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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this weekend?

Rave: Had a great vacation but am super glad to be back home!

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  • Rave: Rustik’s Brunch! Awesome stuff. Support local establishments that don’t act as safe-havens for gentrification.

    Rant: Big Bear Cafe.

  • Rant: My feet are cold!

  • Random – When is the Sursum Corda being redeveloped?

  • Rant: My old HS friend Gabby Giffords was subjected to a 2nd Amendment solution yesterday.

    • Hmmm. Loughner was booted from college for being a disruptive looney, and the college did not (or could not) do anything to get him committed. The police were well aware of him being a disruptive looney substance abuser and did not (or could not) do anything to get him committed. His parents presumably knew all of this, and did not (or could not) do anything to get him committed… It seems that liberalized views and laws on mental instability would be a more fruitful area for contemplation.

      Rant: Anti-gun bigots too blinded by rage/sorrow/ignorance to see an obvious truth.

      • So, as long as you’re not committed to a mental institution, you should be allowed to purchase and carry a gun?

        • Try reformulating the question: If you have someone you KNOW you wouldn’t trust with a gun, why are they allowed to walk the streets unsupervised?

          If you want to keep guns out of the hands of loonies (already the law) you need to be willing to call the loonies ‘loonies’…

          • So, anyone that I wouldn’t trust with a gun should be barred from walking the streets unsupervised‽

            What nonsense.

          • “What nonsense.”

            How do you figure?

            Look at it this way: A convicted felon is released from prison. Should his gun rights be restored? Yes? No? If ‘No’: if you wouldn’t trust them with a gun, then how can you call them ‘reformed’ and if they aren’t reformed, then why are they being released?

      • You’re a fucking idiot.

        I don’t deny that he was a crzy looney acting alone. But it’s hard to argue with these things:

        1) If you prevent guns from getting into crazy people’s hands, and less people will get shot.

        2) The less you have incendiary talk of ‘2nd amendment solutions’ the less likely crazy people are to take those ideas to heart

        3)The less you fund mental health programs, the less likely crazies are to get the help they need. Note that a big reason there are so many loonies on the streets in AZ is b/c Reagan cut all the funding for mental health back in the day. Overnight, the asylums were emptied and crazies were kicked out into the streets with no support system.

        4) Whether you believe guns deter or not, crazies are not deterred by anything like logic of that sort. In any given population of gun owners, some number of them will be crazies or temporarily passionate. They can’t be deterred by the presence of other guns.

        Do you disagree with any of the above truisms? Or are you actually one of those who will claim that if everyone at the meeting was packing heat then it would have had a far lower body count because the shooter would have been shot himself?

        • “that a big reason there are so many loonies on the streets in AZ is b/c Reagan cut all the funding for mental health back in the day.”



          • No, the reason we have so many loonies is because we don’t lock people up involuntarily simply for acting loony, or spouting crazy ideas – as in soviet gulags or Dickensian asylums.

            Dealing with the mentally ill is an enormous and difficult challenge. Both the army and the community college recognized this man had problems – but do we actually think they should have had to power to have him locked up based on crazy ramblings and anti-social behavior?

            Yes, let’s look at gun laws that make it so easy for the disturbed to get weapons, but also don’t forget that the terms “running amok” and going “berserk” (berserker) were well established when the weapon of choice was a blade.

            Most crazy people don’t actually kill people.

          • “Most crazy people don’t actually kill people.”

            And a far smaller proportion of gun owners never kill anyone.

            None-the-less, the anti-gunners will dance in the blood of this incident to call for more gun-control, and some idiot in PA is already calling for restrictions on free speech. And while the political finger pointing plays out, the next loony is plotting his rise to fame…

        • “The less you have incendiary talk of ’2nd amendment solutions’ the less likely crazy people are to take those ideas to heart”


          “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun,” –Barack H. Obama

          • You’re confusing metaphor and literal meaning. “2nd amendment remedy” literally means “the use of guns to achieve results”. It’s not a metaphor.

            In context, this means using guns specifically against the gov’t, which is comprised of people — figureheads, employees, and troops. The Angle quote advocates using guns against people. It’s a pro-murder meme.

