New PoP Feature: Win Two Free Tickets to the 9:30 Club

Here’s the second of the many new features being announced this week. Like Pablo’s photography tips, this one was a no brainer.

PoP will be partnering with the 9:30 Club to give away free concert tickets a few times a month. The first one is for Dr. Dog Friday Jan. 28th:

F 1/28
Dr. Dog
w/ The Head and The Heart
8:00 PM Doors
$20 – $35 Two Day Tickets available for purchase here.

Simply leave a comment about why you want to go to the show and I’ll pick the winner (+1) this Friday Jan. 21st.

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  • Because Dr. Dog is awesome.

  • Because I’ve never heard them before (I don’t think) and believe that seeing music performed live is the best way to judge how good the performers and the music really is.

  • ..because my neighbor’s dog rides a skateboard around bloomingdale and if you give me tickets I will provide pictures and/or video of this event!

  • Because this song is so rad:

    (and because im broke and its by birthday!)

  • Dr. Dog is A Good Band and provides much enjoyment.

  • Because if the tickets are free, I can sell them on Craigslist and make some money, even if nobody has heard of this band.

  • Because I can appreciate Psychedelic Swamp!

  • Oh man, love me some awesome psych rock! I missed them last year when they came to DC, and I still haven’t seen them live because I’m financially challenged….Tickets would be amazing!

  • Dr. Dog is on my list of Top Five live bands. They always deliver on a good show.

  • I want to go but I don’t want to grovel. Pick me or don’t.

    Also, this should be a drawing or some other random processes that isn’t at the capricious whim of cleverness.

  • dt. dog is great. their shows are awesome. don’t forget about the head and the heart, hailing from seattle. “cats and dogs & coeur d’alene” is one of my favorite songs of the new year:

  • Because the weekend of the 28th is the last weekend together before my husband deploys to Yemen for an unknown amount of time. And he loves Dr. Dog. It would be a perfect way to spend our remaining time together.

  • The Head and the Heart is something new and refreshing and I’m dying to see them. Absolutely dying. I hear they are amazing live.

    Dr. Dog…awesome. Nuff said. Pick me…please?

  • Because I can’t think of a better way to spend my 27th birthday!

  • Seeing Dr. Dog would make me feel a lot better about being broken up with yesterday. Yesterday sucked, but Friday the 28th at 9:30 Club would be awesome!

  • Because Dr. Dog is so gnarly even that egomaniac douchenoz Kanye steals ideas from their music videos

    …and they are really really good at playing rock and roll

    I’ll be there either way, but free tix for my first show would be rad.

  • Actually would be more interested in seeing Head and the heart, but have heard a lot about Dr Dog and that they’re great in concert. Awesome new idea!

  • I discovered Head and the Heart a couple months ago and found out that they were going to be playing at 930 Club. I got very excited and went to buy tickets and then found out they were opening for Dr. Dog. That made me want to go so much more.

  • I’d love to see Dr. Dog because they are the next best thing to the Beatles a la Magical Mystery Tour.

  • Because I want to enroll my dog in a good medical school and would like to ask the Dr. for some recommendations.

  • because playing dr. dog tracks every hour on the hour on my college radio show (3-5 am, holla) is the only thing that saved me from bludgeoning myself to death with our antiquated microphones. i have to thank them for saving my life by being way too enthusiastic and dancing way too hard at this show!

    i also love the head and the heart, but do not owe them a debt of either life or honor.

  • I heard a new song from them last week and it was pretty good. PLUS, I’m hoping to learn whether said dog is an MD or just over-educated.

  • Because when I first started dating my now wife, I had to pretend to know who Dr. Dog was, since it was one of her favorite bands and I am not nearly as hip as her when it comes to music. I spent some time educating myself about them and grew to really like them. A few months ago Dr. Dog came on my ipod in my car and I brought up how I had faked knowing about the band. She then said that our entire marriage was based on a lie (jokingly). Help me redeem myself by giving me the tickets so I can show her I actually am a fan!

  • I went to highschool with members of THATH. It’d be awesome to check them out present day & to catch up. Also, I’ve been loving “Shame, Shame” since first listen. It’s gonna be an awesome show!

  • Because I’m having two cavities filled that morning and will spend the better part of my day in a state of numbed, drooling misery. Dr. Dog is the only thing that could conceivably ease my suffering.

  • Because I’m not going to pretend like I’ve heard of the opening band just to leverage my chances. C’mon, it is not possible that a band called the Head and the Heart is any good.

    Also, I had a dog growing up and would love to get my PhD one day.

  • Because we have friends in town who have tickets and they want us to go with them and because both of these bands are quite enjoyable.

    Also, because I comment on here a lot, but not too much, and I rarely if ever say anything racist or off topic.

    Pick ME!

  • Because I want to take my good friend to see them and show her how good of a time they are! I’m in a tight spot now, and I’m going to have to pass up on buying tickets this time around. But seriously, one of the best live shows you’ll ever see by a small band. Can’t not dance around to their stuff, and they bring it EVERY show!

  • Because:

    1) When I hear them, my heart it races.
    2) If I win I promise to dress up like a pillow so I’m always in bed.

  • Because I missed out on seeing dr. Dog at Iota when they played there in ’08; the group of DC friends I had lured to Arlington on promises of a great show stopped by the venue with me, and the doorman said he didnt know when tickets would go on sale. Cut to an 1.5 hrs later, we stop back by and they’re sold out…karma owes me this show.
    Also, this show would bing things full cirle, since I first heard Dr. Dog opening for someone at 9:30. It’s telling that I don’t remember who they opened for, since they were by far the better band (edit: I looked it up and it was Clap Your Hands, Say Yeah, so that completely explains it).

  • houseintherear

    Oh PoP. It should be me. I’ve been a Dr. Dog fan for so many years. And “Keep A Friend” is my absolutely favorite song of all time, and people should dance to it at their weddings because it’s the most romantic song ever recorded!

    “I’d pawn my heart if I thought you’d break it, sell my soul if I thought you’d take it. But every smile and conversation lets me know that you’re only in it for love.”

  • Because they are the sweatiest band in show biz…and that’s a good thing.

  • i would love to go! i have lived in Dc for 5 months now and have yet to go to the 930 club.

  • Because I’m too poor to pay.

  • I have a ticket to Dr. Dog for Jan. 29 — fully supporting the band and hope they continue to visit DC. I would love the opportunity to go Friday night as well to see how much they switch things up each night, which warrants a greater following than a band that plays the same, or nearly the same setlist each night on a given tour.

  • Because Friday January 28th is my 24th birthday and this would be a lot cooler than playing ‘Pin the Tail on the Donkey’ while drinking Natty Lights.

  • Because the whole Fate album is incredible. Because when I hear the song The Breeze I get a sensation over my entire body that melts away anything that is wrong because that song is so right. And because I can sing every word to every song of his, but I promise not to be that annoying person at the concert who sings louder than the performer.

  • Because my dog is sick and I can’t afford to take him to the vet. Free tickets to go see Dr. Dog are Scruffy’s only hope!

  • My friend and I really enjoyed the past Dr Dog show @ Ottobar in Baltimore. Free tix are just the motivation we need for the roadtrip to DC.

  • Because the 9:30 Club is the best venue in the country. I’ve never been to a bad show there. Furthermore, Dr. Dog is incredible. Great band, great venue, [free tickets?!?!] this would be the highlight of my semester.

  • I will be going to this regardless, but free tickets means I can give 2 more people clean water:

  • Because my dog (…DVM) ate the ones i already bought.

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