Thurs. Afternoon Rental Option – Brookland

This rental is located at 20th Street NE at Newton Street NE:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“This beautiful upstairs furnished apartment is currently for rent in the Brookland/Woodridge area near Catholic University. The apartment has utilities included, a separate entrance, air conditioning, Washer/Dryer and is Metro accessible. Ideal for students. Seeking non-smoking tenants without pets.”

How do you think the separate entrance works?

$825 sound reasonable?

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  • The house I’m moving to looks exactly like this one except with no side entrance. There’s a staircase that leads from upstairs to the kitchen in the back. This side entrance is basically where my bedroom is so likely the stairs don’t go down to the kitchen (to the left) but instead to the right with some possible foyer action.

  • not 100% familiar with the area, but furnished with utilities included sounds pretty good to me.

  • One of the more flattering interior apartment photos I’ve seen in a while.

  • 11 blocks from the Metro through Stab-Vegas, the ceiling’s pretty low (the wide-angle lens makes it look higher than it is). Cheap, but, ugh.

  • hahahaha no actually it’s not

    • actually, it is. it’s not palisades, for sure, but it’s a mostly-lovely, mostly-quiet community.

      my only issue is is that i don’t see anything about a kitchen–you’re talking about JUST a room, no kitchen access, a 20 minute walk from the metro. doesn’t sound like a great deal to me.

  • @CJ and Anon –

    I live nearby (in a former GDON!) and we love the neighborhood. We looked around Shaw and Petworth before moving here and the neighborhood feels, and likely is, much safer than either of those.

    You can also hop the G8 to the metro from 18th and Monroe if you’re feeling lazy. Honestly, it is probably no farther or more stabby to the metro than it would be if you lived in east Adams Morgan/Mt. Pleasant area. Probably less stabby.

    The downside is that you’re a ways from the nightlife as well as some retail conveniences, unless you count Colonel Brooks and 12th Street. It would kind of suck not to have a car to go to the grocery store from here, but you can probably say that about most places in DC, and there are ZipCars at 17th and RI.

    • I’ve lived in on 18th St NE for two years. It’s a very quiet area, and if you look at the crime stats at, there’s waaaaay less crime than C. Hts, Adams Morgan, U St, or anywhere over that way. Everyone is really nice, and there’s a nice mix of new and old residents. When I moved in, everyone was very neighborly and introduced themselves and invited me over for dinner even.

      I agree, the major downside is the lack of retail/restaurants, but it’s not that far to cross over to NW on Michigan Ave if you have a car or bike. Plus they’re building a lot of new stuff at both RI Ave and Brookland metros.

      The major advantage is that you can get a detached house with a nice lot for under 500k, and still be relatively close to metro and city amenities. There’s no other place in DC where you can have all this except for east of the river.

  • I love this! Super cute and bright, but I’m a sucker for attic rooms.

    (I’m shocked no one mentioned that TV!)

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