          • So if BHO says ‘bring a gun’ it’s metaphorical, but if Palin uses a term like ‘targeting’ it’s incendiary hate speech? Got it!

            As for the ‘2nd Amendment Remedy’ thing how does that play out if Loughner turns out to be a registered Dem?

            Look, if you want to pretend that this wasn’t about mental illness, and try to use it to score political points – more power to you. Have fun. I’ll probably even play along, but all you’ll accomplish is missing the root cause and virtually ensure that the same thing plays out again…

            ‘Gun Control’ didn’t fail. ‘Political Rhetoric’ didn’t cause this. The guy was bat-sh!t insane, and because nobody was willing to do anything about it, people died.

          • ??? I didn’t say anything about Palin. She does make a nice straw woman, tho’. Picturing her in overalls = just so quaint.

            Republican leaders allowed Angle’s rhetoric without protest, showing favor or indifference toward her violent message. I have a problem with Republicans not condemning advocates of murder. It’s a moral crime.

            You’re right, the gun didn’t cause this — it only multiplied his destructive force exponentially. If he couldn’t get a gun, he could have killed -maybe- 1 person as opposed to 6. So lack of stronger gun control is actually responsible for the deaths of 5 people.

        • “You’re a fucking idiot. ”

          Not sure what/who you’re going for here… when all four of your points deal with mental health issues and the fact that this incident was a mental health issue was the whole point of my post?

          If anyone had taken this man’s obvious signs of mental instability seriously (and they didn’t) a tragedy _might_ have been averted…

    • Rant: People using a tragedy to make snide, one-off political comments on a blog.

  • Rant: Dupree House on Colorado Avenue NW is a Gray buddy hook up haven for the anti-gentifiers. The PoP listserv should be notified each time a new kid arrives and jumps out the window.

    • Those kids are loonies too! Though some have nice asses showing out of those low-ride pants. They can are allowed to carry guns repeatedly without consequence too. Odd country we have.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: I’m grumpy.
    Rave: My sister’s kids are the dog’s bullocks.

  • Rant: It seems that every time I sleep through my alarm there’s some sort of suspicious package that makes me even later.
    Rave: SNOW?!?! (please, please, please)
    Rant: I’ve lived in DC long enough to know better than to get excited about snow before it actually comes.

  • revels: great visit to the National Gallery this weekend and some wonderful brunch food with friends. Also, Bread for the City’s awesome grand opening.

    rants: Someone with a BB gun shot a window at Bread for the City just as the grand opening ceremony was starting (with tons of clients, staff, funders, elected officials inside). Luckily, it was just a BB gun and there was 0 personal and very little property damage done, but scary and infuriating, especially in light of Gabby Giffords (to whom I have a 3-degrees-of-separation connection, but would be heartbreaking regardless).

  • Rave: Glad PoP’s back, I’ve been missing my transom and door fix

    Rant: Too many guns, too much violence

  • Rave: Brave people who knock down shooters

    Rant: Guns, vitriolic gun advocates

  • Belated Rave: All of the people who were wishing strangers on U Street Happy New Years at 2am that morning. It was a really great vibe.

    Rant: Gun violence and all of its victims

  • Rant: At 7:05 am last Friday, the 3rd district police officer in car 340 who ignored the blatant red-light runner at 15th and Euclid and again at 16th and Euclid Guess the rules don’t apply that early??

    Rave: Other drivers were alert enough to avoid crashing into that idiot.

  • Rave: Without delay, give Tom DeLay his jump suit! Fucker!

    Rant: He’s out on bail. Argh.

  • RANT:

    I’m fairly new to town, do DC bus drivers have a reputation of being nasty or is it just me? I’ve not had a pleasant experience with a single one. Including a recent ride where I was unsure of specifics and entirely ignored by the driver after asking him some four times if I was going in the correct direction. Even my pleas for a simple nod went unnoticed. I might add that it was way too early in the evening and me way to sober and polite to have been misconstrued as some prank by a drunk asshole, nor was the bus at all crowded.

    I’ve spent the better part of my life between New York and New Orleans and have never dealt with such shit-bag transit workers. Well, except on Boston regional rail… Different story though.

    Do all DC bus drivers hate the world?

    Rave: Otherwise I’ve enjoyed myself in this fair town thus far.

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