Offensive or a Good Way to Sell Pizza in Adams Morgan?

In mid-Nov. we learned that Capital Pizza & Wings was opening up at 2441 18th St, NW.

I swear I’m not a prude I’m just curious if you think this is a good marketing campaign?

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  • I’m pretty sure that this is one of the least offensive things that one will see on a typical weekend night in Adams Morgan.

  • The signs are surely in bad taste, but are almost too cheesy to be truly offensive. Let the caption contest begin…

  • They look like photos from a discount halloween costume website.

  • nothing beats our pepperoni!

  • pizza as unrealistic as your fantasies!

  • i like that the one sign makes it look like they have pizza and a lady named Kabob.

    i think Kabob has a secret.

  • Offensive? Hardly. This is probably the most brilliant way to market pizza I’ve ever seen. Certainly, who amongst us will be able to walk past these signs and NOT stop in for a slice of pizza or a kabob. Big pat on the back to whoever made this call.

    • “Certainly, who amongst us will be able to walk past these signs and NOT stop in for a slice of pizza or a kabob.”

      I wouldn’t because seeing those lovely slender ladies would make me rethink indulging in a 1,000 calorie slice of pizza.

  • This is standard advertising fare throughout Latin America. The cheese factor makes the pizza sound even more appetizing. It’s low class and fun….just like jumbo slices in Adams Morgan.

  • so they like halloween.. big deal

  • Well, it’s about time Adams Morgan had a pizzeria that was staffed by post-op transsexuals. Welcome to the 21st Century.

  • Mmmmmm. Pizza with extra cheese.

  • That’s a Madonna and child statue in the blue framed window above the pizza parlor where there’s a religious botanica store on the level above.

    This sight of this building is very busy alright with far too many signs at 2441 18th Street and just too much going on at this one address with some of the space on higher levels operating illegally as well.

    The building at 2441 18th Street had been for sale for more than two years with no buyers by an owner that didn’t care about his property; just look at what he left us.

    It finally sold last October for an astounding (not seen since the boom) $1.5 million to some New Yorkers who probably for them and hopefully for us have some better plans and better prospects for their substantial investment for this address:

  • Neither good nor offensive, just common and traditional.

  • Corny as shit this ain’t the 50’s.

  • Hmmm. I’m trying to remember . . . . I don’t know who, but I swear someone out there tries to sell wings with a similar gimmick. . . . Trying to remember who that might be . . . .

  • Retro and bad taste, yep. Maybe a socio-cultural take is that this is likely an immigrant-owener’s reflection of what will draw Americans? I can’t see a longtime local, DC-born owner putting this up.

    • what % of business owners in dc do you think are ” longtime local, DC-born owners”?

      it seems a bizarrely specific thing to say.

    • Paging the locally bred owner of Madam’s Organ. This is just another saucy lady on 18th.

      If anything, the curtsy adds a touch of class. I will henceforth refer to this place as “sexy underground jumbo slice” as I pass it by en route to anyplace else.

  • This is visual Engrish.

  • “What’s wrong with being sexy?”

    -Nigel Tufnel

  • It’s a whole lot less offensive than when the finished product ends up regurgitated in the gutter as probably 80% of their pizza will be.

  • “Is this a good way to sell pizza?”

    It got them a free post on your blog, so I’m going to say, Yes! It gets them attention, and attention is very important for a place like that. I might even call it a “ridiculously awesome” way to sell pizza.

  • Offensive but that’s OK, us women are used to it >:(
    Not nearly as bad as the boating magazine ad that compares the speedboat’s upholstery to a woman’s skin. Ugh.

  • Please –

    It is brilliant! Straight drunk men party in that area and will think these are pics of the wait staff!

  • houseintherear

    Is it offensive? Yes, of course. Unfortunately it’s what we all see every day, because we continue to let it happen. And those that call it out as offensive are called insecure or ultafeminist. It’s a bunch of crap, and quite sickening actually.

  • I just don’t feel like it. It’s kind of absurd. I wanted some pizza before. Something about it sends a skanky message — but that’s just me… remember when George Constanza wanted his beef pastrami in bed?

  • I bet these women don’t know their photo is being used to sell pizza. They should get a portion of the profits.

  • I like a jumbo slice every once in a LONG time. These signs are just tacky enough to send me elsewhere. Not that the other places are classy, but at least they don’t have this wackiness going on.

  • I love my pizza with extra meat.

  • Enough pizza in Adams Morgan

  • It’s tacky enough to have kept me away, that’s for sure!

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