Sleeping Porch Renovation Photos

Yesterday a reader asked for examples of sleeping porch renovations. If you have some, actually if you have photos of any renovations (bathroom, basement, kitchen etc.) that you’d be willing to share please send an email with photos to princeofpetworth(at)gmail(dot)com.

Thanks to a couple of readers for responding so quickly:

“We didn’t do this, but we bought a house this summer that had been renovated. The downstairs sleeping porch was turned into a sunroom and the upstairs turned into a walk-in master closet and a small master bathroom, with a dressing room in between (so we have two upstairs bathrooms). We LOVE it and would highly recommend a similar reno.”

More photos after the jump.

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  • These pics are great. I am saving up to renovate my 2 floors. They were enclosed probably about 50 years ago and are just leaky sunrooms right now.

    On the bottom I want to do just a simple sun room/ exit to the backyard one one side and add a half bath to the other side. Upstairs I am going to make a laundry room/ closet on one side and open up the other side to be a screened in porch. I got a quote for 5K to do everything.

    • 5K? Who did you get that quote from? I qot two quotes…one for 15K and one for 27K….are you willing to share the name of the person/company? THanks.

  • 5K to do the whole thing-plumbing/electrical/drywall? that is an great price…although I’d be wary.

  • Very nice. The house I grew up in had a double decker porch that was renovated. The first floor was bumped out to expand the kitchen, and the second was split in two to make a home office/screened in porch (fabulous for mosquito free summertime naps).

  • What is the name of contractor that did this?

  • You should get a structural engineer to make sure that the base can handle all of the additional weight that will be added. Remember that these were originally porches`and not meant to carry the weight of bathrooms, furniture, etc.

    I have seen some pretty crappy porch renovations. If you get someone in there that is not going to do it correctly, it could be really dangerous if it collapses.

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