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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread Mon, Tues. and Wed. (Eric will take over the helm Thurs. and Fri.) while I’m gone this week. So anything good happen to you this weekend?

I’m also counting on you guys to let me know what I missed this week. What was the big local story of the day, today? Any good openings/closings get talked about?

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  • RAVE: The New Year has been stellar so far. Love it when it starts off that way.
    RAVE: Scored pre-sale ticks to an event that I’m really looking forward to before it sold out.
    RAVE: A very peaceful return to the desk after the holidays. Low voltage e-mails and not many of them!
    RAVE: Heading to NYC with friends this weekend.
    RAVE: Currently rant-free!

  • RANT: I HATE the above-pictured map. This map is at the Navy-Archives metro stop. There is no Madagascar on the map. Its the 4th largest island in the world. How could they have left it out?

  • the extra-spicy chilli chutney at vermont ave.spice express is now the best reason to stay alive another day.

  • Rant: Mayor Grampa has decided to raise DC taxes on his first day in office.

    Rave: I’m leaving this city.

    Good luck living in Gray’s DC.

    • Take me with you!

      • Well, ok then–bye.

        Fyi he didn’t raise taxes. He and Fenty were on the same page about cutting back, and this talk is to his constituents not to expect too much in the way of goodies.

        BTW–where are you going that’s better, Silver Spring? Las vegas and it’s foreclosures?

        • I hate to break it to you, bub, but a lot of places are better. If you aren’t here because you have to be for your job, then you’re probably missing out on someplace a whole lot better.

      • Good riddance. It’s not like you planned on staying here anyways.

  • Rave: Went to the Zoo on New Years Day and saw those lion cubs. Worthy of every bit of the hype!

    • Rant: I went to the zoo on NYD to see the lion cubs and they weren’t out!
      Rave: I did see the four cheetah’s- they are so pretty!

  • Rant: two people were shot 30 feet from my house.
    Rave: It wasn’t me.

    • That’s my Rant too! PoP! get on this. I would like to know what happened! I’m only a handful of houses away from all of this…

    • Have the reporters been knocking at your door today. One of them asked me what do I call this neighborhood. He also thought that Grant Circle was Sherman Circle and mentioned the shooting from a couple of months ago.

    • It’s now a homicide – one of the shooting victims was pronounced dead this morning.

  • Rant: traveling for work on my birthday
    Rave: BF took me to a very nice dinner at Cashions last night for my birthday and gave me a beautiful handmade jacket too. Feeling pretty special right now

  • Rave: Sticky Rice has reopened.
    Rant: Service is still sub-par.

  • RAVE: CapMac food truck (currently at 7th & F) is amazing. Marinated chickpeas and chicken parm meatballs made my day and the mac and cheese looked good, too.

  • Rave: Great, quiet New Year’s Eve and Day. Went shopping at Wegmans for the first time last week. I wish my local one was closer to home and the parking lot wasn’t such a mess.

    Rant: Back to work/reality today.

    • Just one person’s vote

    • If they mean Out and About finding stories, that is true. The WaPo has to be the worst local news source around. They are so bad, they should have “Washington” stricken from the name.

    • ah

      In/out lists have to be one of the most unimaginative forms of journalism. They’re way worse than 20xx Top 10 __ lists.

  • Rave: Mysterious Coffee Shop sign right across from my place appeared a few weeks ago. “Coming Soon!” to 2nd and Florida NW. Any ideas, POPville residents?

  • RANT: Wash Post Headline “Federal austerity could hit the region’s economy hard.”
    RANT: If the DC housing market is faring so well why are prices (way) down since summer in pockets of NE? Homes in can’t miss zips codes at entry level price points (relative to the neighborhood) are lingering on the market. Seriously it seems certain areas are very hot w/ many others areas floundering just not as bad as other regions of the country because residents in the area have remained employed. Thoughts anyone? Am I just a panicking homeowner?
    RANT: Phones are down @ work

    RAVE: BarBri settlement check

    • What pockets NE?

      I don’t really know but could be expiration of the tax credit, interest rates going up, or just that it’s winter.

      • Prices down in Zip 20017 (NE)
        Houses lingering in 20015 (NW)

        I have monitored listings / sales for 18 months with the help of a Realtor in these two zips and a couple of others. Prices have dropped in 20017. Nothing in 20015 under 600k seemed to last over a week until recently.

        • Interesting, I’m not that familiar with those areas but I looked at franklymls.com and there was only ONE listing in 20015 under $600k that wasn’t a condo, so I wouldn’t worry about that area. In 20017 there was a lot more available in the $300-500k range but I don’t know what prices there looked like in the past.

