So What Happens to the H St, NE Shuttle Vans Now that they are no longer in Service?

At the end of this year the H St, NE shuttle stopped running from Chinatown to H St, NE (and a bit of Bladensburg Rd) and back. I noticed one of the shuttles (pictured above) by Mt. Vernon Square. Do you think the shuttles will be painted over and used for something else – or will they just get mothballed in case the service gets funded again?

On a related note, has the suspension/end of the service affected how often you got to H St, NE?

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  • Without the shuttle, I don’t go at all.

    • I also no longer go. Living in Upper NW, it takes about 3 buses and over an hour if I take WMATA buses from my apartment.

      • Your number of transfers hasn’t changed. Take Red/Green/Yellow to Gallery Place, then hop on the X2 to get you down H. Same as the shuttle.

  • Definitely has affecte how often I go since I don’t have a guaranteed ride home. Cabs are annoyingly sparse.

  • Couldn’t the bars they cater to buy them and run them themselves? Charge a dollar a ride. The city already has buses on Hstreet. It doesnt really need to be in the business of subsidizing party buses with our taxes.

    • I thought it *was* some of the businesses that ran these shuttles? Not so?

    • Yeah, but would you pay $6 per ride?
      That was the average cost PER RIDE, based on the cost of the buses and the average number of riders per month. This became hard to justify when the city has such a deficit and there are larger needs.

      I have long argued that H Street should be included in a Circulator route that also connected Eastern Market Metro, the Ballpark/Yards Park,and Union Station.
      The Circulator should also run later than it does. Until Metro closes, even if they use smaller equipment rather than the large buses.

  • why don’t they make it a circulator route?? 🙂

  • Doesn’t really affect me, because I usually take the 90s busses down from U St. But, KT above is right: there really is a lack of cabs in the area, especially towards closing time. And, when the confluence of X-series busses and 90s-series busses somehow all stop arriving (have waited for an hour for either one to arrive on a couple of occasions), it really does make you re-think ever going out there.

    A lot of griping that really has nothing to do with the shuttle, which I’ve never taken. So, sorry, but there it is.

  • They now become food trucks, selling crappy cupcakes and fake indian food.

  • I just walk 🙂

  • It was. I’m sure sure of the exact reason they ended it, but I expect they were getting some sort of matching funds that ran out, or one of the partners pulled.

  • Really? I didn’t even notice — I just take the X2. It runs from Chinatown all the way through the H St. Corridor. It comes all the time. It’s… the same thing, basically.

  • I either drive or I don’t go over there at all. Which means it’s usually just for dinner and a couple drinks, not a night-long bar crawl like the bars over there would prefer.

  • Will H Street die off, Wong Tong wonders???

  • Just ride a bike there. It is 15-20 minutes from any point in the city. Why do people make things so difficult? The perceived difficulty of transport does keep H Street a decent place to hang out though.

    • Bike sharing has made getting there pretty easy, but the ongoing street construction makes it difficult to bike along H Street itself. Guess I should get used to that, given that streetcar tracks are rather treacherous for bikes.

  • I think a lot of people don’t bike because they plan on getting a few drinks in them when they go, and would prefer not dying. Our transit options for the area really should take into account the fact that people go there to get drunk.

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