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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this week? Any fun plans for the long weekend?

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  • Ranting, as I do every day, about the ineptitude of Metro. It would be funny it if weren’t so infuriating. Like, Three Stooges funny.
    What is the logic behind the dismantling of multiple escalators at the same time, when they clearly do not have the staff to repair them? Do ONE at a time. Inconvenience me with blocked off escalators forcing hundreds of people going each direction on a single escalator at ONE stop, not at EVERY stop I use.

  • pablo .raw

    Rant: I learned yesterday that I was a Capricorn instead of an Aquarius.
    Rave: I have never cared about horoscopes, but after a meeting I had yesterday, I can see some cool things happening in my future!

  • Rant: Idiots who are ranting about their sign changing because they read it in Cosmo.

  • Rant: STOP. USING. YOUR. CAR. HORN!!! I live right on Mass Ave and it still amazes me how many people think it’s a good idea to blair their horn to signal their anger, at all hours of the day (if you’re laying on your horn at 3am in the morning, you might want to rethink your life; you clearly have too much stress). Even today, a driver, who ran a red light, blaired her horn as she nearly ran over two peds. STOP IT! For the love of God and all that is holy: STOP!

    • ah

      I’ll honk because I agree with this post.

      It goes without saying, but taxis are the worst. Totally indiscriminate use of the horn.

    • x1000

      Also: Your car horn is not a doorbell. Please pull over and use your phone to announce your arrival when picking up your friend/sister/elderly grandma, or get out of the car and knock on the door like a real human being.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I hate the people who get honked at for say, cutting someone off and then lay on the horn as a response. I hate them the most. Just because someone honks at you does not mean you should honk back.

    • houseintherear

      You’re right, and I’m guilty of being overly horn-happy… Every time I reach for the horn I’ll try to think of your comment here!

    • Amen. The worst are those who decide to be the green light police, and as soon as the light turns green honk to get the first line of people moving.

      Not your job to keep traffic moving, a-hole. Man, that infuriates me.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: I’m very very sleepy.
    Rave: Monday is a holiday.

  • Rant: another Metro assault


    Rave: NFL Playoffs! And three day weekend!

    • Rave: Someone needs to come up with a young punk thug tracking app!

      Rant: Tolerated racist black children terrorizing white people on Metro.

  • Rave: friendly metro bus drivers
    Rant: not getting off on MLK Day, only two days for fun and relaxation for me 🙁

  • houseintherear

    Rave: My Mom came to visit me at work today, and my students lost their mind when I told them my family calls her “pocket mom”.

    Rave2: My cat slept all the way through the night for the first time since I got him a few months ago.

    Rave3: Cardboard boxes= free cat toys, I’m learning!

    • the plastic top from the milk, or even better, the ring that holds it on, are real hits at my house. >^_^<

      • my cat loves reciepts and how they crinkle. sadly, she has NOT been sleeping through the night of late.

        • My cat is a d— he’s been attacking any appendages that hang over the edge of the bed. He attacked my toes twice this week in the wee hours of the morning.

          • My cat is also a dick. Or a douche. Or whatever d-word you meant to use. He does this shovel-head thing, where he shoves his head with all his not-insignificant strength against any part of my body he can find, digging with his nose and snorting. This activity is best performed juuuust as I’m falling asleep. If I ignore him, he bites and yanks at the blankets.
            He smells bad, I think because his lifelong laziness has finally tipped over into self-neglect. Oh, and his nose is uncommonly wet, all the time. It’s gross. I think I’m falling out of love due to his x-treme neediness and questionable hygiene. And he’s only six, so he really has no excuse.

          • I occasionally have to wipe my cat’s a– because his grooming standards are low. It’s probably on account that he’s 17lbs and can’t reach to clean.

          • This to WDC: Cats can be annoying. Their owners, who ignore their health, are douches. Cats who smell bad should be taken to the vet. It may need dental work, or otherwise be sick.

          • Bite me, Clarissa. I’ve spent thousands on this cat. Even the vet agrees, he’s lazy and neurotic. But hey, this evening when I’m giving him his prozac, I’ll tell him how deeply you care.

        • Aluminum foil balls are great too, easy to make more when they disappear.

          • houseintherear

            Thanks! I’ll try the milk tops and foil… I’m a first time cat owner, so it’s all a learning process!

    • My advice to all cat owners: I found the best cat litter ever – Swheat scoop. they sell it at Target, maybe other stores too, but it doesn’t smell bad and it’s flushable! (and environmentally friendly) so I guess that’s my rave. No more stinky litter smelling up my guest bathroom!

    • One of my cats likes to stare at string, while purring loudly. She’ll stare at a string hanging from the ironing board for an hour. We refer to her as the easy cat.

      My other cat likes to hump laundry, moaning really loudly and passionately. He prefers my husband’s tees and boxers. He also likes shredding mail and being a general pain in the ass (walking up to the entertainment center and knocking over all the DVDs while we’re watching TV, etc). We refer to him as knucklehead.

