“Underground” Farmers Market, Grey DC, Opens at Kushi on Sunday

Back in mid-Dec. we learned of the launch of this new “underground market”. At the time it was going to take place in Petworth. However the organizer, Maya, has told me that Kushi located at 465 K St NW in Mt. Vernon Square was able to offer up space that would work very well. She says the event at Kushi will be:

“Featuring the band Frau Eva

Vendors to include: The Seasonal Pantry, Dre’s, The Gourmet Cherry, Gavin and Friends, Cunningham Farms, Guerilla Yoga DC, Zachari’s, Smokin’ Somethin’ BBQ, Kushi’s, and more!”

I’m still intrigued by the market. You can sign up for it here.

From Grey DC’s Web site:

“Come down to Kushi Izakaya & Sushi on Sunday January 30th from 12 to 5pm.
465 K St NW, Washington, District of Columbia 20001 Sign up to avoid a long line at the door! $2 entrance fee.”

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  • Seasonal Pantry & SUNdeVICH look forward to seeing or friends from past clubs so please come out and support us all. Thank you Kushi for helping out the market and bringing it to a great location.

  • Frau Eva? Do they kill themselves in the bunker?

  • Bummer it moved from Petworth – makes me a lot less likely to go now.

  • Using “grey” to describe something food-related doesn’t exactly inspire visions of deliciousness.

  • yeah, I’m surprised Kushi would risk selling unlicensed food in their restaurant–seems like DCRA/Dept. of Health would be all over that.

  • This is a great concept and one that has worked well in other cities, including San Francisco http://foragesf.com/market/about/.

    I trust the manufacturer of a product a lot more when I can literally walk up to and discuss their process in person, which is exactly what this market facilitates.

    Recall that all of the food in recent mass outbreaks across our country have been from food that was supposedly “inspected”

    • it’s been working here too. check out some of our local farmers markets sometime. a few of them are “producers” only.

  • Why would one pay an entrance fee to a farmers market? This is not the auto show or golf expo. Save the two bucks and head over to your local grocery store

    • read the products offered. The safeway around the corner doesn’t carry any of that last time I checked. Enjoy your limp chemical coated veggies and overly processed foods though.

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