Odd Vacancy at Adams Morgan Harris Teeter Building

Does anyone know what the story is with this vacancy? It is totally separate from the Harris Teeter? Any ideas on why it is so hard to find a tenant (it seems to have been vacant for ages)? You think it is just an odd size space or simply the rent is too high or the location is tough? Seems like the Harris Teeter is doing well so I’m wondering what’s up with this space…

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  • From what I understand, the owners of the building – Douglas Development – is notoriously picky about their tenants and sits on lots of vacant lots/buildings waiting for the “right fit”. No idea how they have yet to fill this spot for so long.

    You can see a discussion of them here on PoP: http://www.princeofpetworth.com/2010/08/douglass-development-corporation-hero-or-horses-ass/

  • On a somewhat related note, has anyone else noticed that the last few months Harris Teeter has been out of a lot of things all the time? I shop there regularly and there’s at least 10 things every week that they just don’t have on the shelves. Never used to have this problem, have they gotten new management?

    • Actually they did get new management about 2 months ago because a lot of the managers were transferring to the new store.

  • Pretty sure we’ve talked about this one before. It’s a tough space: small, not sure it could handle a restaurant build out, doesn’t get much foot traffic compared to neighboring commercial strips, and within a one block radius there is already a dry cleaner, two bodegas, a real estate office, a boutique gym, child care, and two arts spaces. That checks off most of the boxes for retail in a place like this that wouldn’t compete with the anchor tenant.

    Re: stocking at that Teeter, they have limited delivery hours and limited back stock space, so stocking is always going to be an issue there. I do wish they hadn’t shoehorned the produce section into the small corner, though, as by 8:30 most nights it looks like locusts have been through there.

  • That Harris Teeter is pretty nice, but they still don’t have quite the selection and variety of other stores, due to their size. The friendliness of their staff almost makes up for it. Almost.

  • HT stopped selling Cape Cod chips in 100 calorie bags. not a fan but always a better choice over Safeway and Giant

  • That just screams for an old-fashioned soda fountain/luncheonette kind of place. Priced fairly enough to attract a diverse, paying customer base, but upscale enough to keep it from deteriorating into a street people haunt.

    • Respectfully disagree. A restaurant isn’t going to make it there with so little luchtime foot traffic and so many options 2 blocks away plus the two bodegas doing lunch food, and Teeter probably doesn’t want the competition with their takeout business, which is the highest margin stuff a grocery store sells. Also, it’s not clear the space could support the fire suppression and ventilation requirements for a restaurant build out.

  • Douglas rep said there have been talks with the owner of a cross fit gym.

  • Why don’t you just call Douglas Development and inquire on the asking price-per-sqft? That might have something to do with it!

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