  • Rant: people who listen to their music too loud through their earphones on the Metro or, lately, don’t use headphones at all. Seems to be a new trend among obnoxious teens.

    Rave: three-day weekend with lots of football games!

    Rave: Metro ride to work in mid-morning—no crowds, no glitches. just a pleasant ride and chance to read the paper.

  • Bear

    Rave: My incompetent boss finally got fired!

    Rant: He didn’t think it necessary to tell me, even though a bunch of people in the office already knew, and I had to found out from someone else.

    Rant/Rave: Not sure where this leaves me in terms of my job–and the uncertainty is stressful–but I know I’m safe through the fiscal year and I am absolutely ecstatic that I don’t have to work for him any more.

    Rave: Fantastic, and totally unexpected, first date this week!

  • That is a terrific photo accompanying this post.

  • Rave: Corporate cafeteria played Quiet Riot’s ‘Come on Feel the Noise’ during the lunch rush yesterday. Interesting choice.

    Triple Delight Rave: Friday, pay day, three day weekend.

    Guilty Rave: Everyone gets a 2% raise from the Social Security Tax cuts (dropped from 6.2% to 4.2%)

    Rant: Cutting the tax rate isn’t exactly good for the national deficit.

    • Not everyone gets a 2% raise…

    • One of the great mysteries of the 20th Century is why Quiet Riot’s version of that classic became famous, while the Slade original remains ignored.

      Don’t get me started on Metallica’s version of Whiskey in the Jar vs. Thin Lizzy’s…or the Dubliners.

      • Rave: teenage me, Quiet Riot concert in Seattle, summer 1983, front row, smashed up against sweaty blond girl.

        Rant: Lead singer looked old from up close, but he was younger, probably, than I am now.

    • Old Joke: “I knew I was getting old when they started playing ‘Stairway to Heaven’ on the easy listening station.”–don’t remember which comedian.

    • What photodork said. Whoever told you everyone gets a 2% raise is peeing in their own ovaltine. I’ve been kicking god-ass at work for years but haven’t seen a raise since about 2006.

      “Continued employment is the new raise,” or so they say. And “they” need to eat bullets.

  • My bad…

  • Rant: DC City Council to propose raising taxes

    Rave: No I can tell the bumbs and thugs that they are getting more of my money and they should take advantage of it.

    • pardon my friday afternoon grammar and punctuation.

      Rave: Now I can tell the bums and thugs that they are getting more of my money and they should take advantage of it. So stop asking for a $ or trying to jump me for $.

      • Really, all the bums I encounter smile, shake my hand, and thank me for all the homeless services bought with 8.5%/9.975% (personal/corporate) of every dollar I make.

        On the bright side, maybe after this, DC can shed the awful stigma of not quite having the highest tax rates in the nation!

  • Rave: End of week two in the new job! And while being the new kid on the block is a little unsettling after 5 years as the veteran of my last job, I love to have lots to learn and do!

    Rave: Night in planned with the boyfriend tonight – a hot, homemade meal, copious amounts of wine, and watching Atonement, which both of us have managed to not yet see. 83% on the tomato-meter is a good sign, right?

    Rant: Live-in-sister-in-law had another job interview go south, so a) no hope of a job for her; and b) no hope of a house to ourselves for us. Who needs a talented, temperamental, and anti-social film editor who hasn’t worked in several years? One day I will be mistress of my own home again…

    • Funny, I just started reading Atonement (scored a secondhand copy for 25 cents!). I can’t speak for the movie, but the book’s great so far.

  • Rant: After a few days of being sick at home I am thoroughly ready to kill the Geico lizard, that hideous wench for Progressive and the snarky State Farm guy. All insurance commercials need to cease and desist. They are not even remotely entertaining even with the sound turned off.

    Rant2: Why are the escalators out at Union Station of all places? Can’t they work all night and fix them? It was downright dangerous with a mob of people trying to walk up and down one escalator at rush hour and people still trying to get up the stairs as another train pulled in.

    Rant3: New mailman, please read the address. I should not have had to redeliver 90% of my mail for the last two weeks. God knows where some of my bills ended up.

    I apologize for all the ranting this week.

    • At least the Progressive chick is actually talking about insurance. Most of the Geico commercials are just fluff (much like the insurance itself).

    • Where do u live? maybe we have the same mailman, he is been putting my mail at the neighbor and the neighbor mail in my box. I keep doing redelivery and getting my netflix DVD late because my neighbor has to redeliver to me! I actually put a note, he just ignored it, or maybe he can’t read? seriously…this is frustrating…I had to change my address to receive important mail at work..

  • Rant: you people are all high maintenance.
    Rave: gives me something to do!

    Wong Tong was here!

  • Where the licking hell can I find fresh tamarind in this town?

    • great question.
      in dc proper? i’d look at the florida avenue markets. ms3000 or whatever. kang farms or Caribbean crescent. in the burbs… Grand Mart, H Mart, or any of the korean international markets.

      also, you know those indian markets near new hampshire and university.. yeah, one of those will definitely have it.

  • maybe at the pan am market on 14th.

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