Tues. Afternoon Rental Option – H St, NE/NoMa

This rental is located at 4th Street NE at L Street NE:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“1 Bedroom / 1 Bath / Kitchen / Living Room / ≈ 900 sq. feet
One year lease, security deposit equal to one month rent

AMENITIES: Central A/C and heat, Washer/Dryer, Dishwasher/Disposal, Two Separate Entrances, ADT Alarm System

2.5 blocks to Red Line Metro (NY Ave. Station)
Easy Commute to Congressional Office Buildings

Blocks away from newly opened Harris Teeter Grocery Store and CVS”

$1200 sound reasonable for this 1 bedroom english basement?

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  • 1200 for an english basement in this neighborhood? i think i’ll pass. at least it’s a one bedroom, though.

  • The neighborhood may be a hipster hotspot, but its still the ghetto for 80% of the civilized world.

  • Again, the threat of hobos from the nearby railroad tracks makes this an unattractive property.

  • In another year, that price will be great. As it stands, it’s about 100 – 200 too high.

    Also, there are no pics of the bedroom, which is rather suspect…

  • That is actually a great price. Something must be wrong with the unit. It seems like $200 too cheap.

  • I own rental house right on this block. I think its slightly high, but with the Teeter opening last month, its more reasonable. I would need pictures of the kitchen and bath to make sure. Also, the tile floor may scare some people off.

  • Not a bad price if utilities are included. I see no mention in the ad.

  • This is a fair and realistic price, without utilities included. That new Harris Teeter changes EVERYTHING. Good location: walk to the Hill, quick walk to metro, walk to H Street.

    1200/month is market value for a dated basement apartment in a downtown “up and coming” neighborhood with a new modern grocery store and metro nearby. 1200 is the new magic number — the 1000 of a couple years ago. We should all be used to that by now.

  • We almost bought this house last year. Great House, but they got cheap on some of the finishes upstairs. It has a C of O and is pretty big, the bedroom is large and the kitchen is great for a rental. For a basement apt it has pretty good light. I would think with the new Teeter and proximity to the Hill and Metro, they may be able to get more…. but the neighborhood does have a ways to go.

  • This area is totally the ghetto, you know.

  • Tile floor = basement floods in heavy rain, I’m betting…

    • What basement apt doesn’t flood? I’d be willing to wager that at least 75% of them do. Especially in these lower areas. Our basement doesn’t flood, thankfully, but we live on a hill. Pretty much every other place I’ve been to in DC has water issues in their basements.

      That said, at first glance, the price seems appropriate for this rental, IMO.

    • Or maybe tile floor=tile is the best flooring material for a damp area. I’m not sure why you would automatically assume it means flooding.

  • As a mostly ghetto-shy person, I’d say this block is not the ghetto. I live one block south and feel completely safe. The same number of sketchy characters are floating around compared to my time in Eastern Market, but no car break-ins (a regular event further south on the Hill). And all of the neighbors are yuppies like me, to be perfectly honest.

    A few blocks north of here and it gets sketchy. Like most places in northeast DC, it’s very block-to-block around here. But the people claiming 4th and L is “the ghetto” are just driving through and don’t have a realistic sense of the area. It’s not East Capitol Street but it’s a decent, comfortable, and convenient place to live.

    • I would not say car break-ins are a regular event south of H street. I’ve been here almost 5 years and have never seen a car that was broken into.

  • people are funny about places that aren’t their own neighborhoods. i don’t live here, but i go by on foot all the time, so i know it fairly well. its a great area and i would consider the neighborhood if i was looking. ( though never a basement apt) if you want access to the redline this is a great choice. if you work in the area, its a great choice.
    still, its probably a better neighborhood to buy in, than rent in.
    it still needs lots of people that are very invested in the area.

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