The 5pm Post – Free Open House at the The Phillips Collection and Chul Park at Caos on F | Friday Jan 14

From a press release celebrating the 90th anniversary of the Phillips Collection (1600 21st Street, NW):

Jan. 15, 10 a.m.−5 p.m.
Jan. 16, 11 a.m.−6 p.m.

Featuring the grand reopening of the newly renovated Phillips house, birthday cake designs by some of D.C.’s finest pastry chefs, complimentary champagne, and more. For details, read below.

Washington, D.C.— In 2011, The Phillips Collection celebrates its 90th anniversary and launches the countdown to its centennial, beginning with a free weekend on Jan. 15 and 16 and marking the end of the year with an anniversary birthday bash on Nov. 5. Special installations and programs throughout the year debut stunning new acquisitions in contemporary art, engage artists in conversation with the collection, and tell the story of artistic innovation at the heart of the museum since Duncan Phillips opened its doors in 1921.”

Caos on F after the jump.

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From an email:

Friday January 14, 6-8:30pm
923 F St. NW

Caos on F, presents new work by artist Chul Beom Park with a reception on Friday, the 14th of January. Featuring mixed media constructions and two installation studies for large public work proposals, these complex collage pieces use a variety of techniques to reflect on communication and culture through the prism of language, media, and selective history.

Chul Beom Park examines the viewable evidence, the hidden sociological influences of cultural identity, and both the literal and the figurative projection of media manipulation in our lives in this installation of works at Caos on F. Juxtaposing the politics and patriotism reflected in monuments to great events and ideas with the human conflicts and fragility shrouded beneath these resilient and timeless symbols, Chul distills many conflicting emotions into subtle, elegant creations, both beautiful in their simplicity and brimming with a myriad of finely crafted details. Park has created three-dimensional mixed media pieces which combine traditional oil painting, printmaking, bookmaking and collage with innovative visual projections. He arranges and combines intriguing images with a larger narrative that only comes together when all the pieces that make up the puzzle are revealed.”

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  • Wow – this is cheap-ass crazy city when it comes to art!!! I thought I would stop by because I wanted to see the cakes inspired by works of art – seemed kind of interesting.

    I figured it would be crowded, but that can also be kind of fun. But found traffic gridlocked for 5 blocks in every diretion and a line to get in that stretched 3 blocks!

    What is up with that? It is only $10.00 to get in the Phillips for normal admission. Yes, it is expensive compared to the free entry at most DC museums, but still. . .I was gob-smacked!

    People standing in line looked very well able to pay ordinary admission – $10.00 a head? What else do you get for $10.00 nowadays in this life? Would your really rather spend 30-50 minutes in line out in the cold for $10.00???

    • +1 ha-ha that was crazy huh! same thing here, I just gave up and walked around Dupont and looked at the sights.

    • I had originally considered going, but I sensed it would be crowded after I’d heard/seen the free weekend advertised in many different formats. Glad I didn’t try!

    • people just like birthdays, and wanted to support the phillips.
      art events in dc are almost always crowded.

  • The Phillips has free general admission in Tues-Friday (on Thursdays it is open until 8:30, so its possible to go after work). Have to pay for special exhibitions, though.

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