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US Botanical Gardens -- Train Exhibit

Just got this note from a PoP reader asking for help:

I was commenting and reading the comments in your “most random thing on the sidewalk” post yesterday, and I about SHIT my pants when I read someone’s comment about finding a camera in the snow last year! I lost my camera in the exact spot that this person is talking about! The commenter – “other” – said he/she left the camera at the museum near there, and I want to know what museum it is! Just in case the camera is still there. It had some awesome snow pictures on it that I would love to have back.

Is there any way you can just send my request to the commenter from that post? I would LOVE to find this camera…

Please help if you can!! Thanks!


Well, as you commenters know–the Prince does not require registration nor email addresses (let alone valid email addresses) to comment. (This is why it often appears that “George Bush” “Jesus Christ” and “Superman” frequently comment on posts here.) The aforementioned “Other” is one of those commenters who chose to keep their e-identity to themselves.

So, if you are “Other” write me and I’ll connect you with Melanie.

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  • Melanie do you kiss your mother with that mouth? POTTY MOUTH!

  • If anyone’s ever found any large sums of cash on the sidewalk, its mine. Plz return!!

  • Eric-
    What’s up with the photo credits?

    • Most of the photos I’ve been pulling from the PoPville Flickr pool. Others have been used when nothing seems to fit. If you click on the photo, you can see the original–and favorite it on Flickr!

      • Okay, cool. I was just used to the text below with link. Nice job filling in for the un-replaceable by the way.

  • does this mean that PoP does not record IP addresses?

  • @ Eric — just want to say thanks for stepping up, the culture of this blog is interesting, the reach this far and wide , I am sure it must be challenging at times for PoP, this blog is also fun and a great resource for the neighborhood , in an way it brings us together, even if we choose to hide our true identity so thanks for stepping up ,and I hope it’s your camera ,

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