signed a Lamb Chop hand puppet for me. I want to go back and thank him, and I can’t think of a better excuse than a Lissie concert!!

  • Raw vocals + vodka swig = brilliant musician who I must see. Pick me!

  • Because the only cure for this cold, gray winter week is a bad ass woman with a guitar. Also, while I am decidedly poor, I am on a mission to introduce my dear kiwi friend to the best live music this city has to offer. Your help would be much appreciated!

  • I forgot to enter my email, I think. 🙂

  • I’d really like to go this concert, I will have just finished taking the GMAT the day before, and I have been preparing for that for the past month. So going to this show would be sweet release.

  • Wish I had as good of a reason as some of these people, I just think it would be an AMAZING show. She is pretty fcking fantastic after all….

  • A friend of mine from Columbus, OH turned me on to her two days before her first show @ the 9:30 and I made the show. Love her music and her stage presence. Since then I’ve followed her tours waiting for another visit and was disappointed by her last cancellation. Not only is she an awesome musician but when she’s in London rode around town in a WW2 era motorcycle sidecar. Lissie I have the biggest crush on you…

  • PoP-

    My girlfriend and I have been long distance for almost three years. We were once doing Tokyo-DC and she’s now in LA so you could say we are making progress.

    One of the biggest things that has kept us going are the mixes we send to each other every few months. We are both music lovers and lament all the shows we aren’t able to see together so sometimes we listen to the same mix on the same day and it brings us closer (I know, I know). She put “Record Collector” by Lissie on the most recent mix for me. My girlfriend has blue/green eyes and has kept a daily journal for almost a decade so when Lissie sings

    “But my blue eyes
    Cannot see
    That their true hue is probably green
    I should keep records of these things
    And I’ll know what yesterdays bring,”

    it resonates. My girlfriend is flying in from LA this weekend to celebrate my 27th birthday on Friday. She’ll be in town until Tuesday morning and I think it would be really cool if we got to see Lissie together at 9:30 Club on Sunday night.

    Thanks for your consideration.


  • Hoenst truth – I would just love to see her. Love folk music – Love her raspy, my souls been through hell and I’m still here, voice. It would be great to be able to see her in a live show. Maybe it’s because she has that raw soul sound, maybe its because we’re both from Illinois soil, but I dig her music and were be overjoyed – no – RADIATING with jubilant happiness, if I was able to go! Thanks PoP!

  • I’m a Lissie fan from Indianapolis spending this semester interning in DC. I have yet to go to the 9:30 club for a show but it’s been on the top of my list before I ever even moved here! I love supporting artists like Lissie because she is a true musician and is just a normal girl from the midwest (like me!) which is a rarity in the music industry today.

  • Everywhere I Go I hear Lissie. Let It Shine and put me on the guest list at the 9:30 Club.

  • Honestly, I just want to have a fun weekend to make up for this dreary week of snow (and still having classes to boot!). Help me get out of the dorms and have a little fun, eh? 🙂

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Congrats to Abhi.

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