Potbelly’s Opening in Union Station Tuesday

The lunch options at Union Station are going through the roof. In addition to the gigantic food court downstairs – upstairs a Chipotle and Chop’t have recently opened in addition to this Potbelly’s opening Tuesday.

Though, I still love the Greek place downstairs. Of course now they also have a taco bell…

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  • anyone have any idea if/when bojangles is opening? did they change their minds?

  • Sigh. All this after I stop working in the area.

  • Potbelly. No ‘S.’

  • Only in DC would this be news. What is with this city and its love of chains?

  • Great. More crappy, mass-produced, unhealthy, environmentally unfriendly, and — worst of all — forgettably-flavored dreck. The ratio of actual good food to food sold is probably lower in Union Station than anywhere on the east coast.

    • Environmentally unfriendly?! MASS PRODUCED!? Oh the horrors. And unhealthy? Well its only as unhealthy as the order is. Its nothing but meat, cheese, ad veggies. If you can control portions and order healthily, then whats the problem?

      Surely you’re not going to go on some rant about pesticides, anti-biotics and uncomfortable living conditions for animals, right?

      I hope you realize that not everyone can afford to pay 20 dollars a pound for beef to make sure it ate grass and didnt pollute the Potomac. Especially since the benefits of these things are far from proven (save me all of your studies).

      I dont start throwing stones when some free range granola shop opens, why do you get all heated when some place I like opens up?

      • Who doesn’t love a little junk food? just picked up some Vace for myself. The health and (well-documented) environmental issues are just genetically-modified cherries on top of the larger cellulose sundae.

        Unfortunately, Virtually every savory food vendor in Union Station specializes in corporate-designed, taste-challenged combinations of fat, salt and white starches (welcome Bojangles). The arrival of one more variation on this obesity-inducing theme is cause for mourning, not celebration.

    • I know – if only this was NYC with all of the amazing dining options in Penn Station!!! Why is everything always better in New York?!?!?!

    • This sounds like someone who has never had a wreck with hot peppers

  • I went to the comments section strictly to complain about Bojangles. The latest I’ve heard is that it will open in April.

  • I saw a presentation done by the Union Station managers a couple of years ago and this was not what was projected. They had ambitions of bringing in Apple, other high-end retail and a high-end restaurant. That’s why they were driving out some of the little independent shops in the basement food court.

    I’m bummed they don’t have the drug store anymore.

    • They certainly have been driving out a lot of retailers. Just take a look at the Northeastern corner of the station (over by McDonalds). Everything is either gone (the tie shop, Lids, etc) or has moved (car rental agencies, Ben and Jerrys). Does anyone know what they are planning for that corner? It must be something big.

      Also, anyone have a clue about their plans for all of that movie theater space?

      • The car rental places moved upstairs (closer to the garage), and the other shops left that northeast corner so that the forgotten retail corridor behind there can expand. This is all part of their master plan to upgrade the retail so that someday, they could get an Apple Store.

        The movie theater space is supposed to be for a large restaurant. I think a Clyde’s or Cheesecake Factory would be awesome in Union Station either there or replacing one of the awful ones upstairs.

    • Losing that drug store really, really does suck. Working nearby (in the only neighborhood east of the Mississippi without a CVS), that used to come in handy.

  • Welcome, Potbelly! Union Station isn’t some quaint neighborhood with locally-owned businesses. It’s a train station with a shopping mall attached. So yes there will be chains. At least now there are some where you would want to eat (Chipotle, Chop’t, and the old standby AuBonPain) vs. the downstairs food court misery – one awful place after another. I’ve worked next to Union Station for 10 yrs and have always been amazed by how many restaurants there are and yet nowhere worth eating. At least there are a few OK choices now.

    I’m really said Tschiffley Pharmacy left, that was the only reason to ever go downstairs.

  • oh thre’s still a lot of room to do this and a lot of crappy places just occupying space. Goodbye America!! Goodbye Pizzeria Uno!! Goodbye Thunder Grill!!

    • pizzeria uno is tolerable but America is seriously horrific.

      The center court cafe is not too bad.

      • Thunder Grill is the worst restaurant I’ve ever been to. Ever. Anywhere on earth.

        • They compensate for quality with quantity. I went there for a business lunch, ordered the salad thinking it would be small, and they brought an entire buffet to the table.

  • What Union Station Needs: Outdoor/Roofdeck Seating.

    Please hold your applause.

  • Outback Steakhouse would be pretty awesome in this place.

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