Old Straits of Malaya Building Getting Renovated to Become a Thai Restaurant

Straits of Malaya was located at 1836 18th Street, NW and closed at the end of Dec. I noticed it was already undergoing pretty extensive renovations and I briefly spoke with one of the workers who said a new Thai restaurant will be opening up here in about 2 months. Stay tuned for more info as it becomes available.

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  • Isn’t that right next to Regent Thai? I love Thai food as much as the next person but come on.

    • …which is across the street from Plum Blossom.

      I agree, three Thai places within a block of each other is a bit excessive.

      • …which is a few blocks away from Banana Leaves near Connecticut and T, and ThaiPhoon on Connecticut. And which aren’t all that far away from Rice, Thai X-ing, and Teakwood on 14th St.

        • At least Rice and Thai X-ing have something unique to offer.

          • Whoops — I meant to say “Thai Tanic.” Thai X-ing does not deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence as those other mediocrities.

          • what’s unique about thai x-ing or rice? that it’s in an area where ordinary restaurants automatically become extraordinary?

          • Not sure what you mean, but I’m referring to their menus and ambiance. Those two have something different to offer (ie Rice’s specialty dishes, Thai Xing’s premise and atmosphere).

          • I gotta stand up for Regent Thai. The food is consistently good, the service always friendly, and there’s a ton of space so there’s never a wait. I’ve been a regular at many, many local Thai places as I’ve moved and worked around the city and am very happy to have Regent near my current residence.

      • plum blossom is sushi

  • Sigh…Regent Thai is only 3 doors down. I was hoping for something different.

  • Soon this city will be nothing but burgers and Thai places.

    • and Comfort One shoes!!

    • I actually think that a nicer pizza place like redrocks would do gangbusters here.

      To people hating on Thai joints, yes, it’s excessive, but hate on yourself. There’s no real ethnic diversity in this city compared with other major cities. Hence, you get “generic” ethnic joints run by families that run restaurants well. Mexican, Chinese, sushi, and Thai.

      • “There’s no real ethnic diversity in this city compared with other major cities”

        Except for, you know, sizable black, ethiopian and salvadoran populations, not to mention a workforce that is one of the most diverse in the nation.

        But yeah, aside from that, we’re Omaha.

        And anyway, even if what you said was true, that doesn’t excuse why everything has to become a Thai restaurant.

    • At yet I still won’t feel like I can get a burger as good as Port of Call……. (of course I suspect no other will suffice and I just have to get over it)

  • Plum blossom is disgusting. Hopefully it will be out of business soon. But it will probably become another pizza joint.

  • Agreed that we don’t need that great a concentration of Thai restaurants. But market forces would suggest that an establishment that serves essentially the same menu as Lauriol Plaza with the same proficiency (which isn’t that high) and the same prices could do a land office business — just by accommodating all those people standing in line across the street. I wonder why someone hasn’t tried to use the space for a restaurant with a “Lauriol Plaza annex” concept.

  • I was hoping Shake Shack would decide to come here instead…

  • Great idea! El Tamarindo is also close by Lauriol Plaza but I’ve had a couple of friends complain about getting the runs after eating there.
    I’ve had the same idea about that tiny place with outdoor seating next to Cashions on Columbia, just down from Perry’s. Just offer a very similar menu and watch the dinner/brunch crowds roll in when they get sick of waiting.

  • Straits of Malaya in one of its many transformations was a really terrific pan-African place called Wazuri that never took off. Even Tom Sietsama gave it a pretty good review and wondered why people standing in line across the street at Lauriol Plaza wouldn’t drift over and try it out. Especially since it has a great deck.

    I never got why people would stand in line for 45 minutes for Lauriol Plaza.

  • Yep. Wazuri’s food was amazing. Service was atrocious.

  • whooo… that’s a load off my mind. Was scared we’d run out of Thai restaurants in NW.

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