    • Prices are definitely not down in Capitol Hill NE. If anything they’ve risen in the past year.

    • I’ve been having similar thoughts. Homes in less developed areas of DC are more volatile price-wise. It may be a second dip, courtesy fed austerity and seasonal bias, combined with historically low inflation. I think it’s a tiny dip, a bit of a bumpy ride. It probably doesn’t make a difference for people that don’t have to sell in the next year (fingers crossed). Although you never know what Obama and the GOP will come up with in terms of market-moving overhauls in the next year. Reducing the mortgage interest deduction for high earners would obviously have a big impact on DC metro.

      • “I think it’s a tiny dip, a bit of a bumpy ride. It probably doesn’t make a difference for people that don’t have to sell in the next year (fingers crossed)” I hope you are right I would feel even better if you told me you are a realtor!

        @Anonymous 3:06 – Agreed, Capitol Hill = Hot area or rather established area. Are those areas working as a crutch for the rest of the weak / unstable DC market?

        @”A “ NE areas that are decent, metro accessible, affordable and seem to have less violent crime than certain popular NW areas east of the park seem to be headed in the wrong direction re: price. Specifically, in zip 20017 there are brick single family houses sold / under contract < 250k. (See MRIS DC7430716 & DC7406757)
        A 3br house for 545k in Zip 20015 is unheard of. Normally it would not last a day on the market. (Note: the other house under 600k in zip 20015 was pulled off the market)

        What I see in the market does not seem to add up.

        • I’m not, but that means you should trust me more! I stumbled across a nice WBJ article today, which would seem to point to continued private sector job growth locally:


          Those NE neighborhoods you refer to always have more elastic prices than Logan or Chevy Chase. They bounce around a lot. I’m more concerned about inflation, which you want to be as high as possible in your first years of ownership (well, I do). I think it’s at 1% right now. You home needs to appreciate close to 10% for you to be able to sell without a paper loss, whether that’s due to inflation or real appreciation. Low inflation = less liquid housing market.

  • Rant: Not really a rant, but not a rave…this is my last week at my job of four years. A good thing overall but still a little sad!

    Rave: Had an awesome weekend in NYC with the b/f!

  • Rant: Using the term price point instead of price, or cost.

  • Rants: hearing gunshots within a block of my house at midnight on NYE. And neighbors who are so goddamn loud that they woke up my kid at 1:30am on NYE. Great way to start off the year: surrounded by assholes. 2011 is looking like the year I decide I’m done living in CH.

    Rave: those lion cubs at the zoo on NYD were pretty darn funny and cute. And a toddler who gets as excited about ducks as he does about elephants, lions, or pandas.

  • Rant: Darrell Issa, Rand Paul and Allen West (who apparently made even Condi Rice cringe) are a-coming
    Rave: They won’t be here long 😉

  • Rant: Petworth leads the year off with first child-on-child homicide. KTK?

  • Rant: Break is over.

    Raves: One day down. Have job. Adoring clients.

  • Rave: Great New Year’s weekend in NYC with the hubby.

    Rant: The influx of people at the gym thanks to New Year’s resolutions. You may be new, but it is no excuse to no re-rack your weights and wipe down equiptment after you use it.

    Additional rant: Those people that wear those barefoot running shoes to the gym. Seriously? On the weight floor? You think that is a good idea?

    • Actually, yes. Vibrams are great for weight training b/c they’re as close to barefoot as you’re going to get – which improves balance and form. I’m not super-crazy-workout-girl by any means, so you should google it and read what serious weightlifters say about them, but the short answer from this Vibram convert/evangelist is: yes, I absolutely think it is a good idea to lift in them.

      • I meant more from a safety standpoint. Just in case a weight gets dropped, etc.

        • Do you wear steel toes to lift? It’s not like regular sneakers (don’t a lot of serious lifters wear Chuck Taylors?) provide much in the way of protection from that.

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  • Actually, the list says POP is IN.

  • Rave: Being greeted with “Happy New Years!” from several complete strangers while walking home from the metro on Monday night. Who says people in Park View are hostile?

    Rant: Truly unfortunate shooting in Petworth over the weekend. Horrible way to begin the new year.
    “Rave”: No PoP post on the shooting means no endless string of comments about race, class, gentrification, etc. in DC.

    • Right, just comments about kids and guns! Who is KTK and why has he mucked up all the signs along New Hampshire Avenue? I thought Lanier said she knows who the gangs are and what they are up to in Petworth?

      And, who is MOE and why has he tagged all the buildings down in Shaw?

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