What the…Just Bizarre?

This is one of the stranger sights I’ve seen. It’s from 9th St, NW a few blocks south of U Street. I’m thinking it clearly had to be placed there but it’s so high up. It’s just nuts. Right?

Should I have saved this for a caption contest?

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  • Is that Wee Britain? Could it be a Poppins?

  • You’ve seen “Chucky.” You’ve seen “Bride of Chucky.”

    Now see Chucky like you’ve never seen him before in “Stalker of Chucky.”

    If you thought being followed around by a homicidal doll was scary, just wait until you see the doll that does the same to him!

    Rated G (some mild knife gore, sexual content)

  • I think you’ve been out of suburbia too long! People all over suburban Ohio have these same little dolls as lawn/porch decorations. It is odd to see one so high in a tree, though.

    (FWIW, I’ve been out of suburban Ohio for quite some time myself, but I remember seeing these at pretty much every craft fair my parents took me to when I was growing up. And they always kind of creeped me out. I just don’t get the point of them.)

  • Looks like a Scarecrow to prevent birds from pooping on the cars below, albeit an ugly scarecrow… We have a tree in our neighborhood where if you park under one of them, even for a few minutes, your car gets plastered by tons of guanno (Fed by restaurants throwing out rice for birds), putting something to discourage the birds from landing and pooping there. It would be easy to place it in the tree (that high) with a loop/pole device.

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