What the Helen of Troy is This?

“Dear PoP,

Saw the strangest thing this morning on my walk to work, 2 mummified looking catfish/lizards (?) on the corner of Harvard and Sherman Ave, NW. They were just sitting around a beer bottle.

Has anyone else seen anything like this?”

Well this is fits in nicely with insane week here at PoP.

Any ideas of how this happened? Somebody just tossed two full (live?) catfish on the sidewalk? Or did the catfish get drunk and… Crap, I shoulda saved this for a caption contest.

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  • “spin the bottle” went horribly, horribly wrong…

  • “They say it’s green and it says ’33’ and nobody knows why.”
    “This one says ‘Heineken’.”
    “Shit. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea. I think I’m drowning.”
    “Me too.”

  • “First, we crawl out of the water and try to grow legs. Second, we down a beer.”

  • I take it they didn’t find Nemo.

  • Maybe not is wild as this but about a month ago I saw a fox on the neighbor’s front lawn on 4th and Taylor.

    • We’re looking for foxes, with their big American breasts!

    • I’ve seen that fox too, it lives in the soldier’s home woods.

      • Now I know what drives my dogs soooo nuts over there! They are hound mixes and hunters.

        What happened to the dog that lived there? Last winter someone on the 200 block of Rock Creek Church (just down from the Hitchin Post) was putting dog food out on the wall.

  • Is it a snakehead?

  • It’s Columbia Heights. Mystery solved.

  • weird..On harvard between georgia and sherman (closer to sherman) I saw a tree that had like 50 liquor bottles all placed nicely against it. I thought maybe it was a memorial..maybe the dead fish have something to do with that..
    I took a picture with my phone, but it was dark and not a good shot..

  • i meant closer to georgia..ugh tired..

  • as someone who lives a block from there, I’ve often marveled at the weird stuff that turns up at that spot. Usually it’s just liquor bottles and trash, but I have also seen: a crack pipe, a pair of nice looking men’s slip-on shoes, a tobacco pipe, a space heater, a mummy’s worth of un-spooled gauze, and a porn magazine about big butts. I’m glad someone’s getting the word out on our little Bermuda Triangle; maybe we’ll start getting tourists

  • Dude, those could be snakehead fish. Escape DC while you can..

  • me

    We have a couple of very shallow fountains (maybe 6″ of standing water and chemically treated, mind you) around my condo, and I’m just south of Columbia Heights. Apparently, neighbors have witnessed a naked woman bathing in one and a man bathing his chickens in another. I really wish I would have been around to get pictures of the guy giving his chickens a bath.

  • The real question is why anyone, including mumified catfish, would voluntarily drink a Heineken. Don’t they know it’s not 1989, and they don’t live in Nebraska? Heinie is no longer considered a craft brew (except maybe in Nebraska).

  • I once saw a crazy guy outside of the CVS in Columbia Heights trying to scare people with a dead crab as they walked in and out of the store.

  • West African eats. You see those all over tropical west africa. They never smell good.

  • yeap definitely west african food, I guess it slipped someone groceries bag

  • There is a new set there now. It’s driving me crazy trying to figure out what’s going on. Instead of a Heineken bottle now, it’s a small bottle of liquor.

  • Yes, I’ve been keeping an eye on these guys – could not be weirder. Someone has moved them closer together. Even my dog is afraid of them.

  • My dog didn’t even notice them, which is very strange to me! Now they are covered with a bag that has something very large and heavy in it.

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