Random Reader Rant and/or Revel

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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread Mon, Tues. and Wed. (Eric will take over the helm Thurs. and Fri.) while I’m gone this week. So anything good happen to you today?

I’m also counting on you guys to let me know what I missed this week. What was the big local story of the day, today? Any good openings/closings get talked about?

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  • Rant: Sweet Mango’s is still closed after the fire they had months ago, the property has become a bit of a blight to the neighborhood with that shoddy looking fence.

    Rave: Would be good if it became a Starbucks and/or maybe a nice sit-in Pho Spot instead!

    • It’s strange b/c when I first moved to the neighborhood in 2003, Sweet Mango was closed b/c of a fire. It was a long time before they rebuilt.

    • I’m sorry they are still closed because I love their food. I don’t care much about the fence – doesn’t seem to be hurting anyone. I like the place and wish them well.

    • What is Pho anyway? Is it just a random Asian soup with random stuff in it? Is won ton soup considered Pho?

      Is it Fho or Poo or Foo ?

      Help a sistah out, I have always wondered about this stuff.

      • The broth is what makes pho unique. It’s very aromatic because it’s been infused with star anise, cloves, cinnamon, ginger, etc.

        Also, the “table salad” in another hallmark of pho. Although it’s tehnically only the southern regions of Vietnam that do the table salad, it wouldn’t be pho for us Americans without it.

        I think the vermacilli noodles are also a requirement.

      • Oh, and it’s pronounced “phuh”.

      • It’s heaven in a bowl, especially during cold weather.

  • Rave: Boss is out!
    Rave! Getting more work done than when she is here.

    Rant. Will probably be back tomorrow.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Home sick.
    Rant: Major loud work going on in apaertment above me because of leak in apartment below me.
    Rave: No water in my apartment.

  • Also Rant: What is up with trash can hoarders in my alley?!? I mean, good Lord, do you really need 5 trash cans? And then the lack of sweeping has turned our newly bricked alley into an old looking trash bucket in less than one year. Hopefully Gray will take alley sweeping and sidewalk cleanup in Petworth just as seriously as alley sweeping in Georgetown (Unlike Fenty).

  • Does anyone know much about the homicide that happened last weekend on the 4500 block of New Hampshire?


  • Rave: My colleague resigned and is moving back to France, her going away lunch potluck Tagine was amazing, need to learn how to cook the dish!

    Rant: No red wine allowed in the office!

  • Rant: My husband and I were attacked on New Years on our front steps by six men that came from our neighbors party…one was wearing an orange ascot

    • Was this a robbery? Were there injuries? Were the police called? Sorry about this incident. Do you know what motivated the attack?

      Okay too if you don’t want to discuss.

      • Just a bunch of out of control drunk guys fighting on our front steps as we arrived home. Too much to drink and/or something else…who knows. We called the police and filed a report. My husband has a black eye and I have an injured elbow. Nice neighbors!

  • Rave: Beautiful long-ish run on the mall and by the monuments over lunch
    Rave: The FDR Memorial. We need another FDR.
    Rant: I want to take a post-run nap, but have to stay at work

  • Rant: I posted the other day about there being too many smash and grabs in my neighborhood.

    Rant: The next day my own car was the target.

  • Rave: My little boy is a month old today!

    Rant: Scary shooting this past weekend in the hood. Makes me wonder about raising my son here.

    • Wasn’t scary for us, imagine those kids looking at the barrel of a gun held by someone who didn’t actually want to shoot. And then they realized we live amongst someone who clearly does.

      That the City’s Authority continues to allow so many guns in the hands of known child gun toters and wanna be (?)killers just sucks bad.

      When will we finally see a proper resolution to this glaring failure of leadership in District community and its governance?

  • rant: brian brown still have junk (including a universal machine) all over the porch of their Anna Cooper house on 2nd and T

    rave: my new years resolution is to work out 4x per week and instead of joining a gym i have an ourdoor universal machine to get huge on

  • Rant: The trash EVERYWHERE on my street. I seriously do not know why people are so filthy and inconsiderate. They are disgusting pigs.

    • Yeah, and what’s with the dog poop? Holmead Place must have a new resident with a big dog, because there is a pile literally every five feet.

      And some dog owners (not all, of course) will use the faintest dusting of snow as an excuse not to pick up. Halfway out of sight, totally out of mind.

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