Tues. Afternoon Rental Option – Capitol Hill

This rental is located at 747 10th St., SE:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Pleasant, economical basement apartment in 9-unit building. Excellent location on quiet residential street, just 2 blocks from Barracks Row and 5 blocks from Eastern Market Metro. Great value for the price. Large bathroom; separate bedroom; built-in shelves in living room. $1,145 + electric (+ optional monthly $20 laundry fee). Available in early February. NO DOGS or SMOKING, please.”

Does $1,145 + electric sound reasonable?

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  • It looks cold and drafty. And unfinished. I’d expect to pay much less to settle on a place like that.

  • Nicely situated at the corner of Stabby Avenue and the highway.

    In all reality, though, not a bad price for a 1BR.

  • How about something that’s not a basement apartment?

  • What is an “optional laundry fee”? A fee to do laundry in the building?

  • A suggestion to Craiglist posters: Please don’t use caps. You just sound angry/crazy and that makes me not want to contact you.

  • Anyone who thinks under $1200 for a 1 BR 3.5 blocks from eastern market metro that (presumably) allows cats isn’t a steal is on crack.

  • This is a good price. It’s two blocks off the strip & near two metrorail stops. Does the laundry fee mean there’s a service, or is it $20 just to use the washers in the building?

  • I’ll take it starting May 1.

  • The cost of EVERYTHING in DC is so out of whack it’s just comical..

  • This place was available this past summer. Not sure if it is still vacant or who ever took it left it already. I toured it when it was open and it was VERY tight and kind of run down. Calling it a one bedroom would be a bit of a stretch as I’ve seen studios with more space. Nothing in it is large by any means. Overall I would say it is not worth much more than 1000 even given the location.

    Just my 2 cents from actually having seen the place.

  • far too pricey….maybe if it was on the SAME block as the metro…but $1145 NOT including all utilities? plus a laundry fee? Plus that far east? Uh uh… I pay $800 for a studio that was just redone in Petworth.

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