On the Express Line to Hell Vol. 64

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From MPD:

Yesterday afternoon, an elderly female resident received a knock on her door from a male subject who offered to remove snow/ice from the front of her property. The resident took the subject up on his offer and at some point, the subject was given the keys to the resident’s car to assist with retrieving recently purchased grocery items. The subject did in fact remove the snow/ice, but he also stole the elderly resident’s vehicle. Thanks to Ofc. Westbrook for responding to the call and getting a lookout broadcast for the resident’s vehicle and to Officer Matos who spotted the vehicle and made the apprehension of the male subject who was placed under arrest. Remember to lookout for our elderly residents and those who may need assistance with snow removal during the winter season. Thanks.

and in other car theft related news, don’t leave your unlocked cars running to warm up:

PSA 201 had 2 cars stolen last night. I have received reports that a group of 3 males were seen riding around in a silver BMW yesterday during the evening hours looking at cars. One of the vehicles that was stolen had been left running by the owner (warming up). One of the males from the suspected BMW jumped in the unoccupied car and stole it.

Please make sure that when warming your vehicle during these colder months that you still lock the doors (keeping an extra key). During this time of year, perpetrators ride around looking for cars that are idling and unoccupied. This makes for an easy theft.

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  • Wow, I leave my car running in the morning all the time to warm up and melt any ice off the windshield. But it’s pure common sense in this city or anywhere else to LOCK YOUR VEHICLE if it is unattended and running.

    Why not just throw money right on the ground…

    Thanks for wasting our tax-funded police department’s time on your stupidity.

    • i wouldn’t say “anywhere.” i think it’s a pretty typical thing for the non-urbanite to do. there are still places where you dont even have to lock the door to your house, much less worry about someone stealing your car. but doing it in a city where cars get stolen every day is just not wise.

  • who leaves their car unoccupied and running in the city? i even think the advice to lock it while leaving it running is a little asinine. it only takes a few seconds to smash a window and drive away.

    • What do you do? Sit in the car shivering while it warms up?

      • yeah

      • yes. or just drive it cold. you’re crazy to leave it running unattended on the street.

        • Ok, but you need a few minutes to get windshield de-iced, at least.

          • Letting your car warm up is one of the single worse things you can do. It is highly damaging to the engine and wastes a lot of gas.

          • Wow, I wouldn’t go that far. THere are worse things one can to do one;s car.

          • ah

            Buy an ice-scraper for $2. Or find one of the thousands available as free giveaways.

            And if you want to do it by melting, sit in the car, even if it’s bad for the car.

          • jburka

            They make these things called ice scrapers. Perhaps you’ve heard of them?

          • To clarify, warming your car up for a minute or two is not bad for your car. It is probably necessary on the coldest of days we get. On the average cold morning here, 30-60 seconds is adequate.

            Letting the car get all the way up to operating temperature prior to departing is not wise.

            As for leaving the car unlocked, I think using good judgment is in order

          • ^ most sensible comment I’ve seen on this thread

      • Yes. Yes. Yes.
        Your engine doesn’t even need to be ‘warmed up’. If OK to start driving basically right away. Melting ice and such is another story, but man, get yourself a scraper and throw in a little elbow grease.

        I never heard of anything so stupid as to leave a running car unattended, unlocked or not. Do you leave your front door unlocked too, because it makes it easier and faster for you to get in and out of the house?

        • I really don’t think you’re taking much of a risk by leaving the car running while locked. Assuming the car’s parked in front of your house, it’s unlikely that someone would be able to smash the window, unlock the door, aand get in and drive off without being noticed. A smart thief would prefer to break into your house while everyone’s at work.

          • So, you’re inside, brushing your teeth or trying to get your kid’s shoes on the right foot, and you hear a smash. Maybe you rush to the window, maybe you take a moment to wonder what the heck that was you heard… either way, the best you’ll get is a glimpse of “some dude in a blue hoodie” hopping into your car. And while you run down your front steps, slipping on the ice, you’ll get a good look at your own license plate number.

