Sticky Fingers to Appear on Food Network’s Cupcake Wars

Sticky Fingers is located at 1370 Park Rd NW in Columbia Heights. Whenever I post about them it always evokes heated comments. I know people have burned out a bit on cupcake news but I think this is pretty cool. From Veg News Daily:

After Chloe Coscarelli won season one of Cupcake Wars, vegan bakers are back on season two, represented by Washington, DC-based shop Sticky Fingers Bakery. Sticky Fingers co-founder Doron Petersan says the show’s producers had the well-established bakery on their radar, and invited them to apply to be on the show.

Cupcake Wars airs on March 8 and will be a competition-filled hour.

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  • I’m struggling to care.

    wait, no I’m not. I couldn’t give a crap less.

  • Cupcake Wars is by far the most painful show I’ve ever tried to watch, and I’m including Glee, Jersey Shore, etc. in this.

  • I have no clue what Cupcake Wars is but am thrilled Sticky Fingers is participating. Their cupcakes are yummy!! Good job SF.

  • I was over the whole cupcake thing before it even started and I still can’t quite figure out why there is a television show about cupcakes.

    But good for Sticky Fingers if they’re making a go of it. I have to admit I’ve never been there.

    • there’s a reality show for everything. just saw a commercial last night for a show called (I think) “Face Off” about makeup artists going head-to-head (or face-to-face, I guess)… ridiculous.

      they are truly, truly scraping the bottom of the barrel.

  • I really like sticky fingers cupcakes (especially the chocolate-raspberry flavor!) and I’m not a vegan. Better than red velvet or georgetown cupcake, imho.

    But I’ve never seen the tv show and doubt I ever will.

  • Allison

    Well, I’m glad you posted it. I like cupcake wars. ^_^ People are too serious about their entertainment. Lighten up, folks!

  • Hrm. I LOVE Sticky Fingers, but I don’t love their cupcakes. I’m not even vegan, but my own vegan cupcakes are more delicious than theirs. (at least, the ones I tried a couple years ago) This should be interesting.

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