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  • Do I see a grasshopper in the bottom right?

  • Cocktails and hors d’ouvres from the 50’s and 60’s always look so gross to me. I think part of it is the photography and lighting.

    • saf

      No, they really were gross. Have you read the recipe/entertaining books from that era?

      And really, let’s not even TALK about cocktails and hors d’ouvres from the 70s.

      • just like today. some are great. some are bad. many that were served then are served now. looking at the picture, i see many common drinks. manhattan. amaretto sour. bloody mary. screw driver ( do people still drink those?… maybe not) martini, wine, a shot of whiskey, etc… it’s those daiquiri looking jello-y drinks that look vomit inducing. and what is that green crap? Cynar?
        is that a beer with the orange peel?

        anyone ever go to Vera’s White Sands? some of those look like Vera’s Mystery Drink.
        is that place still open? we should do a pop happy hour field trip there.

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