            You do what you want, but I still think it’s incredibly foolish. Good luck with it.

          • famous last words.

            seriously, this is not unlikely in the least. I watched kids break the window of a contractor’s van and steal something out of his front seat 30 seconds after he ran into a corner store to grab something a few weeks back – it only takes a second.

          • also we’re not talking about “smart thieves.”

          • ah

            The thieves are outsmarting old ladies and people who leave their cars running though.

          • It’s enough time to pull the gun out of your holster and shoot the punk.

      • thegreatest- i back my car out of the garage and drive away

    • ah

      It’s also a motor vehicle violation, despite the advice from the MPD guy (I assume that’s where the posting is from).

      Anyway, putting aside thieves, what if a child decided to get in your car?

  • I don’t know what’s more depressing: the fact that people actually give money/car keys to complete strangers who knock on your door uninvited, or the fact that this guy will be back on the street within hours.

    • Back to the whole shaming thing. Find his address and post fliers around his neighborhood letting his neighbors know what he’s been up to. Not such a bad ass then . . .

  • Who actually walks around their neighborhood in this city? It’s like risking your life just getting home these days. Only the kids packing guns are allowed outside!

  • There was a guy in my former neighborhood that was always trying to pull the car scam, offering to wash the car if we’d hand over the keys. We always declined, but noticed he was trying to peer into the house while this exchange was taking place. Once, a couple days after he came around, our house had coincidentally been broken into. So be careful– if one of these people knocks on your door, make sure there’s no portable electronics, jewelry, or other indications of wealth that would be visible when you open the door.

  • That’s why you get an ice scraper, to scrape the ice off of your window.

    • Usually the ice is too thin to scrape off easily (I’m talking about that early-morning ice that covers everything, not the kind that is the result of a storm or something).

  • I think it’s time Prince of Petworth rename the blog groupvictimblaming.com. How dare someone inconvenience the taxpayer by having a crime committed against them! People are so inconsiderate! No mention of the ASSHOLES who STEAL CARS.

  • Yeah, you turn your car on with the defrost going full blast, grab the ice scraper from the back seat, shut the door, walk around the car scraping the windows while they defrost and by the time you get back to the drivers side door 2 minutes later, the windows are clean and the car is warm. Works like a charm.

  • People in Iowa always warm up their cars first.

  • On the other crime (the lady getting her car stolen), I truly believe there is a special place in Hell reserved for people to abuse the elderly, children and animals. I hope this guy rots there.

    • If the old lady left her car running would the commetariat be heaping criticism on her?

      • I’m assuming that the elderly woman in this situation made the unwise decision to give a stranger her keys perhaps due to a diminished mental capacity. In that scenario, no, I would NOT be heaping insults on her.

        If, on the other hand, she’s just a foolish person in full command of her senses and she made that decision based solely on her own stupidity, then no, she doesn’t get a pass.

        I prefer to give her the benefit of the doubt, without knowing either way.

        Judging by how many people do it (and by how many people are defending it here), my guess is that leaving one’s car running unattended is just a matter of course for some people who ought to know better. Those fools get insults to their intelligence flung their way.

      • ah

        Sure. She should get some tut-tutting for entrusting her keys to a stranger. He’s got no excuse ripping off an elderly woman, but still, she’s got to be a bit more aware living in a city.

  • It’s called remote auto start, people. Wong Tong has it.

    • What street does your fabulously shiny new car sit on? Or maybe you could reverse engineer one for my 1990 Ford. Which I hope to gosh no idiot would try to steal, unless they like to joy ride with mildew.

    • ah

      Does it have remote glass break detector with warning bells too?

  • Get a can of de-icer. Thirty seconds later you can pull the ice off with your hands or use the windshield wipers. There should be a special place in hell for those that pick on the elderly.

  • I don’t understand why the elderly woman did not have the servants bring in the groceries.

    I, too, am a victim, as someone absconded with both my plasma TV and my macbook pro when I had them out on the front stoop airing out and getting some sun while I was at work.

  • Old people are no good at everything.

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