Two Shot Dead Sunday Night on 6000 Block of New Hampshire Ave, NE

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Terrible news. For all who inquired about traffic issues on New Hampshire last night – from MPD:

Around 7pm, units received a call for a shooting in the 6000 blk of NH Ave NE. Upon arrival, 2 male victims were located inside a vehicle suffering from apparent gunshot wounds. Both males are deceased. A black Scion was seen fleeing the area towards PG County. This case is being investigated by the Homicide Branch. Anyone with information is asked to call 1-888-919-CRIM(E).

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  • Terrible news. Is it just me or have things been rather violent recently? If it’s this bad now, what’s it going to be like when it gets warmer?

  • Agree, particularly in the area around Sherman Circle and north. in addition to the shootings reported here over the last few months, there seem to have been a lot of postings on the MPD listserv about armed robberies.

  • It’s almost as if we have serial murderers in DC that constantly go unreported on the news media. I wonder how many are children?

  • So what can we as citizens do to reduce the violent crime around us? It’s clear our city government doesn’t care, so it’s up to us. The problem is I have no clue what to do. Is there anything we can do? Or just ride things out until gentrification continues, and pray that you’re not a victim?

    • That, and hope that the dealers and other criminals all kill each other off with no innocent bystander involvement. *head firmly planted in sand re: retribution violence*

    • …vigilantes and bounties…
      BTW – I am paying taxes right now and I am kind of hating this city more than anything ever.

  • Wounder what the new Mayor plans to do about all this. Instead of Keeping It Real, I hope he starts to Get Real….

  • Yeah none of yall wouldn’t last 5 minutes in a real dangerous city like Baltimore or Detroit.

    • What makes you think they’d want to live in a “real dangerous city”? Is there some machismo bullshit in this “ya’ll ain’t hardcore” attitude? They aren’t badass enough for you b/c they’re upset by murders in their neighborhood?

    • Haha you’re talking tough on a blog. Shit.

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